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Fines, license suspensions coming for illegal bulk waste dumping

A concerned resident posted this on social media to highlight the type of indiscriminate dumping that happens in the BVI.

Minister for Health & Social Development, Carvin Malone, has promised to introduce legislation that would see fines being instituted for bulk waste dumping at unapproved garbage disposal sites in communities across the territory.

In a Facebook post made yesterday afternoon, Malone said: “The Ministry is moving immediately to legislate a $5,000 fine and suspension of license for all inconsiderate and despicable persons caught and prosecuted for illegally dumping bulk waste in this fashion.”

Malone announced the move days after a resident brought the increased incidence of illegal bulk waste dumping in the East End and Fat Hogs Bay communities to his attention in a Facebook post.

Sixth District Representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines, who also responded to the post at the time, called it sickening and said it showed a lack of national pride in persons that were involved in the illegal practice.

According to Malone, whistleblowers are to be rewarded for their efforts in the successful identification, reporting and conviction of persons found to be involved in the illegal practice.

He did not disclose the nature or quantity of the promised reward but noted that CCTV cameras will also be installed at all hotspots to assist in quelling the practice.

The Minister further stated: “Now, tell me why should this be required for persons claiming to love the BVI. The staff of Solid Waste Development clear these areas and immediately there [is] illegal dumping.”

All bulk waste is required to be sent to the Pockwood Pond disposal site for processing, but many persons have opted to flout this rule and have continued to dump bulk waste to the detriment of various communities across the territory.

A concerned resident posted this on social media to highlight the tye of indiscriminate dumping that happens in the BVI.


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    All talk no action. This is the country of ZERO ENFORCEMENT…

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  2. Interesting says:

    Good idea. I would strongly advise the government to put cameras in the area closest to dump sites for if they are relying on whistleblowers to help drive the system, we will certainly be back to square one.

    Further, what would prevent the illegal dumping from occurring in the early hours of the day, when majority of us are usually asleep?

    The system seem need to be independent, evidence must be easily obtained and credible and the government must be serious about enforcement.

    On the other hand, what would be the penalties when the government fail to maintain the side of roads? Government has a greater responsibility in keeping the BVI clean and so far they have failed. So please do not enact legislation to regulate us when you are not regulating yourself.

  3. BVI LOVE says:


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    • @BVI LOVE says:

      This is not about foreigners. This is about the throw-away plastic packaged consumable world we live in now. That is what has changed.

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    • De Garbage Man says:

      This problem has existed for as long as I can remember through multiple governments who has all promised to charge those responsible, to no avail.

  4. LG says:

    Put a real fine on littering as well. Roadsides look like garbage dump even though we clean often in spare time.its disgusting, we need to teach the kids basics from the start and punish adults that should know better.

  5. WHAT??? says:

    Trade License? Driving License? What will be suspended?

  6. BuzzBvi says:

    But Alvera could not say one way or another what should be done about it and was neutral on what license would have to be suspended, and was not sure if she was sure or not, if anything should be suspended at all. In a shock decisive moment she did say that she was sickened.

  7. Citizen says:

    Solution. Have bulk pick up days. This can be done every three months where residents are allowed to put out their bulky waste and have them picked up or do what was done after the hurricane – put those big collection bins in place where people can place these bulky items.
    Not trying to find an excuse for nasty people but not everyone has the means to get their garbage down to Pockwood Pond.

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  8. heckler says:

    Will the minister of health be offering free plates of food for the whistleblowers?

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  9. @ BVI LOVE ? says:

    yeah rite, Express yourself ,honesty is the best policy /let the world know what kind qof evilness lurks within you ?

  10. GET SERIOUS says:

    This is a Disgusting and wilful habit that needs to be dealt with seriously. Immediately some areas are cleared persons rush to deposit all manner of garbage as if they are offended by the fact that tax payers money was used to clean a mess that they willfully created. I believe in many instances its done as a political weapon to make the government look bad. For a tourist destination this is really degrading and should have been curtailed long ago.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Even when they get around to posting cameras at those commercial sites, the culprits will go to the north and or south side, depending on which island it is, where has zero population and CCCT infrastructure, and dunp their refuse over the cliff. Have seen this being done for years now.

    Therefore, with all the millions being spent, and yet to see any visible and tangible benefits are being realized by the people, a facility to accept recycle and or dispose of bulk waste needs to be implemented, but is unlikely to become a reality…

  12. @ BVI LOVE says:

    i love your comments/ now why don’t you take the
    health Minister and take a little walk around b**by’s and sc*to’s and then comment on the hygiene and the environment and where the owners come from ( what are these so called health workers doing ?

  13. smh says:

    Again, You can make all the legislation, laws, rules, fines, suspensions your books can hold BUT nothing will ever change UNTIL, we are all treated equal and the laws are enforced and upheld.

  14. buttah says:

    This is what it takes for these politicians to take action in the island they claim to love so much. I’m sure Mr. Malone drive the same roads as us and it took someone running to facebook and making a query in order for him to see a problem with this and take action. Seems as if we have to post all our grievances on Social Media to get them to do what’s necessary….

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