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Family seeks help for teen accident victim needing surgery after amputation

Bryshawn Walters

By now you might have seen the grisly image of a young man lying facedown on the ground with his tibia and fibula (the two long bones in the lower leg) snapped in two.

His name is Bryshawn Walters and the image being circulated was the result of a motorcycle accident he was involved in at East End on April 18.

Doctors weren’t able to save the leg and at 16 years old, Bryshawn has become an amputee.

But according to his brother Bryan, the youngster has other medical complications from the accident and he now needs the public’s help.

“He (Bryshawn) lost [his] right leg and his abdomen was ruptured and he has head trauma he needs medical assistance as soon as possible. Please help my brother. Anything will be greatly appreciated,” Bryan stated.

Bryan has set up a GoFundMe account for his brother who is to undergo surgery in the United States.

The family is trying to raise $50,000 through GoFundMe. And while 46 persons had donated up to publication time, there is ways left to go before they reach their target.

Just a little more than $2,700 has been raised so far.

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  1. Helpful info says:

    How much do NHI need of the copay to fly him out?

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  2. Nhi says:

    They need to pay up!

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Maybe the scumbags who make money out of selling these lethal machines should pay.

    Ban them now.

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  4. wow says:

    I wish these scooter riders used to listen

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  5. heckler says:

    Is the representative for the 5th still pushing for bigger bikes or he too is all for the race track over the 5 star hotel?

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  6. free advice says:

    Up the age for the handling of scooters….I say 21

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  7. WEW says:

    Maybe… If all those employers that pocket the monthly premium (payment) the NHI could cover 80% of all cost including medivac to the states.

    • Hmm says:

      They might tell you they will pay 80% but at the end they do their non payment reduction and still pay you 50 or 60% of the balance.

  8. For sure says:

    The kid is facing thousands of dollars for his medical care. He is also facing thousands of dollars in Rehabilitation Care where he will be transferred after he is discharged from the Hospital. I feel sorry for him loosing his leg at such a young age and I will donate something.

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  9. .... says:

    SMDH…Why money always makes a difference in life or death when it comes to BVIHSA? What happen to ‘Do No Harm’ Why everything must be about money? Why do We have a massive building for a Hospital without Trauma Unit? It’s exactly what the At-Large Rep. Was saying! Folks go abroad to get Education and upon returning home they are either inexperience( needs to be given opportunity) or over qualified ( because they have advance Education). NHI is not the right fit for All! Wish the Young Man God’s Speed!

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  10. OMG says:

    This government needs to ban these bikes!!!!! Mothers and Fathers, restrict your sons from purchasing and riding these bikes!!!

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  11. Lem says:

    Is 16 the legal age to drive a scooter? If so that is way too young! I hope this young man recovers from his injuries. Prayers for him and his family.

  12. Me says:

    See this is what it comes down to every time! These young ones don’t listen, now the family is left with the burden to beg the public for money to assist with medical expenses.

    I talk about this all the time. These youngsters think they are invincible, no helmets, weaving in and out of traffic, now look what happens again. They need to realise that these bikes cannot shield them from injuries….like a car might do for the most part.

    I am in full sympathy but really wish it doesn’t have to be so. Things like this puts a strain on the Government system via NHI, puts a strain on the parents, much less the trauma on the child who now has to go through life with one leg (and maybe other life changing complications) Sad, just sad but I will pray for you all.

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    • redstorm says:

      I believe the government need to make the age of riding to 21 years with mass insurance coverage. Government should no longer cover these medical expenses for no scooter rider and they also has to be trained, I do not see BVI have any bike training school, like those for driving school for owning a car.

      I would see those youth taking a huge risk , high fiving each other in the traffic, and all sort of stunt, not realizing how they life depend on sourcing funds when caught in a life and death accident.

  13. Insurance says:

    His personal injury protection plan with his insurance policy should cover this.

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  14. Joshua says:

    From the time I began reading I said hope it is not motor bike. Sorry no help no sympathy from me. Nada nothing zero squat.

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  15. Motor Bike Plague says:

    Now this is the real plague in the BVI, how much taxpayer money has been spent on motor bike accident victims? This is sickening, the BVI has suffered the loss of so many young men to scooters and motor bikes. Not to mention those who survive their enevitable accidents, who have to be cared for 24/7 for the rest of their lives.

    Time for our politicians to completely out law these bikes, because the Police are incapable of dealing with the offenders. Rarely do I see a rider with a helmet. No I see them with drinks, phones, slippers and children or women or men barely hanging on the driver, as the bike dashes in between traffic in thier THIRD LANE, terrorizing all the other drivers.

    Time to STOP THEM, completely.

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  16. @Joshua says:

    How could you be so heartless? If you don’t have any sympathy or empathy for the young keep your comment to yourself. For goodness sake this is someone’s child.

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  17. Heal here says:

    Going abroad for medical treatment defeats the sinister VIP plan to provide plenty of young patients to the BVIHSA to learn medical procedures. Practice makes perfect so keep up the steady flow of injured young bodies to the Peebles ER. Just visit the outpatient clinic in the old Peebles and you can watch the endless parade of bandaged crippled young guys waiting for treatment!

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  18. smh says:

    Most comments on various topics on social media, some of you are just senseless, clueless with lots of mouth. I truly hope that if you are employed, you are not a part of any decision making process. A bunch of retards, some of you. When you feel the urge to comment, try thinking whether it is sensible first nah.

  19. Time to share the statistics says:

    It is high time that the government share the statistics of scooter accident victims that end with fatalities or life changing injuries. This should be widely shared so that these young people and their parents have all of the facts before deciding on this mode of transport.

  20. Laws and enforcement says:

    Proper laws should be passed by the HOI regarding helmets, speed, age, licensing, insurance, passengers.

    I will bet that the licensing and insurance requirement, together with proper enforcement by the police will eliminate all these scooter issues.

  21. @ 4 SURE says:

    Can you drop in a $1000.00 for me please , and i will pay you back later

  22. Jokes says:

    You want people to donate to this **ol who could have killed multiple people due to his reckless selfish behavior? No chance.I have no sympathy for this i***t or his family who allowed him to carry on like this. They have no shame bringing out the begging bowl

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