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Festival committee hosting fundraiser to offset cost of August Monday parade

Festival & Fairs Committee Chairman, Carnel Clyne.

A fundraising dinner is being held to help offset the cost of this year’s emancipation festivities.

This is according to Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festival & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne, who said the monies will go directly towards subsidising the August Monday parade on August 5.

“The parade is one of our biggest events that we put on that we don’t really get anything back, so we are just basically trying to find ways to offset the parade cost,” Clyne explained.

He further said: “The monies go towards offsetting cost that relates to the infrastructure and the other things that we have to do to set up the parade in order for you guys to have a successful parade.”

Sub-Chairman of the Parade Committee Ottley Hodge had said last month, that this year’s parade has seen an increase in the number of troops that typically participate. He had also said stands will be erected along the road to provide shelter to patrons and onlookers this year.

Meanwhile, three individuals and three groups are to be honoured at the fundraiser which is titled the ‘Oceans of Blue Sapphire Honourees Dinner’.

The fundraising dinner which will happen on Sunday, July 14 will honour Kenisha Sprauve, Jasmine Brewley, Myron Rubaine, Lashing Dogs, Xtreme and Heritage Dancers.

The dinner is set to commence at 6:30 pm at the Mariner Inn at the Moorings on Tortola. Admission for couples is $100 while singles are charged $60.

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  1. VI Diva says:

    I am trying to understand your fundraisers because that 1st one did not seem meant to put money in the festival and fair conmittee’s hand but rather some other people. I will see what this one does……

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  2. Set of thieves... says:

    How much subsidizing this parade/festival is in need of. Parade entrants have to pay for their entries, each segment of their troupe. The Government has put in over $1m. There are sponsors, like supermarkets. Stop bringing in every Tom, Dick and Harry who needs some US dollars to entertain. We have bands here that can do the job for a fraction of the price. Set of thieves…

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    • More like says:

      Den thieves here thinking people is stupid and they will fall for the B****hit. Wasn’t he the one that was talking about underwater restaurant down carrot bay?

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  3. @VI Diva says:

    Yuh smart. People need to start boycotting these events. As a matter of fact, people need to start boycotting the village on paying nights. That is the reason people support St. Thomas Carnival over BVI Festival. Do you pay to go into the St. Thomas Carnival Village? Do they have good entertainment down there?

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    • Exactly says:

      I know what you mean. St John the same thing that’s why I support that one too. Same acts will be here so why we got to pay? Why charge these crazy fees for celebrating what should be our FREEDOM!! Like they want to keep us economic slavery forever in the BVI.

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    • Voter says:

      Well said!!!

  4. BIG QUESTION says:


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  5. hmm says:

    this festival is costing near the same as USA independence day parade!

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  6. vip heckler says:

    Are you sure that we are raising funds to pay for the politician’s stage and sound system ?

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  7. All of them could go kick rocks says:

    What the H*ll? You got to pay to get in the village which makes no sense.Now they want you to help pay to support their pockets. Only in Tortola they can and is allowed to bring on the stupid. The way That d**n boy disrespect Mr.Turnbull his elder last week with his comment, makes me don’t want to have anything to do with him or anything that comes out of his mouth. Boy you need to have respect for yourself and your elders.

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    • I so agree with you says:

      The way he disrespect the man was uncalled for and just plain out rude and unprofessional. Before I take my hard earned money to support his offset fundraising, I would donate the $100.00 dollars to the nursing home or the local High School.

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      • Great Idea says:

        For real,instead of giving your money to a fundraiser to offset the cost of carnavial which is not the public’s problem, donate the money to the local high school or some other local organization.

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      • I second that says:

        Let him figure how to get the money he need to offset. I would prefer to give the money to the teachers to help with classroom supplies. That is way more important than some boring A** parade.

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    • For Realz says:

      He owes Mr.Turnbull a public apology. Boy, that man is your elder.Be very careful how you speak to and treat your elders. Just remember Mr.Turnbull been around long before you were potty trained. I am just saying if someone HAD DISRESPECT ONE OF MY PARENTS LIKE THAT, I WOULD HAVE BURST UP THE PERSON FLEEKING MOUTH.

  8. Eagle eye says:

    Let me round this up shortly.we paying twice,threw taxt and our direct pockets.

  9. uMMM says:

    Well I can imagine how much the government have to pay the At LARGE candidate for the stage. VIP just a waste

  10. lol says:

    Sowande is looking at him like…”Are you sure about that…?”

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    • Guest says:

      Thought was me alone who noticed the bewildered look on the Minister’s face.

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    • @lol says:

      I just picked it up. Sowande, that side look is priceless. And if that is what you were saying in your mind, I am right with you. The chairman is in over his head,he have no idea what he is doing. Fundraising to cover offset. Are you really serious? Dude this is not a Parent Teacher’s Association that you are running. Honestly,that is embrassing. People have to pay to get in the village which is not cheap,pay for food and drinks which is also not cheap and you still expect people to come out of pocket $60 to a $100 to help cover offset? That is your problem not the people’s problem.

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  11. Not me says:

    I am not supporting any fundraiser to offset the cost of anything to do with the parade. That is not the public’s problem.what happen to the budget that is suppose to cover carnival. Seems like he went over budget somewhere and want or expect the public to cover the cost.Are you really serious dude? Dude,I didnot come out my mother’s behind.

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  12. Dots says:

    The booths paid the people paid and the price go higher. Transparency for the budget beforehand would help the public understand. Village was free when god said so. They need to let him smile for our freedom

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pocket filling?

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  14. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Yet we still have to pay admission for the shows?

  15. How says:

    He overspend the budget when he decide to bring in all the outside entertainers. There is plenty of entertainers on the Island. Talk about one over flated ego.

  16. I would say this..... says:

    If and this is my opinion, If there is no fee to get in the village, people will have more money to buy from the vendors. But no, then the vendors will make all the money. So what, let them make back the money that they invested in booth rental and supplies. Some people after paying admission fee is hardly able to buy one drink or a plate of food. Take care of home first,why pay thousands of dollars to bring in outside entertainment when there are local entertainers right here that can do the same job.Yeah I believe he overspend on the outside entertainment.

  17. Lie says:

    If you keep a show with only locals how many people would be there, not even your own locals would attend. How many times there is only local acts and people get excited? I’m not in agreement in doing fundraising but if we are going out to enjoy ourselves stop fussing about money , who don’t have money to spend just don’t go. Money comes and money goes just have fun and live your life

  18. Very disappointed says:

    We are celebrating 65 years of festivities in our country. Today is 15th of July, tell me why there is no sign of festival when the village is going to open next Friday. We must do a much better job. Responsibilities are given to some people who do not know anything about planning and organizing anything. Festival is not a political party, we must stop giving positions to people who support you but to people who know how to get the job done properly. This country belongs to the people not a political party. This behaviour shows that we have no plans of moving this country forward. I now understand why so many people leaves home because there is nothing really to look forward too. The month of July open 15 days ago to this day there is no signs of festival. Starting next week we expect the people of this country to pour out their hard earning that will leave this country to people that do not really care anything about our country, plus these are the same people that we talk about while they live among us to grown our country. I think we can show everyone better than we can tell them.

  19. cpd says:

    Hey BVI please get it together as I am planning to me home for the festival. Its the celebration of the 65th festival so it should be grand….l

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