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Fix for dysfunctional sewerage systems in East End, Road Town to begin shortly, says ministry

Jeremy Hodge

Works on sewerage systems that have been a sore issue for several residents for years are expected to commence throughout Tortola shortly. 

This is according to Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Works & Utilities, Jeremy Hodge who told BVI News that plans for three of the projects have already begun.

“Cane Garden Bay went out for tender already so Cane Garden will be dealt with. We have a temporary solution in place dealing with Cane Garden Bay as we speak. The treatment plant has been retrofitted and is treating sewage currently and we have pumping services and installation of new pumps,” Hodge stated.

“Within the next few weeks, we’ll have all the pump stations that are required in place so that there will be no longer any need for sewerage pump trucks as often and this has been helping to prevent any contamination getting into the beach,” he further said. 

Road Town

Hodge also said residents who live in the affected areas of Road Town can also look forward to having their sewerage issue rectified soon.

He said: “In Road Town, we are getting the proper documentation ready to submit before Cabinet for the approval to go ahead with the repairs to that plant. It should be before Cabinet in about two weeks for a decision to be made and the resources made available to get the contractors in on the ground and get it repaired.”

East End

The Deputy Secretary also spoke on the new sewerage system which is to be installed in the East End community. He said that an extensive study had been completed along with the drawings that are necessary for the works to be done. 

It is now a matter of sourcing the funds for the project before the tender process can begin, he said. 

“The public tender will not be sent forward until the required financial resources are identified. I can’t say when that would be but just like what we’ve been doing here in this ministry, we will prepare the documents for the Ministry of Finance so that in conjunction with them we can plan moving forward on which project will be funded when,” Hodge told our news centre.

Updates on the progress involved in rectifying the longstanding sewerage follow a BVI News report whereby the Department of Environmental Health said it receives just fewer than half-a-dozen sewerage-related reports or complaints every week.

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  1. End says:

    How long will it take to get the repairs completed? How much will this cost the public purse? Have any movies been set aside for operations and maintenance? The lack of complaints received does not indicate the problem has been abated.

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  2. see says:

    I am happy for the CGB progress however the responses to the other two areas are very vague and lend themselves to having this same discussion a year from now . The plant in East End is brand new … unused . The piping infrastructure needs to be installed and connected. We shouldnt need consultants and studies. Just a competent contractor who wont bury the pipes down the middle of a main road and one who will have the knowledge of proper base construction and drainage. We will be watching … hoping for the best for our territory .

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  3. vip heckler says:

    The way this is sounding election will come again and sewage still not fixed

  4. vip heckler says:

    How come we never had all this problem to find/identify money for the bodyguards ???

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  5. Pipped Off says:

    Two years to put out bids to fix Roadtown sewage plant , and you are after the Willy T what the ???.

  6. :) says:

    They should leave East for last because the funds were already budgeted to fix their sewage problem but Marlon and Pickering allowed Mark to borrow $8 million to go towards the Pier Park. Although Marlon blamed Dr. Smith and his cabinet for the move he still supported and ran with the party despite NDP treating his district like $h!t no pun intended.

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  7. Windy says:

    Meanwhile , the sewage treatment plant that has been broken for years (yes long before hurricanes) has been bypassed and sewage is pumped directly into the sea. YET they’re ready to kick out the Willy T if they find one poop in the water !

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  8. Backburner says:

    Again they can’t get it together to fix the sewage problem in the East. Majority of the work is done. I really don’t like when these people come and give half stories if all the duck aren’t line up don’t say anything until work is ready to begin.

  9. George says:

    Is there a contract issued?

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