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Family ‘tied up’ by gunmen who invade home on Virgin Gorda

A family on Virgin Gorda has been left shaken after three masked gunmen invaded their home this afternoon, September 18.

The police are seeking the public’s assistance in capturing the armed men who reportedly entered the home of an employee of EMC Construction and demanded his whereabouts.

Using straps, the gunmen tied the family and also demanded money from them. The masked men later fled the scene before the arrival of the officers.

The family was unharmed and it’s unclear how many family members were involved in the incident.

Persons with information that can lead to the identification of the suspects involved can contact the emergency number 911 or RVIPF’s non-emergency line — 311.

The police are reminding residents that all information will be treated with discretion and confidentiality will be assured.

This incident comes just a week after the BVI was rocked by the murder of Matthew Daly who was shot in Spring Ghut on September 10. Just a week before that, another man, George ‘Shawala’ Burrows was shot in his home.

The police have not yet made any major breakthroughs in both cases.


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  1. Smh says:

    I am not going to jump to any conclusions. I will just say, I am happy to know nobody was harmed or killed. I really hope the police find those lowlife

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    • Feel the same says:

      I’m not jumping to any conclusions also. Scary though and I am glad no one was hurt.

    • @smh says:

      Criminals do not hunt down criminals. Clean up the RVIPF. Commissioner of Police will be retiring soon. So he he doesn’t care what his rugrats dooo. Another unsolved crime yikes.

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  2. Hmm says:

    Police won’t care for your safety been there done that you will be harass from the person and you make a report…… the police don’t protect s**t…

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    • Hmm says:

      What do you suggest? Place 1 officer by every business and every house in the BVI?

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      • Struz says:

        No. Just care enough to do the job they are paid for. Show an interest. Follow up. Hope you get a good officer assigned to your case else you are screwed

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    • A says:

      I was the victim of a home invasion. Over $10k was taken. The police did nothing. When I dared to make enquiries about progress…I was treated with condescension and even called feisty by an officer. There’s no hope of being protected by the police here. Protect yourselves and your home as you see fit.

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  3. Basic Babylon 101!!! says:

    Basic Babylon 101…You need to watch The First 48.
    You never give out the basic information to the public, especially the News Room. When the criminals talking only the people committed the crime knows the details, that Just basic. But what can you say we live on TalkTola, even the Babylon have no ethics.

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  4. Colin R. says:

    Caribbean islands are cesspools of criminal activity.

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  5. C** **** says:

    Them working for the host of [a talk show]. They’re who in charge of the criminals. That’s why they NEVER once talk out against them but will want to jump on VIP for putting safety measures in place smh!!

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  6. Doh says:

    I find it hard to believe this story as there are no guns in the BVI.

    Every official has told me such.

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  7. Haha says:

    The problem with our police is it’s just a job to over 80% of them. Some have only live here for a few months and few years. They coming here was strictly for financial purposes. None came here with thoughts of making the BVI a better place or really care. They saw it as an opportunity to make some money and leave when they reach a set financial goal.
    You also can’t serve well if you have preconceived notions about the BVI especially if it offends you.

    If there were more police like supercop who took his job seriously despite who it bothered then the police would be more successful. We know the hotspots in the BVI so it isn’t hard to make arrest everyday if they choose. Criminals are committing criminals acts in broad daylight in public spaces but the police give them a pass until they decide to raid the place at certain times when they get bored enough. This shouldn’t be up to the police when to raid they should raid whenever a crime is being committed. The guys arent even hiding anymore, they sit at the edge of the road for all passerby to see.

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  8. tighten the borders says:

    I remember when the most serious crime just 10 years ago was two school girls fighting and someone stole a dingy to get back to Tola.

    There are no gun manufacturers on the island so where do they come from. The answer isn’t far away (about 500 meters).

    Must have air tight border control and this goes away along with all other things that jepordize our life.

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    • Oops says:

      The guns come from all over. USA, China, Italy, Russia all make them. But ir is BVI smugglers bringing them in. Don’t look across the water. Turn around and check yourself and your neighbor. Those are the people bringing them in.

      Blame is right here.

  9. Ex Cop says:

    Tell “All win” and “Mat the news” stop sitting on their ego heads and rehire the retired Cops who were the real Cops. HIRE THEM BACK ON CONTRACTS. THEY KNOW THE BVI. Stop keeping your heads in the sand and playing y’all ain’t know.

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  10. Porous borders says:

    The BVI borders are porous. There are private docks all over.

  11. @ ex cops. Its a difficult one says:

    The present cops will not want the ex cops in the force..insecurity is real… existing cops and x cops wont work well together… From my years of observation x cops believe in good public relations but the present cops are very anti social.. X cops lime a lot u can always see them by a bar or a club…the present cops u only see them in uniform hardly see them after work.. its a different time…a different approach…X cops male were womanizers, the present cops males are more family stay at home….The present cops are more concern with what people say about them…the z cops never give a damn what people say once they getting their job done….solving and preventing crimes are the job of a police officer..Be the judge..

  12. Starvation time says:

    Well let y’all premier still keep the border close after six months and see what will happen, Andrew Fahie if you think you are doing your ppl good by closing there businesses to force all the expats to leave your not doing a good job instead you are destroying ppl businesses and will cause poverty in the bvi, you were supposed to update ppl on a date for the north open so tourism industry can start cleaning to open and make hotel bookings, October will be going into seven months since this island close it’s about to open the economy next month Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere and beside ppl already know the precautions, opening the private schools and ppl not working to pay school fee does that make any sense your suppose to open the border first, sometimes ppl does be wondering which school you ministers went to, once again listen to your ppl cry this is not about expats only it include your bvi lslanders ppl too. People are hungry and soon the will be homeless be the bvi get some wicked landlords Ppl need to go back to work

  13. ?? says:

    @ starvation time

    Stop blaming the Premier. He’s not at fault. He didn’t create the pandemic. It is a plandemic operation with multiple agendas created by the super elite of this world against humanity. Some of them are:
    % depopulation through disaster, vaccines, and hunger;
    % total mind and movement control through frequencies, RFiD chip, 5G, CERN large hadron collider;
    % resetting the global financial system to go cashless;
    % fast tracking the UN 2030 Agenda of sustainability development and climate change which is redistributing the world’s resources for the 500 million people who the super elite says is the ideal population number (see Georgia Guidestones); and
    % on a religious note to do Satan’s bidding of distracting us from staying connected to the Creator by using Hollywood subliminal occultic wickedness, LGBTQ agenda, vile music compared to the Old Skool, and twisted truth of the news on the mainstream media in order to condition us to accept the Anti Christ when he appears.

    I wonder if he will look like baphomet having both genders.

    Have you noticed legislatures around the world are pushing this LGBTQ agenda?

    If you do your research you would find that most of the MPs are in a secret society of some form or another and of course would beholden to those who were instrumental in getting them elected.

    Do the research and don’t take my word for it.

  14. Ain't No Joke.. The fitest of the fittest says:

    People watch ur own backs. We all have to security minded, Don’t depend on police,
    our lives our properties, our families are our priority..Trustt no one… Times really really hard and some people are at the breaking point.. Survival is automatic… A Study just came out that talks about the 3 things governments ignore or don’t plan for when locking the country down..1/.Mental instability..2/ Family instability…Crime instability…(all fall under the umbrella of unnecessary hardship)

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