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Fee for BVI-born expat kids to ‘stay’ will be reviewed — Premier

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said he will be seeking to amend a policy that requires expatriate parents to pay a ‘fee’ for their children who are ‘born here’ to remain in the territory.

The Premier told members of the media that he disagrees with the policy and will bring it before the House of Assembly for review.

He said the policy will be brought before parliament ‘soon’. He, however, said he could not guarantee the policy will be removed altogether.

“While I might say ‘this is what I want to do’, it depends on all 13 members [of the House],” Dr Smith said during a press conference at the Central Administration Complex on Wednesday, August 29.

The Premier made the statement just two weeks after government legislator Alvera Maduro-Caines raised fresh concerns about the Immigration policy in parliament.

At the time, Maduro-Caines told members of the House of reports that Immigration authorities have threatened to deport a one-year-old infant if its parents do not pay the fee in question.

“How could you threaten to deport a baby?” Maduro-Caines questioned; seemingly horrified by the report.

“It’s bad enough that the children can’t get a passport until they are probably 18 years, but to charge somebody for staying in a country that they were born needs to be addressed and it needs to be dissolved. I do not think it’s fair,” she added.


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  1. Woww says:

    Of course, lot of things happening under the NDP administration time for them to go

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    • Goodness me says:

      One box you want. Use your piece of brains if you have any.

    • Surprised says:

      Better late than never because ayo locals marrying expats who ain’t even live here a good 5 years and have not contributed and they getting more rights than these children and their parents who live and contribute here.

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    • The Fee says:

      Pay by credit card or pay in installments $987.00 per youth.

      Money talk bs walk .. thumbs down for VI on this one!

    • EXPAT says:

      Well St. Thomas should do the same and see how many of you will run and dock for cover

  2. Guy Hill says:

    I told the Premier to review that back in 2014 , bUT it fell on deaf ears. Now this.Seize the time.

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    • Disinterested says:

      @Guy Hill, assuming that you are the former Deputy Chief Immigration Officer and though you have the right to blurt out what would be private and confidential conversations with the Premier, such conversations should be treated with a level of professionalism. No doubt you were shafted by government. Nonetheless, your recommendation(s) to the Premier was only advisory; he could have taken it or leave it. If laws were broken, that is another tory.

      Think not only about today but also about tomorrow. Suggest exercise some professionalism discpline; there are ways and time to let your voice be heard.

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      • @ Disinterested says:

        I am not Guy Hill…but you should take your own advice. SMH stop spewing venom

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      • Iron lion says:

        If that is the real Guy Hill then all I can say is that he is a bigger person than you will ever be “Disinterested”. He is no coward like the rest of us who use fake names. Respect him for that.

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      • I am not Guy Hill Either says:

        You need to hush your backside. This is a professional as it should get with a policy like this. I born here to BVI parents; but if I was in this situation, I would not pay a dime and nobody here could move me this is crap.

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      • Guy Hill says:

        @disinterested et al…
        What I said to the Premier was what I said and can say it any time. While you have your constitutional right to voice your opinion does not separate me from me nor paralyze my mind or my immagitation nor impede my freedom of thought. If you are interested in a conversation, meet me and have a talk, but then again you are “disinterested”. Seize the time.

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      • Brad Boynes says:

        @Disinterested: your quote.
        ” Nonetheless, your recommendation(s) to the Premier was only advisory; he could have taken it or leave it.”

        So what is the premier attempting to do now four years later? Sometimes we need to chose our battles carefully. I’ll just rest this here.

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      • Rex FeRaL says: seem like you have an axe to grindo. Jus sayin. If the brother made the suggestion and it fell on deaf ears (the usual MO of this man om the premier) so what. Why is it coming up now? because of some story reported to a politician? I’ll tell you and I’ll tell ANY foreigner this. If you come here to thd Virgin Islands to help me, you are Wasting your darn time.

