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‘Fix it or we will!’ Bishop Cline blasts gov’t on entry restrictions

Bishop John Cline

Clergyman and recently installed Private Sector Representative for the Recovery & Development Agency, Bishop John Cline has come out in protest of the protracted delay in fully reopening the BVI’s borders.

He’s also raised objections to what he feels are the restrictive measures attached to this delay.

“I have tried so hard to hold my peace and give things a chance to play out,” the clergyman said in a recent Facebook post. “But this is beyond me. Why all these restrictions still?”

Bishop Cline, who is also the owner of a popular business, said that instead of opening up the BVI, there are now “more forms to fill to get in, more restrictive measures, more ways to say ‘don’t come unless you really have to – go somewhere where it is easier to enter’.”

According to the Bishop, things have gone too far and “people who don’t take the vaccine are not a threat to anyone”.

“They have not been so (a danger) in the last 15 months. They practice other measures to keep themselves and others safe. But it’s all about the vaccine,” Cline complained.

“Vaccines seem to be our only hope. Like they don’t hurt people and cause death also,” he contemptuously added.

He further railed against the fact that there will be more vaccines to come in the form of booster shots. And before long, he argued, persons “will need another and another.”

Bishop Cline also claimed, notably without offering any evidence, that there have been unreported cases of persons taking the vaccine “on the prompting of the government or [their] employer and they get sick or die.”

“Who takes responsibility?” he questioned.

“I have left BVI three times since November 2020, [I’ve been] in malls, supermarkets, airports, gas stations, came back home COVID-free (thank God),” the bishop further stated.

“But all of a sudden the unvaccinated are a threat to the community. I am sure some of who have tested positive in the BVI on Day 4 of entry have been vaccinated.”

“We are a special bunch. And like sheep, [we’re] being led to the slaughter,” Cline continued. “Enough is enough. Fix this or we will.”


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  1. USVI says:


    Easier to visit – no additional testing, fees, or quarantine. Same blue water, sandy beaches, and even colder drinks.

    We’re killing it as our numbers show! Stay closed as long as you like. Your tourists love it here!

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    • Foolishness and Stupidness says:

      The majority of people visiting the BVI have had both their vaccines – you see them with the card confirming that when they come out of the airport. They may well still carry the virus but are unlikely to get ill from it.
      Anybody here who is not vaccinated and who is exposed to a vaccinated (but otherwise entirely well) person carrying the virus is at risk of getting sick – but that is their choice in refusing to have the vaccine!

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    • Joseph says:

      You forgot to mention 27 Covid-19 deaths and 67 Active cases currently.

    • Mungo says:

      Stop referring to him as a bishop. It’s an insult to real bishops. I’m told he only does that to pretend to have status he doesn’t have. God doesn’t like tricky actors.

  2. Wayne DEAD says:

    Well well finally PREACH!

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  3. Caution says:

    When he talk is something that he didn’t get so he giving trouble. Sick and tired of all these opportunist. If you were genuine you would have been all over this government for the state of our country.

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  4. He again? says:

    Which medical school did he graduated from to offer his unqualified medical opinion? He need to stop telling half truths about the covid vaccine. If he does not want to take a covid shot, he does so at his own risk. Let others decide for themselves.

    Now, I am in agreement with him relative to the hurdles in place to enter the BVI. I recently vacationed in St.Thomas and St. Croix. Opted not to travel to Tortola despite I longed to. Reason being its simply too much headache even for someone like myself who is fully vaccinated. Despite my frustration, I understand the issies.

    Now, Im not going to go full negative on the governments efforts to control covid in the territory. I think they were and is doing what they think is best to protect the country.

    However, at this point in the pandemic giving the severe impact these measures has taken on the economy, its time to ramp up the testing capacity @ ports of entry and cautiously and scientifically guided open up a bit more.

    I think we all should be reminded that the BVI does not have the capacity to manage a widespread outbreak of covid as there is a very small number of ventilators on the island and doubtful oxygen generating capacity.

    God forbid if there was a large scale outbreak of covid, the same people who are complaining out loud about the opening of the country will be undoubtedly the first ones in line blaming the government for resultant deaths.

    In my opinion, the opening should be guided by science,;increased testing capacity, and what is happening around the world relative to infection and vaccination rates.

    It should not be made by a so called pastor who incredibly oversaw the BVI Health Authority without a medical background.

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    • Boris says:

      He is no less qualified than the minister for health, or you.

      It’s not a vaccine, it’s not even an approved medication, the science you want to follow is experimental gene therapy, good luck with that booster shot in the future.

      The testing is the problem, not the solution. If there was actuality a deadly killer virus with asymptomatic spread, no healthcare system would cope, only the incinerator.

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      • Aunty Jack says:

        Hey Boris. Been reading the news from India? The incinerators there couldn’t keep up.

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        • Boris says:

          So you believe everything you read in the news?

          My friends who live in Delhi are saying that true situation is economic depression induced famine. And they don’t have the ‘Indian Variant’ they are trying to scare people with the ‘UK Variant’.

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          • @Boris says:

            If you friends told you the fire was not hot, would you put your hand in. I think you would!

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      • He Again? says:

        U got issues like the so called bishop. U really need a shot..of reality vs conspiracy theories.

        By the way, make no assumptions about me and my qualifications. I guarantee u this. The so called bishop cannot shine my shoes when it comes to qualifications on this matter.

