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Festival blessed: Songstress cries for BVI to ‘return to God’

Gabrielle Denae performing at Gospel Fest Thursday night. (BVI News photo)

Featured artiste at this year’s Gospel Fest, Gabrielle Denae has made public cries for the British Virgin Islands to return to being the God-fearing and nation it once was.

According to the songstress, persons in the territory have lost their proverbial way with God.

“On behalf of the BVI, take us back, Lord. Take us back to the place where we first believed – when all we had was you in our individual lives. Teach us how to walk before you,” said Denae while performing at Thursday night’s Gospel Fest –  the first event held inside the festival village in Road Town for the 2018 emancipation festivities.

“Lord, we ask that you run this country,” she continued.

Denae told patrons at the gospel event there are several things that needs to change in order for God to ‘take the BVI back’.

“There are things that we are holding on to that is actually killing us, and it gives glory to the devil and takes glory away from God,” she said.

“There are some things that you just got to let go. Jealousy –  you have to let go; un-forgiveness, you have to let go, gossip; fornication; witchcraft; the love of money. Oh Lord, help us to let go.”

She urged persons to take her message seriously.

Other performers at Gospel Fest

New Level Praise, Joy Praise, Oneyke, Chiomzy and Kendra Penn are all acts who were said to have delivered spectacular performances at Gospel Fest this year.

Patrons were observed throughout the venue thoroughly enjoying the praise and worship event.

The festival village will officially open on Friday, August 3.

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  1. oh lord says:

    its not god what this place needs, its discipline, structure and audited accounts..

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  2. lol says:


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  3. OnLooker says:

    Gabrielle Denae is so fine, If I was a christian person I’d try to get with her.

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  4. Eagle eye says:

    It hert me to say this because i yonce was a christian.y’all is wasting y’all precious time waiting on a white man to show up from through the clouds.its a fraud and the pastors should be charge for scamming people of their money.

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    • @Eagle eye says:

      God’s seeds remain. You right..He is not white…skin colour is man’s construct…Jesus lives….wont you call out to Him today…it is a personal relationship…just you and Him. Call out to Jesus to reveal His true Self and when He does…runto Him. God bless

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  5. Hmmn says:

    God is no papy show….bring God and same place y’ll going to wine down…it said.

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    • @ Hmmm says:

      I agree with you. Why should christians even agree to participate in such activities? She’s talking about change but yet she is in the middle of it. what ever happen to “remove yourselves from among them”, that’s the way to start, be an example. We christians are no different from them by choosing to support them. be the change you want to see. Born again believers should not be the ones opening the devils dance floor.

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  6. LOL says:

    where is the dancing police in uniform?

  7. Child of God says:

    Festival is blessed; Wow… so we praise God today then worship the devil tomorrow with our loose behaviour. hmmm..if God is God then let’s serve Him. We cannot serve two masters. Don’t we not know that God is a jealous God. God is not a man. Christians beware of being used to appease people’s conscience

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    • Person who actually attends gospel fest says:

      Gospel Fest never claims to ‘bless the festival’ , but every year the media prints the same story . Nobody is served no two masters… the story is just always ill advised.

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    • Five ohh says:

      So you wuna savor this sweet, delicious, smooth and refreshing jam behind the red line. Beyond the red line, it gets super hot and spicy. No mercy there!

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  8. Retired says:

    Nice photos!!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Too late for the “belongers” to return to God. They made their pact with the devil. Racism, bigotry and crime is the new BVI religion. The territory is being stricken by one calamity after another. Storms, the offshore corporations, no tourists, no roads but lots of garbage. The “belongers” just don’t learn. Even a dog can be trained to do the right thing.

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  10. Need God says:

    If you think BVI don’t need God hold on for another rude awakening. You better get your own personal house in order. You think God is a poppy show. Take heed to the message you hear. Warning signals live and direct form the throne room Not from disaster management or the media. Live and direct we need God more than before.

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  11. Well says:

    POOR TURN OUT, poor choice of artists!

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  12. Tola says:

    Some of them need get right with God and stop playing poppy show with him singing and praising and still not following the word.

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  13. @ lol says:

    Don’t you know the dancing police have a soul and that they have emotions to. They are human just like us. When God calls us home you think he going to ask him or her for their uniform. I think we put too much pressure on our selves sometimes. They did a very good job that evening.gospel yes but don’t take life for granted. They kept the peace. Give thanks

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  14. THE TRUTH says:

    Satan’s name is Gadre’el pronounced god re el.
    I know yall have a problem with knowledge but try to understand what is happening around you. Satan’s name is God. The God of this world. Remember his words “the kingdoms of this world are mine if you fall down and worship I will give them all to you.” If you understand this it will answer all the questions raised in the blogs.Its pitiful to watch the blind leading the blind but that’s the way you like it….stop complaining.

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