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Filipino rep talks work, life in the BVI

 Dr Christine Harry

Dr Christine Harry

President of the British Virgin Islands Filipino Association Dr Christine Harry has charged her compatriots who have made the BVI their temporary or permanent home to continue working towards making the territory a better place.

She stated that Filipinos who moved to the BVI have adapted well in the territory. She even joked how the territory’s cuisine has made the adaptation easier.

“We (in the Philippines) have a different culture – a different tradition, but we have adapted. We have already adapted to the food – from the pies, to the guava berries,” she said in relation to life in the BVI.

Dr Harry stated that aspects of the BVI remind her of the Philippines, adding that both territories are made up of multiple islands and also possess similarly beautiful beaches.

When quizzed by BVI News Online about what the work environment in the BVI is like for Filipinos, Dr Harry responded: “We adapt really good because for us it’s important that we do the hard work. We’re serious about work.

I believe the work ethic of the Filipino is really sincere like if someone ask for a hand, you give them an arm and a leg.”

“A lot of us have already made this our home. BVI is a very nice place. It’s very much like the Philippines… So we love it here,” added the Filipino Association president.

She noted that natives of her country are culturally wired to ‘flock together’.

But Dr Harry said they are not withdrawn from the rest of the BVI, adding that Filipinos have invited other persons into their circles while living here.

“They said it’s a melting pot… There are a lot of people here and we get together. We have our differences, but we get together and we love each other. We have our BVI family.”

Dr Harry went on to say: “We’re far from our families and this has become our family; so let us make BVI even greater because we live here and whatever happens to the BVI we are affected too. So we always want BVI great for everyone.”

The Filipino Association president spoke with BVI News Online while participating in the annual Christmas Around The World celebration held last month. At the event, representatives of the more than 100 nationalities living in the BVI showcase aspects of their respective cultures.

Some natives of the Philippines strike a pose during the recently held Christmas Around The World celebration

Some natives of the Philippines strike a pose during the recently held Christmas Around The World celebration

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