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Five more deaths reported in three days as COVID cases plummet

A newly released epidemiological summary shows that five more deaths have been added to the BVI‘s COVID-19 death toll since last Friday, pushing the latest total to 47 deaths.

The surprising jump in deaths comes as the territory has seen a sharp decline in active positive cases of the virus during that same period.

As with previous summaries, there was no analysis of the deaths showing gender, age or any other related information.

It is unclear whether the latest casualties were vaccinated or whether the significant drop in hospitalisations from 16 to nine persons meant any or all of the deceased persons were the ones previously hospitalised.

Just last Friday, it was announced by Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ronald Georges that two additional deaths had been added to the death toll then, just as cases began to fall.

Meanwhile, total active positive cases are now down to 899, a marked reduction of 321 cases from the previous 1,220 cases announced in last Friday’s summary.

The epidemiological report released late yesterday afternoon showed that positive COVID-19 cases had reduced across all of the islands with just one new case added on a vessel.

Health officials have largely attributed the current outbreak in cases to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant of the virus, but have said this variant was milder than the Delta variant which was most dominant during the previous COVID-19 outbreak last year.


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  1. hmm says:

    Does nobody survive in this place? We need to revise our treatment protocol, what is the USVI doing? I wonder if we have the highest death rate in the region.

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  2. Fastest way to leave the hospital says:

    Is through the back door..they don’t seem to have a clue how to actually cure anyone! It started with the first Filipino death which was never investigated and we are now 47 people later..

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  3. 1st district original says:

    God forbid that if I should die of natural cause now and the government publish that I die of covid. I will haunt them for the rest of their life. Stop THE BS!

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  4. Nonsense says:

    The deaths are persons who would have died anyway because they were in the hospital for other serious issues. The whole COVID death scheme is shameful and outrageous! Condolences to those who lost loved ones and also have to deal with the COVID stain.

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  5. Shovels says:

    Did they pass away because of covid or did they pass away and also had covid? there’s a big difference but yet the information is so easy to manipulate…

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  6. wow says:

    Compliments of all the year end parties that were given the go-ahead

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  7. guess wha says:

    They were all vaccinated

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  8. Sick people says:

    There are some really sick people in this place who would shout to anyone who will listen about covid like its the flu, people died from other things rather than covid and all sort of idiocy.

    Some of these people most likely missed science class so they make $hit up to make sense of their idiocy.

    They don’t want to take a covid vaccine and want others to travel down the stupid road with them. It is not my wish but that idiocy has a price in severe illness or death. It will also come with severe restrictions on travel and employment as well in due course.

    Antivaxers are dying each day and these poorly informed people are more in danger than they realize. They are selfish people who has this notion of their right all twisted. They argue nonsense.

    These unvaccinated people need to pay more for their healthcare so long as they remain unvaccinated. The rest of us should not have to pay for their healthcare when they get covid knowing their becoming seriously ill or die was preventable.

    If u are unvaccinated at this point you need to have your head examined. If you are vaccinated and only has 2 shots, u need to take a booster when due.

    Im tired of these antivaxers. Again, I dont wish u bad, however your stance on vaccines for covid may give u an early grave. Never too late to change your mind.

    Now for all the bs in response have a real go at it. Some of u will not see the light until u are on your last breath so I expect the same nonsense over and over again.

    Thats quite tragic. So go ahead and vebt till December. The fact still remains covid kills and lack of vaccination increases your risk significantly of severe illness or death.

    Im done talk. Who don’t hear will feel.

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    • @Sick People says:

      If you want to know the truth,you have to follow real honest doctors who is not afraid to speak facts.Follow Dr.Rajiv Seereeram from Trinidad who will tell you like it is straight from the heart,not from 30pcs. of silver.Whats in the darkness will come to light.

