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Female motorist accused of being ‘rude’ to cop

magistrate's court

A woman accused of resisting arrest – among other offences during a police traffic stop last year – has answered to multiple charges in the Magistrate’s Court.

While pleading guilty to driving an unlicensed vehicle, Kelisha Huggins maintains that she is not guilty of resisting arrest, refusing to give her name and address to police, and driving when not secured by a seat-belt.

The accused motorist, who is being represented by attorney-at-law Valerie Stephens-Gordon, will return to court on May 9 for trial.

Allegations are that, on October 18 last year, police were regulating the flow of traffic in the John’s Hole area when they noticed Huggins making a right turn without any kind of indication.

After stopping the motorist, the officer noticed that the she allegedly was not wearing a seat-belt and her vehicle licence sticker was expired.

The officer cautioned Huggins in relation to his observations, but Huggins started to converse with a friend.

It is said that she then told the cop: “You don’t see two people having a conversation?”

The court was told that Huggins was being ‘rude’ to the policeman.

When the officer asked her to state her name and address, Huggins allegedly said “I don’t know” in a rude manner.

She was informed that refusing to give her name and address is an offence for which she can be arrested.

The officer then told Huggins to drive to the police station, but she reportedly refused.

The lawman then inquired about her vehicle license.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t have them,” Huggins allegedly replied in an insolent manner.

The officer attempted to take the woman into custody, but she reportedly pulled away and said “let me go!”

She was eventually arrested with the assistance of another police officer.

The court heard that Huggins apologized to the cop and gave up her name after she was arrested.

She was subsequently charged.

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