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      • Private and Confidential says:

        Having the knowledge, wealth of experience, demonstrated ability and extensive training, Guy Hill was eminently qualified to serve as CIO. However, due to politics, he was not appointed. He was professionally belittled and embarrassed by appointing way less qualified individuals to act as CIO; and to add insult to injury, he had to serve as Deputy. Guy was not a high jumper(think he use to be a long jumper); when politicians say jump, he didn’t say how high. Instead, he faithfully executed the Immigration policies.

        Noenetheless, sometimes in the world of work conversations that don’t violate any policies or regulations are for the most part should be kept private and confidential even taken to our graves. Of course, we all are entitled to absolute freedom of speech. Well, free speech is not always free. For example, one cannot and should not maliciously cry fire in a crowed theatre (Oliver Wendell Holmes). The bottom line is that in our personal and professional lives we must embrace and employ emotional intelligence. Disinterested, boi you got some of us putting lots of knots in our under wear. Lol. Remember folks somethings are private and confidential; if you are testifying under oath that is another tory.

        • RealPol says:

          @Private and Confidential, real talk. Deep and profound. Great take away.s.

        • Brad Boynes says:

          Some people have mistletoes on their Underwears also.

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        • LEE BOHANNON says:

          @Private and confidential. Your quote.. “He was professionally belittled and embarrassed by appointing way less qualified individuals to act as CIO; and to add insult to injury, he had to serve as Deputy”.
          If you know guy hill like I know him none of this bothered him one bit. He was/is a lot bigger than that. He retired with ALL his integrity inract.

          • @lee Bohannon says:

            @Lee Bohannon, could have fool me. Action speak louder than words. It does bother him.

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          • Lee Bohannon says:

            @Lee Bohannon. What action? How do you know what bothers that man? He retired on his terms and plan. Peeps like you. Sad.

      • Jacobo O'neal says:

        @Disinterested. Your opinion of guy hill does not matter, it’s non of his business nor is it consequential in his life today. Sorry individual. Yes he’s my family and I’ll defend and protect him always.

  3. Long Term Reprecussions from Hasty Immigration Policies says:

    The parents know the laws. All they needed was time to pay the fee. If UK was laxed with its immigration laws, after dominating more than half the world which is now the British Commonwealth, there would not be any space or land for the native Brits. Premier be careful. Some years back, Guadeloupe (a French department of France at the time) was reviewing their immigration policies in regards to the influx of St. Lucians birthing their children in Guadeloupe to obtain the lucrative benefits for French citizens including it overseas departments of Guadeloupe, French St. Martin, Martinique, etc. Each country has the right to limit the benefits of migrants and ensure that the rights of the indigenous peoples in that country (by birth or descendancy) are protected. It is not about where you born is where you from. The child takes the rights of the mother’s homeland and that has been for centuries. The story of Jesus Christ’s parentage and the payment of taxes took them back to Bethlehem and thus the reason why Jesus was born back in his parentage home city. Elected officials have tough questions to answer and resolve and must take economics and social ramifications into consideration when dealing with this question. If not taken into consideration, means that in 20 years another group would have eclipse the population of the indigenous peoples. Also remember those who come from elsewhere and living in the BVI are also trying to protect their own country back home from being taken over by others. Most expats return home to show their loyalty at election time and during the holidays.

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    • Mary Mother of God says:

      The Gospel According to Xenophobia?

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      • Yeopp says:

        Look at the law nlah nla blah,appease the marauders of BVI its polices and its laws but leave it just the way it is..The law was there long before she made the choice of creating what she cannot afford to maintain. These parasites are nothing but
        paradites. Other than that attach these fees to their visa or whatever else theypay for to be here. The VI cannot live without moneys so if she cannot or does not pay,then let her countrymen pay collectively.

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        • Reality says:

          Pay your tax and finance the operations of your country. Most of you are so comfortable paying $10 for land tax. This is so absurd. The $10 cannot even cover the cost of producing the receipt for the $10. The minimum land tax that the government should be charging is $100. Lets be real. Look at what the expat has to pay the government for; Medical exam fee, work permit fee, immigration fee, Visa fee. This is humongous compared to the miniscule $10 land tax. It is time the Government increase land tax from .00016% to something more realistic that can really help to finance the country’s budget and stop relying on expats to finance the budget.

