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FINED: Drugs fall from man’s pocket while making report at police station

A Dominica man was fined $500 after a stash of cannabis contained in a small ziplock bag in his pocket fell on the floor of the East End Police Station while he was making a report.

Julius Audain has up to one month to pay the fine or, in default, will spend 30 days at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut.

The accused man was sentenced after pleading guilty.

Audain told the court that he forgot he had the cannabis at the time. He further said he used cannabis because he had ‘problems.’

“Take it to the Lord in prayer and be thankful for what you have. All of us have problems,” Magistrate Innocent then told the 51-year-old drug offender.

What the court heard happened 

The court heard that on April 24 last year, Audain was at the aforesaid police station making a report when he was asked to provide some form of identification.

He then reached for his driver’s license in his pants pocket. As he then proceeded to remove his hands from his pocket, a transparent bag containing green vegetable matter fell to the ground in the presence of police.

He was questioned about the contents of the bag and he confirmed that it was cannabis.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

The drugs were weighed and amounted to 17 grams, It had a street value of $170.

Ahead of his sentencing, attorney-at-law Nelcia St Jean, who represented Audain, had asked the court to be lenient to the first time offender.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    Deport him

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    • Really? says:

      Deport him for $170.00. Son of the soil …you are a d$$$fool. all you all like to say deport deport deport as if 1. people from EIS don’t get caught or don’t be involve in any criminal activity. Sickening man! Also, suppose all other territories in the world that house persons and families from Tortola, then what!! I guess then an injustice would have been done. You all need to STOP!!

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    • hhhhmmm says:

      deport him?? they should have deport your parents or grand parents too.

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    • HAHAHA says:

      He is a belonger fool

  2. God don't Sleep says:

    Now that’s a Smart A** LMAAo

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  3. Long Look we come from says:

    This is crazy, no pun intended I know of a dude he had 6 grams , and that F****** Innocense charged him 2000.00, but then again he’s a local..Neither Innosence nor Audain from here .. SMFH

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  4. Lb says:

    When will we still referring to Marijuana as drugs? Stop villifying it like it is the some major sin. It’s time we get passed this foolish mentality and decriminalize it. Haven’t heard any candidate seriously address this issue.

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  5. island man says:

    soo what happen to the report the man was making at the time of the incident did the police follow up on that.

    • island man says:

      guess not the popo was too busy castrating and degrading the man character for $170. and forget to investigate the origional report. The man should sue them.

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  6. hmmm says:

    people here are behaving like locals do not use herbs or maybe they are using crack 🙂 only thing when they get caught we do not see (read) nor hear about it.

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  7. laugh says:

    Great police work ! They finally cracked a case.

  8. island man says:

    well if the deport everyone hope you can live with the crimes that will follow afterwards because i think the locals will not have enough customers for their weed business and they will look elsewhere to make money. what do u think.

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