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Fewer suspensions – Principal rethinks punishment


Principal at Elmore Stoutt High School Sandy Underhill said she intends to reduce the number of suspensions meted out to students, adding that she will instead formulate an intervention method to foster a culture of discipline.

She said the initiative will be pursued in the upcoming academic year.

“For the new school year, we will focus on improvements and fostering a positive culture of discipline. One of our main focuses this summer is to establish a sound discipline system in the school that is aimed at moving away from the punitive methods – reducing the number of suspensions.”

“We want a system of behaviour change management. This is in an effort to modify the behaviour of students through the establishment of intervention methods and behaviour education, and to reward positive behaviour as a means to encourage students with negative behaviours to strive for excellence,” Underhill said yesterday during a graduation ceremony for Elmore Stoutt High students.

She underscored the importance of having parents support the impending initiative.

“This plan promises to move from traditional approaches to discipline, and will require support of parents and the wider community. The plans include media coverage to explain the system; expectations and requirements of staff, parents and the community.”

Underhill promised that she will also continue her efforts to change the image of the Road Town-based educational institution.

“We will continue with efforts to create a positive perception of our school through ongoing public relations initiatives aimed at highlighting the many positive attributes or accomplishments in our school,” she further said.

Underhill, in the meantime, stated that another of her plans is to improve the emergency system at the school. “Plans for the new school year will include the development of our emergency protocol system, focusing on collaborative effort with the Department of Disaster Management in an effort to ensure that ESHS meets safe school status, and is able to facilitate scheduled emergency drills,” added Underhill.

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