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    • Can't make sense of Ignorance says:

      You my friend missed Science class or you bought into nonsensical Science that we are seeing globally. Let’s have an open public debate with Questions and proper answers. Every 3 months you’ll be required to take a shot after your miracle drug wears off. Israel is on their 4th dose with them saying basically these things do not work. How long will this continue my friend, are you willing to take 3,4,5,6,7 and call this science? 1,2,3 strikes you’re out….This will be one sick population soon enough. I dare anyone to research the all of the Peer studies and see not one of these companies completed their Toxicology test on these Miracles. Everything in moderation my friend, science knows this. Even your regular meds can become very toxic after consuming them over time can damage liver and Kidney function. BUster sorry Booster after Booster with Unknown substance and ingredients and granted almost unlimited immunity from legal liability.
      We are only looking at the small picture here, since covid everything in terms of regulation and compliance have been turned on high degree. Why the haste at a time like this when people are struggling the most. Kick a man while he’s down, make the masses desperate enough to even bite off their own arm, well not bite but volunteer to be part of the world’s largest experiment.

      Now tell me who needs their heads examined? Taking something that clearly is failing. You can still catch it, you can still transmit it, you still have to stay in isolation after close contact. Now the E.U Scientist a ringing the alarm loud and clear that taking boosters over and over can weaken the Immune system.
      Some of you people on these blogs come on here trying to belittle and Bully people who made a choice not to take some experimental in their body. How would some of you like on every job requirement to fill out how many STds you caught in life, How many sexual partners did you have in life. After all, some persons are very promiscuous and can pose a risk by spreading STDs through our communities. So while we are at it let’s all put everything on the table since it’s just unvaccinated persons are a problem. By the way the condolences to all persons that lost a loved one. From the the inside” They were All Vax…connated*** For the woke stay woke for the sh**p stay Sleep.

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    • Well says:

      Thank God you are not in charge. Hurry and take your booster because without it you too will become the unvaccinated.

    • Tongue Fu says:

      “If u are unvaccinated at this point you need to have your head examined. If you are vaccinated and only has 2 shots, u need to take a booster when due”

      You forgot he 4th booster and the omricon booster and the next variant booster. What about the one after that. There is a booster for all variants too. How about a booster party?

      Set a bullies want to tell people what to put in their bodies. Why you don’t tell the alcoholic don’t drink? The cigarette addict not another puff? The diabetic not another candy?

      Facts are that people have suffered adverse effects and even death due to the JABS. Will they be compensated? No. I know a young man who has a damaged lung due to his first vaccine and can no longer work as he is a construction worker. Never wanted to take the jab but was pressured to do so so who will compensate him? Not a man jack! He on his own.

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    • Fyahman says:

      Just shut your pie hole talking $hit. Take all the poison and hush your rasss. Ain’t nobody got time for sick people like you and the rest sheep. If you want to ride you vax boat go ahead but stop talking your p**s to others. More fyah 🔥🔥

  9. Belonger says:

    Numbers falling because testing has been cut back. People, don’t let down your guard.

  10. Windy says:

    They passed away because they where admitted to the hospital

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  11. Treatment... says:

    Two years later….anybody know what the official course of action is when admitted to death centers aka hospital WITH covid?

    I wonder if they’re following the US death centers or the UK.

    Any medical professionals willing to tell the public what the treatment protocol is at DDOS H? Doubt it…

  12. drivel on stilts says:

    No-one with a brain, let alone all the epidemiologists analyzing the results doubt that the amazing development of the vaccines has saved millions of lives. This idiot is hiding behind the immunity granted by responsible, vaccinated, members of society. The combination of vaccines and a better knowledge of how to treat Covid means both hospitalisation and death rates are now much lower, with the infection fatality rate having fallen by over 80%.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    It makes me sick to my core to see the ignorant comments on here. People dying and you stil talking s@£$ about your stupid non covid conspiracy theories. How ignorant can people be? If you switch off the stupid, denial conspiracy theory crap for 2 minutes and try to think rationally…..why would people make this up? What does anyone have to benefit by making this up? Who do you think you are to ignore the pain of the families that have lost loved ones? Who do you think you are to ignore scientists, doctors and all the other experts that are working around the clock to save your sorry a**? SMDH.

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    • Really says:

      What does anyone have to benefit. You must be under a rock.
      Billions were made and more millions to be made.
      Set of rats being led by greedy pipers

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  14. Boris Johnson says:

    Boris today, lifts restrictings in UK, no more mandating wearing of face masks Anywhere and Mandatory covid Passes Scrapped. Mandatory Certification will end. And all Omicrom restrictions in England are ended.

    And now Foy needs to follow suit.

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