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    • Iron lion says:

      You seem like an intelligent enough person, so all I will suggest to you is caution when you use words like “indigenous peoples”. Truth of the matter is that the indigenous peoples of the places we now call BVI are no longer around. War and diseases killed them off when the Europeans landed. What we now have are the decendants of peoples brought in mainly from West Africa. So you who call yourselves indigenous peoples, are not really indigenous. Just something to think about, although I know it won’t change anything.

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    • Go get an African passport. says:

      You are a bitter b***h. Go back to Africa where your ancestors were born and stop talk crap. You’re looking for attention with your foolish statement. Go get a passport or rights from Africa because that’s your mother land where you originally from that’s where you’re DNA from so go there.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      There are no indigenous people in the BVI. Everyone is an immigrant.

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    • @Long Term says:

      Your story too long long term. I bet your children and relatives was born in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico or the United States main land, and I am sure they are holding a United States passport.

      3/4 of the BVI Citizens holds dual Citizenship so stop talking stupidness. If the shoe was on the other foot you would not like it.

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      • Taxes says:

        And how many of those Belongers with US passports report their income annually to Uncle Sam as required by federal law? Just a matter of time before technology and politics catches up….blue passport comes with its obligations…

    • @LTRFHIP says:

      I think you’ve chosen the wrong story to support your argument that a child’s rights derive from the mother. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was born in Bethlehem because Joseph was a descendant of David.

    • Myo says:

      This is not a law here or something sent down from the Uk ! It’s just something the immigration dept is doing and the chief immigration office can wave this. It’s been going on long before ndp got into power. The premier knows it’s not any kind of law. All he has to do is give instructions to have it stop.

  4. bvislander says:

    where you are born is where you are from. We need to accept this concept because we bvislanders enjoy going to the states and have our children born there simply to reap the benefits of the country so why cant foreigners reap the same. Too much anger in our hearts, we need be united so that the country can remain strong.

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    • redstorm says:

      Do the government of the US charge a fee for the BVI people to have their children resides with them in the US? Can anyone say? I always recall my mother saying ” what good for the goose is good for the gander”

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    • Brad Boynes says:

      Many Expats residing here go to the united states and have children also, so what’s your moot point?

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    • @BVIslander says:

      Those from other countries living in the BVI do the same thing. I don’t agree with the current law, but the folks living in the BVI who are non-U.S. Citizen from other parts of the caribbean, UK, France, Brazil, Santo Domingo, African and the Middle East, birth their children right next door in st thomas and st croix or florida, NY etc., under the guise of visiting family or friends for vacation conveniently in their 8th or 9th month of pregnancy.

      So BVIslanders and non BVI Islanders ALL are guilty of the same illegal immigration ….”Child Birth Tourists”, expecting my us tax dollars to support you all in the form of HHS SNAPs (supplemental nutrition) benefits for your child. AND YES I AM a BLACK US citizen WITH RELATIVES AND FRIENDS IN BVI. But all you all have a love hate relationship with the US until it is time to delivery a baby and their subsequent college attendance. Point being BVIslanders, down islanders, Brits and the is the pot calling the kettle black when YOU ALL are going at each other over these issues.

      BVI people need to stop acting so stupid the world can read the dumb nonsense you all are spewing on the internet. The quicker everyone learns to accept and live with one another without the hatred the better off ALL will be. Down Islanders, Brits, the French, etc. also use the BVI as a stepping stone to get to the US, first to St Thomas or St. Croix then to mainland. Check out all the ones that got green cards earlier and now left the BVI after the hurricane, while so called natives stay behind trying to maintain arcane law.

  5. Reparation says:

    Well this is good coming from NDP. I think this issue is a deep and sensitive one for so many. United nation did condemn this policy. And so did UNICIF.

    The only other politician doing this to children isDonald Trump Admin. with the Mexicans.

