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First cruise line sets sail in Caribbean waters since March

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SeaDream Yacht Club last weekend became the first luxury cruise line to resume operations and sail in Caribbean waters since the global lockdown of the cruise industry in March.

The cruise line, which has a passenger capacity of 112, sailed out of Barbados with 52 guests aboard on November 8.

SeaDream has strict COVID-19 protocols for travellers. Coupled with the negative COVID-19 test results that are required by Barbadian officials, all arriving passengers had to do another test before they board the cruise ship. The onboarding process is also marked by regular sanitisation of both hands and luggage.

Passengers are also subjected to daily temperature checks for the duration of the cruise and will even have to do another test after four days on board.

But once passengers pass the initial tests and are cleared to board the SeaDream cruise vessel in Barbados, they will no longer be required to wear masks. Company officials say the wearing of masks has been eliminated by the rigorous testing required before boarding the yacht.

This decision is being questioned by many in the travel industry, especially since the COVID-19 virus is still being studied by scientists around the world.

The SeaDream is set to make several stops in St Vincent and the Grenadines as well as Grenada where it will make its final call.

The BVI has close ties to both countries. Many persons in the BVI travel to and from St Vincent and the Grenadines on a regular basis.

If this first voyage goes well, SeaDream is hoping to embark on many others in Caribbean waters in the coming weeks. It’s not clear whether they will make stops in the BVI once the tourism industry reopens on December 1.

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  1. No!!! says:

    Please do not allow them to come to the BVI….

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    • Doh says:

      Oh they’re coming alright. We won’t allow tourists but cruise ship passengers are ok. They are clean, tested, and abide by all of the rules.

      Government has already cleared ships to come in.

  2. How says:

    How can they stop if everyone entering has to quarantine for 4 days and wear an electronic leash. Just stay closed up till November 2021. The vaccines will be out and the tourists will all be inoculated. The negros won’t take the vaccine but who cares.

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Sea Dreams itinerary before the BVI government decided to murder the tourist industry included many visits to BVI. At one time this line was considering basing itself in BVI. It seems they are intent on driving away all business until we become a Haiti mark 2.

    • Haiti says:

      You are absolutely correct. Papa Foy wants to be the di****or of the Territory. This is why all the movement towards independence. No one watching, s*+*l all he wants, the cronies get richer and the people get poorer. Haiti is his role model.

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  4. Observer says:

    It is just incredible to se how the government of the BVI’s are handling this situation.
    This will not only damage this session, but also the next, if not for years.
    Most companies need to plan at least two years in advance. I guess very few cruise companies will sit down and plan in the BVI’s for the next two years, taking the political situation into account.
    When people on the BVI’s realize the consequences of having this government in charge, it is too late.
    It will just be a very poor island with a very high crime rate that everybody wants to avoid.
    I feel sorry for the BVI’s and the people having to make a living there.

    • Doh says:

      I agree.

      Dear Leader is destroying tourism and no one seems to care. Expats are now persona non grata and being forced to leave. Residents with home are being forced out. Can you see the nationalization of the BVI? Duh, socialism is coming people.

      I’m ready to rise up. But never mind. I’ve got Netflix

      Carry on

  5. Oops says:

    Well, that didn’t last long. Covid case onboard and headed back to port.

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