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Father, son allegedly found with 61 bullets, drugs, and $25K

Jeffery Durant hides from cameras as he enters the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

A 71-year-old man and his son who were allegedly found this month with nearly 800 grams of cannabis and cocaine combined, a firearm magazine, several rounds of ammunition, and more than $25,000 has received bail in the Magistrate’s Court.

Charged are BVI Belongers Clinton Durrant and his 32-year-old son, Jeffery.

The duo is jointly charged with possession of proceeds of criminal conduct and unlawful possession of explosives. Jefferey, on the other hand, is individually charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug, and possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another.

It is alleged that about 6 am on October 9, police conducted a search operation at the Durrant’s residence in Horse Path, Tortola.

During the search, police allegedly found a blue plastic bag containing 61 live rounds of .45 bullets.

“I don’t have anything to say, just lock me up. I didn’t remember that there, honest to God,” Jeffery allegedly said in response to the discovery.

The search continued in the laundry room area where $5,500 cash and three dime bags containing cannabis were found on a computer desk.

The court was told that police proceeded to conduct a search of Jeffery’s person after noticing that the front area of his boxer shorts appeared bulky. A quantity of cannabis was allegedly recovered, the court heard.

The search moved to Clinton’s bedroom where a sealed envelope with cash was found in the closet area.

The 71-year-old man reportedly told police: “This is the money I got from the bank. It’s about $18,000.”

The court was further told that about 20 feet from the family’s driveway in the bushes on the outside of the house, police uncovered two packages inside a box containing cocaine.

The two men were subsequently arrested.

A tally of the recovered items was allegedly found to be 16.1 grams of cannabis, 740 grams of cocaine, $25,900 cash, the 61 rounds of ammunition, and the accompanying firearm magazine. The cannabis has a street value of $161, while the cocaine is valued at $74,000, the court heard.

During an audio-visual interview at the Road Town Police Station, Jeffery chose to remain silent but his father, Clinton, told police he was unaware of the drugs and ammunition. He, however, noted that the monies found were his.


Clinton, who is the former manager of a well-known auto shop was granted $25,000 bail with one signed surety.

Jeffery, a self-employed heavy equipment operator and boat captain was granted $65,000 bail with two signed sureties.

He is to report to the Road Town Police Station every Wednesday between 7 am and 7 pm and is to surrender all travel documents to the police.

Attorney Patrick Thompson represents the duo. They are scheduled to return to court on October 24 when they will answer to the charges.

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  1. smile says:

    Well here is another one hiding his face from the camera

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  2. For real says:

    Playing man can’t face the camera

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  3. Allegations! says:

    So many and too many. I allege that bulky front area of Jeffery’s boxer shorts was mistaken for something else.

    I also allege the quantity of cannabis recovered was a green leafy vegetable that’s good for glaucoma among other ailments.

    Finally, I allege that the money found in Clinton’s bedroom in a sealed envelope was the father’s money legally obtained from the bank.

    As for the cocaine allegedly found in a box in the driveway, I allege somebody placed it there.

    None of these allegations are true. Verdict: Not Guilty!

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  4. Confused says:

    So is it 800 grams of weed or 16 grams of weed.

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  5. The law comes knocking says:

    Hat’s off to the RVIPF for getting those drugs and ammo off the streets. Imagine the damage all that ammo could have caused. Round um up officers. Now I would like to see the law be more tough on these scums when they go to court

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  6. Wow says:

    “The court was further told that about 20 feet from the family’s driveway in the bushes on the outside of the house, police uncovered two packages inside a box containing cocaine”

    How the popo’s know to look there? How people keep saying the popo’s not doing their job.

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    • Better says:

      Better question is how can they tie it to them unless there’s DNA evidence.

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      • Wow says:

        They don’t need to. The fact that it’s on there property is enough to land them in trouble with the law.

        If you want to get technical, I am sure the popo will run DNA samples and even dust for prints. How’s that for you?

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  7. Gumption.Official says:

    The only people who win are lawyers. They get paid regardless. Theses lawyers getting seriously rich off of things that could be avoided. Too many youths doing things and when caught can’t afford a lawyer. Even worse it’s hard on their parent/s but due to love they will crap up money to bail them out. It will be amazing if people try to think about the (what if. The maybe. The could of) actually before they react. No one is perfect but not being perfect doesn’t give us the right to do hurtful mean things to ourselves and each other… Drugs and Guns have only proved that it completely ruins lives of our community.

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  8. What? says:

    So after they found the $5,500 and $18,000 how they end up with $25,900?

    Also “The court was further told that about 20 feet from the family’s driveway in the bushes on the outside of the house, police uncovered two packages inside a box containing cocaine.” OK SO THIS WASN’T FOUND ON INSIDE THEIR HOUSE NOR ON THEIR PROPERTY, SO WHY IS THIS RELEVANT?

    Did the RVIPF plant it there….who knows?

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  9. @WOW says:

    Five O knew because someone drop a nice shiny dime on there behinds.

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  10. Reader says:

    If I’m not wrong, I believe that since both men’s titles APPEAR to be local,the typist may have intended to say “Charged are BVIslanders”…not BVI Belongers?

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    • To u says:

      The father is from st Vincent the son was born in the bvi to a bvi woman and the spelling to the local name is spell different

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  11. Me says:

    Good work to the RVIPF who risk their lives everyday to get scums like these off the streets and who knows, may have harmed you eventually. Keep up the good work officers.

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  12. Biggs says:

    Yall laughing at him now wait tell it’s your time or your family. He did what it takes for him to survive n provide for himself cause he didn’t feel like begging anyone he hustle don’t judge someone if u don’t know there story

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  13. lawyer says:

    if the father money was legally gotten why the police held it? If the son own up to the ammunition and got caught red-handed with the drugs, why was the father charged? Once you are not from here those jealous police like to tarnish your name.

  14. Snitches are real says:

    The government and the police and the whole system are more criminals than us on the streets them is just doing it legally….free Jeffery!!

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