    It’s bias since U.K. Does not have a similar policy.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    The racist and archaic immigration policies are to blame. Why is there not a mechanism for an expat to become a citizen. You all hate Trump but you are all so worse. Even a UK citizen needs a passport to enter the territory. Did you require the Royal Marines to go through your obnoxious and rude passport control when they came to save your behinds after the hurricane. The territory is designed to be a dictatorship where only a handful of people are allowed to rule. You are truly third world on the world stage.

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  7. Hodgie says:

    So this is what happening. It’s a big disgrace.

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  8. Island Man says:

    Its about time this be address. A child born in the territory should be given their rights even if the parent are not Citizen.

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  9. Haha says:

    Great chess move by the Premier. Hoping that the hundreds of non BVIslander voters forget about the disastrous 8 year term just because they threw a steak our way.

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  10. son of the soil says:


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  11. shame shame says:

    These ungrateful island people want a free ride while breaking our laws

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    • redstorm says:

      I always thought this forum is where people stick with the subject and contribute thoughtfully to it. What is ungrateful of the “Island People” I would like to hear the contributor justify this statement. Recently while doing a research on this topic, I got strayed away for a bit and start looking at how young BVI youth are not given the assistance as they should. I am talking about those who are left behind, cannot go to high school, drop out of high school, or other criteria because of one reason or the other. I am passionate about the youth who are left behind because it is highly noted that this group of youth is joining within another group, who has been to high school but cannot find work or know the way to find there own enterprise. I would like to see that the NDP government find a place in their manifesto to include these group of people to help them form their own enterprise if they are the dreamers, so let them start to create realities. We are on an island that does not produce food for its citizens or its ” Island People” as referring to by ” Shame Shame”. Its an excellent idea for tourism, many of them do not know how some vegetables or fruits are grown.

      There are many islands that are not occupied by people or animals, so why do we not create a zoo? or a tourist natural destination.Using the rocks and all other natural material for building tourist accommodation. This can be done by those youth idle hands that has nothing to do for many days and years. Just sitting is not going to help this island mature into a booming business of tourism. No native citizen that is of working age should be sitting waiting for something to happen. The government should help group them into teams of workers doing projects that they have envisioned, while the government provides the capital.

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    • Yep says:

      They dominate the vrime reports and ecpenskve incarceration. They all have Associations and Churches where they contribute money. So why cant these organizations assist. What is their purpose. BVI is not a charity organization. They kill each other,BVI have to pay to bury their victim and pay for the accused legal expenses and pay for the room and board in Hotel Balsum. Their unaffordable pickneys they choose to birth get free schooling and other handouts while their contribution to the criminal statistics continue to escalate.

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  12. make the BVI great again says:

    The BVI is for bvislanders at home and abroad

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  13. missing in action says:

    The bvislander is fast becoming an endangered species

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  14. Anon says:

    “Maduro-Caines …..“It’s bad enough that the children can’t get a passport until they are probably 18 years”.
    So children in the BVI cannot get a passport until 18??

    • Miss says:

      I got mine a month before my 18th birthday and my father is from here.

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    • Myo says:

      Children who are born here to parents who are not from here have to wait until they make 18 tears to get a passport. That’s a proven fact. In her speech Maduro-Caines she spoke about children who are born here to parents not from here. I was born here and had my passport from 3 years..

  15. Haha says:

    Expats surely did not make Bvislander an endangered species because its most of you how choose to go to the Great USA to birth your children. And why do you guys say that? Like it or not those expats children are Bvisladers. When your children leave to live in the US they are the ones who would remain to keep the BVI strong.

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  16. Zone 6 says:

    I am here for over 20 years. All my money is spent here. I do not send money anywhere else. BVI is my home. WHy is it that we are not able to apply for residency?

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  17. joseph says:

    Walwyn was born in the BVI…but some people swear he is not from here.

    Lord Help Us…!

    Where is he from then?

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  18. Orlando says:

    Listen.. Orlando do not tick me off. The fact that the expats are here really is an advantage to your economy. You behaving like you senile but we all know you are not.

