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Final rotation | I embrace the opportunities as Deputy Premier, says Malone

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone said he intends to embrace the opportunities that his new post as the new Deputy Premier of the Virgin Islands offers.

Malone made the remarks at his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

“I accept and embrace the opportunities offered by Premier Fahie to continue the fine representation displayed by the three former Deputy Premiers in this series of rotation. I am proud of my Premier and my colleagues and pledge to uphold the stature and dignity of the office to which I am appointed,” he said.

A lot of work ahead

In the meantime, Malone said he does not anticipate the road ahead in his new post to be easy.

He stated: “It is an understatement to merely say that there is a lot of work to be done for indeed there is tremendous challenges and opportunities abound. I will state without fear of contradictions that thanks to the fine works of Governors and Deputy Governors of past and present and thanks to an evolving transformation process, these challenges and these opportunities that abound would be harnessed, natured and conquered.”

He continued: “Working together the BVI has a bright future. I have full confidence in our Premier; I have full confidence in each of our ministers; senior and junior; I have full confidence in our civil service; I have full confidence in the people of the British Virgin Islands. Together we will continue the rebuilding from the ravages of hurricanes Irma and Maria.”

“We will continue to build our people to maximise the opportunities offered in our Tourism, Financial Services, construction and all emerging industries. Together we will care for and protect our golden gems; our youth and our most vulnerable,” Malone added.

A permanent Deputy Premier is expected to be announced following Malone’s three-month stint.

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  1. any bets? says:

    The buck stops here !!!

  2. Woww says:

    Congrats Malone, now put some sense in fahie and wheatley tell them stop naturalizing all these island people only ones that live here for years made children and gran children alone.

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  3. Tola says:

    I agree with the comment above we need stop naturalizing after these set because Bvi to small for all theses downisland people and Jamaicans.

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    • Well says:

      Sometimes I think blacks is the dumbest race. We could never see our brother rise. I will say be careful with status with all these people, no we have to say island people. The white people will whip our asses (not with a whip as before) while we continue to fight each other like fools.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not one single initiative in favor of the people is yet to be unveiled, but we have all this unnecessary, unconventional, smokescreening disguised as sound governance parading through media.

    Millions of dollars are being spent spent, yet the average man and woman, who voted for these leaders, are seeing no indication that they are even being thought of.

    Our vehicles are being destroyed daily on roads unfit even for donkeys. Our pockets are being drained by the daily costly increase of everything from the cradle to the coffin.

    The well positioned; the haves and politically aligned are feasting. The rest of the population is silently complaining while making do.

    When this government came into power, i personally thought that there would be a turn of events and peoples’ needs, wants and interests would be taken more seriously.

    However, upon being summarily cast aside and my pertinent real issues totally ignored by a few elected officials, I am now convinced that we are not going to experienced the change we were anticipating, need and voted for.

    May God bless these Virgin Islands and those particular individuals that have suffered decades of wanton hell, stolen salary and increment, discrimination, and who now have sought, but have found no refuge from the brutality of wrong doers.

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  5. H M says:


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