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Fat Hogs Bay man fined after cultivating nearly two dozen plants to ‘make tea’

Not the actual plants mentioned in the story.

A local who said he cultivated nearly two dozen cannabis plants for tea purposes has been fined $1,000.

Charged with the cultivation of cannabis is Wilston Stoutt of Fat Hogs Bay, Tortola.

Stoutt was fined after pleading guilty to the offence when he made his first appearance before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Thursday.

She ordered the offender to pay the fine by Monday, September 30. If he fails to pay, he will spend two months at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that about 5:30 am on May 18 two years ago, police executed a search warrant at Stoutt’s residence.

Twenty cannabis plants ranging from two to five feet in height were found in flower pots outside his home.

When questioned about the find, Stoutt reportedly told the police, “yes, they were mine to make tea”.

The plants were subsequently uprooted and confiscated, and Stoutt was charged for the offence before the court.


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  1. Oh says:

    He made more than that off the weed

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  2. BS! says:

    Time to legalize this, control the farming and the sales and produce a nice income stream for the territory.

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  3. Eagle eye says:

    I think the people now need to charge the government and court system for making weed illegal.they are robbing the people of a herb that is not only good for smoking but other health benefits.

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  4. sand man says:

    legalize it-tax it-build new schools-fix roads

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  5. woke says:

    for the people who read this as man fined for planting a plant…u understand

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  6. Uprooted says:

    Poor plants they did no harm. Free the Weed!

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  7. hmm says:

    What a sad world we live in.

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  8. USA says:

    I don’t understand why the BVI is not getting on board with legalizing marijuana. This is a billion dollar business. I have my licence and my dispensery is booming. I have a medical marijuana dispensery.

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    • Exactly, Maryland says:

      By legalizing marijuana in the BVI would be a good way to draw much needed money for the Country. This is a billion dollar industry. BVI, why cheat yourself out of a wonderful oppertunity that will benifit your Country.

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  9. Charnele says:

    When will we realize cigarette is more harmful than weed and legalize the stuff. We’re are living in a different era.

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  10. Poor Slaves says:

    To sit back and allow your rights to be trampled upon for so many years is a demonstration of just how enslaved we are. The biggest problem is with our own who try to gain brownie points by spreading the brainwash to keep us in perpetual slavery. These are the same ones who believe they are so enlightened and intelligent…poor clueless idiots.

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  11. ponypainter says:

    You can’t be serious about fining the guy $1000.00.
    When is the BVI going to wake up and understand that growing weed is beneficial to the economy and has health benefits as well? This is just stupid.
    I would like to think the police force has better things to do, such as solving murders.
    Don’t you see the benefits of growing weed?
    Crime would be reduced and the people would benefit.
    Catch up with the times!

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  12. Deh Watcha says:

    2 years ago?

  13. Visitor says:

    I am going to admit, Some of the best weed I have smoked was in the BVI. You guys got the real natural weed that is free of chemicals.

  14. One eye fowl cock says:

    Stick is a good man keep yo head up

  15. This b***h says:

    Wooww these mahn catch me with 3 small trees and charge me 6K out the ass and this mahn only 1000!!!!!!!!”!

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    • East says:

      You talking P**S! my son paid 2000.00 for 1 and 1/2 dime bag , going to a jam by B****** a night, not to mention being locked up for 3days before that fine!!! SMFH

  16. Herb says:

    When people can plant their own and stop buying weed we will be better off. Sell the surplus to the visitors, bam even more money circulating for us all.

  17. Much needed says:

    The BVI is losing out by not legalizeing marijuana. Medical marijuana is the way to go. I agree, the BVI is cheating themselves by passing up on a good oppertunity that will stimulate and make the economy stronger.

  18. Serenity says:

    Into the streets with signs! Only the radical fringe initiates change. Lets go BVI’s!!

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