    So them having to pay the hospital bill is not enough? Buying groceries is not enough? NHI and Social security is not enough? Paying school fees are not enough… their parents paying taxes- thats not enough. So where all the monies going when the roads are in a mess, the traffic lights are still a no show almost a year after the hurricane, the schools are are in a mess… the government admin building still not being repaired/ Civil servants still being paid properly.Work permit prices for expats still not enough…..


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  19. Diaspora says:

    I understand the concept that where you born is where you from. Nonetheless, immigration is a sensitive issue locally, regionally and internationally. Furthermore, immigration has/is always been an issue in the region. It was one of the reasons that the West Indies Ferderation collapsed; the big countries feared that they would be flooded by immigrants from the small islands. There is still some of that fear in the region except it is the smaller islands fearing being flooded by immigrants from big islands. Additionally, emigration to Santo Domingo slowed because of the fear of being flooded by immigrants from the smaller islands.

    Moreover, back to the concept of where you born is where you from. This concept needs us to take a look at jus solis, birthright citizenship or right of the soil and jus sanguinis, citizenship by ancestry. Interestingly, no country in Europe, including the UK, has birthright citizenship (Jus Solis). Jus Solis is a practice in the US, Canada, South America (excluding Columbia?……..etc; it occurs mostly in the West.

    Further, large countries can accept almost unrestricted immigrants without immediate impact on the social fabric. Small locales, on the other hand, have to manage their immigration more closely. Though immigration is vital to the BVI growth and development, a structured and balanced immigration programme is needed. In regards to the fee for expat children, what is the fee for? Admin? What is the cost of waiving it?

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    • BVI Enclave says:

      “Interestingly, no country in Europe, including the UK, has birthright citizenship (Jus Solis). Jus Solis is a practice in the US, Canada, South America (excluding Columbia?……..etc; it occurs mostly in the West.” If true, this is an interesting situation. Let me see here. The large countries in Europe do not have birth right citizenship. The question is why. Is it racial, ethnic thing? Or it is intended to protect the local population?

      No doubt immigrants contribute to the growth and development of a country to which they migrate. Most make the country to which they migrate their home even while maintaining ties to their homelands. Undoubtedly, BVI immigrants should have a path to citizenship. But that path should be structured so that the local-expat make up is not quickly turn up side down. It may in time do.

      Large countries like US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina……etc can endure large in rush of immigrants with little immediate disruption of local to expat ratio; small countries cannot. By the way, the BVI is not the only regional country with the local to expat concerns. For example, friends in Antigua are waxing about the same thing. How the tide has turned. The big islands Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Dominican Republic and so on didn’t want people from the small islands immigrating in droves to their countries.

      Today, their populations are flocking to the small islands. The BVI needs a sensible and reasonable immigration programme/policy that grow the economy yet protect Virgin Islanders. Take a look at Bermuda’s model.

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    • lex soli says:

      actually, a child born to someone settled in the UK does have British citizenship. Further, the “deluge” is not going to happen here, stopping the skilled exodus is currently our economic survival issue of the day and also we need population growth to remain competitive with all of the various external competition. Personal wealth in the BVI is set to plummet otherwise and the belonger/expat complaining will not pay the bills apart from the prospect of the skilled belongers then having to go elsewhere, as expats, to prosper.

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  20. Too late says:

    Action taken after damage has been done who is going to pay for the damage. So many children have no place to call their home because where they were born did not accept them.

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  21. BVIslander says:

    When last these politicians did something for their own people. They apparently don’t know who are the people of the Virgin Islanders! Who are the voters are really!
    First – we need to research our own status. Who/what is a Belonger really? Does that come with any rights and privileges? Are we British Citizens? Are we British Subjects? Are we Virgin Islanders?
    Next – the persons we elect to run the government – which group of persons they represent?
    I am confused!!!

