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Ferry passenger limit increases to 130 per day starting May 27

Premier and Minister of Finance Andrew Fahie led a delegation from the BVI into a successful negotiation with the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) on increasing the number of persons travelling by ferries to and from both territories.

According to a release issued late Friday, effective May 27, ferries will operate with 65 passengers. There will be two departure times per day at 8 am and 11 am.

The 65 passenger limit is reportedly based on clearance and testing capacity of both governments’ operations.

According to the release, the Premier and Governor of the USVI, Albert Bryan Jr and his delegation discussed and mutually agreed on ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of passengers processing through seaports amid COVID-19.

Premier Fahie said: “Our unified approach is to balance health and safety protocols with economic development, and the lives and livelihoods of our people.”

Ferry operating times and schedules come May 27 include daily departures from Road Town Jetty at 8 am and 11 am while the ferry will also depart Charlotte Amalie at 2 pm. and 4 pm.

The Government of the Virgin Islands said it remains committed to welcoming travellers back to the British Virgin Islands through an efficient and safe re-entry process.

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  1. Facts says:

    Vip just a waste of time only Andrew and Kye getting back in next election. That’s if UK don’t come lol

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    • @facts says:

      So you say they a waste of time yet believe the head of it will get back in. Change is needed at the top.

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    • @facts says:

      Don’t get your hopes up none of them will be re-elected
      Fahie is the first one that will be voted out

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    • ??? says:

      Wait and See!

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    • @Facts says:


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      • @ All these @Facts says:

        Y’all are paid bloggers for the other side. SMH…ya’ man ain’t getting back in either no matter how he try.

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    • schupes says:

      Speak for yourself.

  2. Improvements.. says:

    A big step forward…Great improvement, hope those lazy health people is up for the challenge..

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    • Really says:

      You think the island dummies are going to be able to process 65 people in 2 hours. I’m taking baby and all bets. The second load of 65 will be standing outside until 8pm. Looking forward to the Facebook posts the day this nonsense begins. Let’s not space the ferry’s with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Let’s bring everyone at the same time. Can’t make this shit up. Total African thinking.

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  3. 1st district says:

    The maths teacher in charge have NO clue of the 1st pillar but is very verse in the 3rd pillar!

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  4. Sense says:

    Thank you for doubling the number of daily ferrys and increasing the passengers to 65 per ferry. Please insure that the officials at the RT ferry dock are ready for this increase on 27 May with sufficient test kits, forms, Q-bracelets, etc.

    Please no repeat of the 15 May Sat. evening ferry clearance disaster!

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  5. Bull s**t says:

    Andrew alone ..dont want p**** hand in the jar no more….she eating too much let some esle eat..

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  6. Jah says:

    And still no one is coming.

    Season 2 done.

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  7. Resident says:

    That is still not good enough for our tourism economy, VIP killed tourism

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    • To Resident says:

      Now come on and stop talking foolishness. The entire world’s economy has been effected by Covid so VIP has not killed Tourism but rather kept us all alive and we thank them.

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      • Resident says:

        Theit covid policies were too restrictive, they had a plan for locking down but not one for opening up,the truth isn’t foolishness just look at st Thomas they are booming

      • Nah says:

        The USVI has been printing money, safely. American’s are back to work in the States as they are all around the world – get vaxxed, maybe you guys wouldn’t have to keep acting like covid was the terrible plague the media convinced you it was.

  8. Why rush? says:

    Why is everyone so mad? It’s only been a year since we knew we would have to organize this, and a mere five months since we said it would start!
    You’ve got to understand we didn’t think about how to test and separate and contact and track these people until the first ones stepped off the boat, and then we immigration and customs folks started calling the hospital and asking what to do…

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  9. Homesick says:

    Correction, COVID killed tourism.

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    • Nah says:

      Correction, fear of covid killed tourism. The virus itself wasn’t that bad – don’t believe they hype on the inflated numbers.

  10. YOUTH says:

    Some of you are hopeless. Nothing positive is ever in the post on this site. Fahie and his government will be just fine.

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  11. Lovesyou says:

    Pls get vaccinated asap to help stop covideath. Good really loves you, pls be safe get vaccinated asap and NEVER skip the second dose, only after 2 weeks of the 2nd dose you’re vaccinated fully. Eat, exercise healthy to avoid any clots pls use a mask with the full vaccine to prevent infections to unvaccinated people from any leftover virus in you from previous infections. Others and I also love you! Luke 14 :25-33 Forsake all you have everyone and yourself for J

    Luke 16 :13 Work for J not pay $$, then J will give you and your family the food and clothing if they follow too

    Matthew 25 :34-36 and Mathew 6 :3-4 and Luke 12 :33 Sell everything you got and give to poor dying in hunger, and keep all giving in secret

    Mark 16 :15 and John 17 :21 Share the Truth to everyone working with others in love & peace

    Revelation 13 :16-17 and 14 :9-11 Don’t take the mark of the beast right hand or forehead the only way to buy or sell *It is not covid vaccine or mask, but maybe a microimplant or quantum technology implantable, tattoo

    Revelation 17 :15-18 and 18 :8-10 US Is most likely the Babylon to be destroyed in one hour, with fire.

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    • To BVI News says:

      It’s seems ya’ll cut out the Name of Jesus in Lovesyou post. REALLY??!!! This is what we come to? But I must say…Lovesyou really twisting scripture and if he/she promoting the vaccine in the same breath…LORD SEND HELP!!! People work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling.

    • Jah says:

      Book of life

      Verse 1:1

      Stop touching yourself. Sinner

  12. Rubbish says:

    Why do we need USVI permission as to how many people come here? They are wide open and overcrowded. Man can’t even get a renta car. BVI just need to step up our game and learn to think foe themself.

    Also why a delegation. For what. Couldn’t a phone call or zoom work. Bomber just playing smart

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    • Really? says:

      Maybe the BVI ought to get it’s affairs in order before pointing fingers at USVI.

      For example, BVI still have the exclusion zone for mariners sailing in to BVI waters in effect?

      How’s that working for the folks on JVD trying to get to Road Town?

  13. MK says:

    we all should know that Andrew Fahieis full of tricks to make himself look good.

  14. The Nation Speaks... says:

    Look…I think if St. Thomas economy booming and over-crowded…why do we need to carry down a boat f passengers to get a boat of passengers…people itching to come to the BVI…let the boats go down empty and come up full…too long USVI take our airline passengers and disenfranchise us from the airline revenue…

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  15. Lb says:

    This makes no sense and died absolutely nothing to help Tourism. Majority of flights in to St Thomas land between 3:30pm and 5pm. None of those passengers can catch the 4pm ferry. So bvi losses money again because those passengers must stay and overnight in STT before going to BVI. Minister of Tourism only focused on local traffic but not tourism.

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  16. Lollie says:

    Why do you not open marina at Virgin Gorda??? Bring tourist straight from ST Thomas to Virgin Gorda and decrease testing at Road Town?

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