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Fisherman’s vessel damaged in early-morning fire, authorities probe

Authorities are investigating an incident where a 45-foot fisherman’s vessel sustained severe damage after catching fire at Road Reef Marina on Tortola early Thursday morning.

“The vessel was severely impacted to its interior, and it’s structure,” Deputy Fire Chief William Penn told BVI News.

He said five of his officers had responded to the scene after receiving reports of the fire around 3:32 am.

He said the vessel was unoccupied at the time.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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  1. lol says:

    Since when endless became a fisher man?

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  2. wow says:

    enus bad lucked

  3. RR says:

    Hahaha, you say a fisherman, with triple Merc 400’s. Definitely not a drug runner then!!!!!

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  4. Retired says:

    I have never seen a fishing vessel with 3 outboards on the stern. What type of fishing did this boat do?

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    Out catchinng some fast fish

  6. Looking says:

    Whoever set the boat on fire,ha ha, you were to late.The Medical marijuana oil, brownies and vapes that you were looking for is stashed away in a secret location. Just testing loyality. A RAT CAN NEVER OUTSMART A FOX.

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  7. One eye fowl cock says:

    Gas .matches. flames. Puff. = fire daaaàà

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  8. No nonsense says:

    Dissatisfied illegal alien. Monies collected doe the trip to STT and got caught by US official!

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  9. Read and Learn says:

    It is the type of the boat the article is referring to and not the owner of the boat as a fisherman.

    From online articles explain the type of boat:

    “The Hargrave 45, known inside the company as design number 4531, springs from bloodlines that date back to 1975, when I designed my first solo project under Jack Hargrave’s watchful eye: design number 4521, a fiberglass 45-foot fisherman. An even earlier boat, the Daytona 45, designed by Hargrave and numbered 4501, was a traditional wood sportfisherman built by Bob Sherbert for legendary fisherman and yachtsman Charlie Johnson in 1962.”

    Online blog – “captainfish Does anyone know the manufacturer of the large cylindrical glass bowl style strainers on mid 70″s 45 foot fisherman? I have to find gasket kit but been unsuccessful so far.”

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  10. Really.... says:

    Who “fishing” with 3x 400hp merc XS engines…. or at least what they “fishing” for? Square grouper?

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  11. lol says:

    The early bird catches the most worms

  12. Smh says:

    The boat is an open fisherman hull thats all the story is referring to.

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  13. Jvd dean. says:

    We are all on the wrong track in life. Us as black people have to find a way to come together as one or our future generations are gonna meet it badly. Love and respect your fellow men.while we are at great war with each other our ancestors land are being taken by the whites. There’s a much bigger picture here and we better wake up and find a way to come together fast.

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    • @Jvd dean says:

      The white man don’t have anything to do with this. This is bigger than a lot of you don’t see or understand. The driver F**k up some products and the boat was set on fire for pay back.

  14. oh boy says:

    They misquoted the man…What he said is that the boat was an open fisherman….Not that he was a fisherman

  15. >? says:

    Why is the boat beached though? Something seems a bit off about this?

  16. Small minds says:

    Only in the BVI persons assume that everything is linked to drugs. Always hiding behind blogs to slander persons names assuming where the money is coming from. Put your antennas out and check the banks and you will see the source!!!!! SMFH

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