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  22. BVIYouth says:

    Mr. Premier, please place your focus on more relevant issues. Y’all are yapping about independence.. how bout we review our ancestors’ way of sustaining themselves and the country and figure out what we can do about that? Come on. Please. We are seriously losing hope in you all and we would hate to have to deal with things our way without giving you the opportunity to make a difference. What’s the deal with expats? Why is there so much pressure on them? Is it that serious that you would go as far as charging them for bringing life into our country in order for that child to remain in their own place of birth? I don’t understand. Why are you guys making this a business? Nonetheless,

    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

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  23. PROUD TOLIAN says:

    If ayo island people don’t want to follow our laws then leave

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    • Island Man says:

      Hey am proud too! Does this go for only the island man, or the other nations as well? I mean tola is an island in the Caribbean, we have more in common than the rest of the world.

      If anything island people are apart of the BVI historically. I know one benefit of having the island man here in tola is to at least cleanse the blood and prevent inbreeding.

      But I can go down the list of why island people should keep coming tola and stay tola for life! It’s just better that way. Please don’t hate on this blog 😉 .

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    • Hispanic. says:

      Stop going with island people then.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Sometimes it seems like the laws are only for people that are not VIslanders. Any advice for VIslanders that do not follow the laws.

    • Redstorm says:

      I really don’t want to wake one day in the next five years and find LIAT is taking the expat back to their countries. I alway fear that might be a soon reality. They are complaining that the rent will drive the expat away, but the Europeans will be right there to fill the gap. Hey, it’s a thing to think about. I will say , we need to start planting food or others will show us the way. Old people say who have the land have the money.

    • Hhh says:

      But ayo do not even want to follow ayo own law.hmm

  24. Irma Pt 2 says:

    Where are you Part 2 Irma? We have some bad-minded ungrateful haters to fix

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  25. BVI Did You Know That says:

    Just last week a resolution was brought in Canada requesting the federal government to stop granting citizenship to anyone born on Canadian soil and instead to require at least one parent be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Follow the international news on this “passport babies” issue.

    Party members there voted to call for a key section of Canada’s nationality law to be rewritten, endorsing a policy that would remove citizenship rights for children born in Canada to non-Canadian (or non-permanent resident) parents.

    Is big country Canada now being asked to consider the law long time ago established in little BVI? Yet many say BVI Stupid for having such laws.

    Even big country USA under Donald Trump has relatedly call for an end to “anchor babies” thereby peddling back somewhat on the rule that where you born is where you from.

    We all know that many, many countries such the U.K. do not have birthright citizenship. It is not just the BVI.

    So, little BVI, don’t mind the noise. You are not alone in your present immigration laws on this issue.

    Don’t let any one make you feel that you have to grant status to every one born on your soil. Make a decision or reconsider the issue, yes. But don’t make a move only on the grounds of people saying that you are wrong to have such a law.

    In the Canadian debate now going on the issue, it has been noted that Canada — along with some other nations in the Americas, including the U.S. — is among a few developed countries that grant citizenship to any child born on its soil, regardless of the immigration status of their parents.

    Food for thought.

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  26. @proud tolian says:

    U that born here should leave because 90% of the crimes that happen in this place is cause by proud tolian , u all is who bringing down your own nation take a good look

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  27. proud says:

    @prouf tolian u that born here should leave because 90% of the crimes that happen in this place is cause by proud tolian , u all is who bringing down your own nation take a good look around

  28. Peter says:

    Election time soon come around. If this haven’t review in decades why now it’s a big headline. Sooooooonnnn always ends these kinda hot topic. ” we will review it soon” Political tricks.

  29. Lion says:

    If the mother is illigal then u can charg for that child till then that is robery

  30. BullShit says:

    That’s the most DUMBEST and STUPIDEST law I’ve ever heard of. The BVI will forever be a laughing stock.

  31. Woww says:

    Thumbs up if you want Andrew Fahie be next the premier

    Thumbs down if you want Myron walwyn be the next premier

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  32. Charnele says:

    Do you know just how ignorant you all sound, that is why black people are such a divided race. We do not love each other always want the worst instead of the best for each other. And then claim we are Christians or God’s people. If this is what love does to us then I don’t want to know or see what hate will do. The Caribbean people are not the only ones who live in these Virgin Islands and which you looking at your fellow Caribbean brothers/sister’s the other nationalities are grow and getting rich while we are fighting each other. One love people.

    • It's not about color says:

      This has got nothing to do with black white yellow or purple.

      One love also means stop describing people solely by the color of their skin.

  33. what the hell i am hearing here? says:

    It’s like these expats want equal benefits? You all are just guests here so don’t try to overstay ayo welcome

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  34. son of the soil says:

    Them all trying to get anchor babies in order to remain here forever. This loophole needs plugging for good

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  35. Virgin Islander says:

    The BVI is a backward and unjust place. I hope the Fires and Floods continue to reign…

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  36. Reality says:

    Trump should take away all the rights from you toilians who born your children in the US. Irma hit BVI check how many of you ran away to the US, when the expats start to help rebuild your country all of you start to crawl back like snakes. Expats children are future leaders here.

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  37. Hah says:

    This is a delicate issue that goes beyond oh look US and UK does it. US and UK can afford to grant citizen by birth because of their large size and huge economy. Everyone aspire to own land and build homes. It will be tough for BVIslanders with only 24 square miles and especially with the common practice of selling off land to more wealthy Caucasian expats seeking vacation homes. I can see the point of wanting to keep certain things exclusive to BVIslanders or giving preference. The fees for expat children is a needed revenue bringer at this point especially with the already shrinking financial services and one should not look at it as a negative or discriminatory. If the BVI fail expats more than likely will return to their homelands with little problem. More than likely it will be a BVIslander that will have to stay and pick up the pieces.

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  38. Xampl says:

    Cayman and Singapore are doing well compared to other such offshore destinations. They are both small island nations but very different to each other. They both have laws that, while not perfect, allow expats to sensibly buy property and to acquire permanent residency after an extended period with certain conditions met. Immigration is still controlled and many expats don’t stay very long nonetheless. The BVI has no such accommodations and is an example of how treating expats is forcing people and jobs and clients to other jurisdictions who benefit from our imprudence. The BVI severely limits growth and improvement in its services including education, health and amenities because of these policies and importantly, limits government income and local job creation. Now, post-Irma, before the EU forces changes to our limited financial services model, is a good time to rethink controlled and sensible population retention and economic growth.

  39. Forbidden Truth says:

    There is deep seated hatred being spewed among persons blogging here.Truth to the matter is this. There is a SYMBIOTIC and PARASITIC Relationship going on between expats and locals for a very long time in the Virgin Islands and elsewhere but I am talking about the Virgin Islands.. The big question is this. WHO IS THE PARASITE? Meditate on that for a while. Love is patient. Love is kind.

  40. Calvin Jones says:

    Before you all jump on guy hill and others. Find out what the current fee is and what the dam law says. Then pull a civil argument or opinion in place. And while at it get some knowledge of bvi immigration laws and civil registry and constitutional requirements.

  41. Reality says:

    most expats I know wouldn’t want to have their babies born here ( not because of the unjust fee for their kids to remain though!) – they choose PR as then they get decent hospitals and they baby gets US Citizenship! no brainer!

  42. Arawaks says:

    The Amerindians were here before ayo.
    The European was here before ayo.
    Check your history.

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    • So What says:

      They may have been here before “AYO” as you say, but black BVIslanders didn’t ask the European to bring them to the other side of the atlantic. BVI had a right to claim those islanders especially after the Europeans left my people there to starve.

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      • Hmm says:

        Really?? At least we should thank them to bring us to the otherside of the atlantic to have power over our fellow brothers and sisters who was living the same place with us and was on the same ship with us

  43. Well says:

    Let all the immigration laws be handled by the UK and we will not have any problems.

  44. GoonSquad says:

    Where you born us where you from. Tolians running PR and USA to get babies and you all here making noise about the island people them and Arabs who staying here to get babies? Tell our so call indigenous people stay here and build back
    Our population of indigenous people. We are now about 70% expat to 30% indigenous. Like you all
    Don’t know what’s going on around here. Soon the Arabs and others who getting their children here will be in the government as premiers etc. let our people keep running off to get babies and running to the USA to live.

  45. Anonymous says:

    All of BVI laws are based on slavery and oppression on black ppll

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