        Go and take your shot and stop being ignorant before its too late and u r laying dying somewhere gasping for breaths and stressing your family with your funeral expenses.

        Ive seen many people like u who were willfully ignorant to covid or vaccinations who died miserably. If that’s your choice or the so called bishops’ to roll the dice on your lives, go ahead. All gambles eventually loose. All the best.

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        • hello? says:

          if you know how you sound… you will shut up! Here knowingly giving death threats to the unsuspecting. But I declare that a curse without a cause shall not come. the word of the Lord!!

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          • He again? says:

            You need to learn how to read and comprehend what u read. The death treat is all in your simple head. You were so quick to defend you misinterpreted what was stated with your religious nonsense.

            Not taking a covid vaccine places u at increased risk of a serious covid infection or death. Thats reality. If that sounds like a death threat to u..good. I hope u take it seriously.

            Go and take your shot and stop being ignorant. If I was really issuing death treats I would not be suggesting u take a covid shot. Rather, I would be saying let nature take its course. Covid is in love with and looks for people with your mindset.

            The choice is yours. If u get covid, don’t say someone did not try to warn u of the dangers of going covid bare.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Total crap. It’s exactly the same vaccine technology Jenner used 200 years ago when he injected cow pox into,people to stop them getting smallpox. Which it did.

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      • Jah says:


        It is NOT gene therapy. Do your research before you spout false claims.

        People like you speak of fear and contempt for science. Well, it’s science that will save you.

        Don’t be a prick and get one. If not for you, for your neighbors, family, and the rest of the territory

        Thanks for playing

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    • To: He again? says:

      to: (“He again?) Who are you to question Mr. Cline’s qualifications?
      who asked you your opinion of how the opening should be guided?who are you to say that the BVI don’t have capacity to handle outbreak?
      who asked you for your opinion anyway?
      Mr. Cline is not forcing anyone to take or not take the vaccine… did you miss the bus that was suppose to take you to reading classes?
      smh. Im not a big fan of Cline but truth is truth. facts is facts.

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      • He Again? says:

        Do u feel better now that u have gotten it all out of your system?

        It appears you don’t have a clue about BVI covid capacity to handle a major outbreak of covid as well.

        Who am I? U sure will like to know. What qualifications does this so called pastor has to offer medical opinions?

        Im listening.

        Do mankind a favor and go and take your shot please.

  5. love BVI says:

    I always fail to understand why anybody gives this *** air time.

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  6. Resident says:

    I totally agree, they make it so hard to enter the bvi that if you are a tourist you won’t want to come back

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    • Joshua says:

      We the people are calling on you to fix it Mr Bishop. Hope this is not just hot air spewing. While you are in the fixing mood sir could please please, pretty please fix one of your pastors. Not calling no names but I believe you know who, as the whole of the bvi also knows. I am dying for you to ask me how and why. As a matter of fact forget it i suspect you are waiting for the COI to fix it for you.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    People used to think this self appointed “Bishop “ was an i***t.

    Now they know he is.

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  8. Rastarite says:

    Fake report… Shame on this theologian

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  9. Hearing you Loud nd Clear says:

    Hon Pastor Bishop, it is good that you voice your frustration, unlike many of us who are also very frustrated but don’t have a voice.

    Don’t let this be mere words, we would like to know how you or the “We” will fix it. This must be fixed and sooner than later. We know that this so called vaccine is helping nothing, even when they want to bribe people into taking it, we know it is not helping or making no difference.

    When you finish fixing it, please help us with the evil being done to us in taking 7% of the little money left after paying pay roll tax of 8%, NHI of 3.75% and Social Security of 4%, plus other fees for Tel, Internet, Water, TV and groceries, what about rent? of course your Gov want us to go someplace else, but if those injustices are not dealt with it will be a matter of time. The most painful part is the Gov. boasting about how many millions they made on our heads in less than a year, What?? But that’s not all, the bank is giving no interest and when they do it is less than half a percent, 0.004% while gov. taking 7%, i mean a full 7%, not even 0.007% a full 7%. I believe this bleeds the heart of God like when the nails were nailed to his hands, this time it is being nailed to his heart by persons who claim to know and love him but hate his children with passion. Please Bishop hear our cry, most of us attend NLBC and guess what we have to pay 10% of our income there too, this we do not mind, its it word of God and we are being obedient, but where did this 7% tax on our money to feed our families overseas, when did that come from? Please Bishop, show some BVI love even this once. Thank you Sir.

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    • Ann says:

      I am amazed how uninformed some people are. Vaccines are not experimental and they are not killing people. Stop the ignorance. Vaccines are the only way the government will stop the economic destruction.

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      • Yes says:

        Agreed. Time to do forced vaccinations and sterilizations.

        We protect the belonger from the virus and from themselves.

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  10. Right on! says:

    Like him or not…..He’s right…he’s so right!!! open up the damm place! and stop the fear mongering

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  11. I love this says:

    Very well stated bishop! There are some close to home saying the opposite, but I am more than pleased that you have taken this stance!

    We cannot be short sighted and ignore what makes up the vaccine, we need to pay attention on when is in the vaccine!

    My people stay healthy by a lifestyle approach and not a trial drug vaccine that no one is certain it’s long term effects!

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  12. one eye says:

    mr clyne i self wont call you pastor clyne , stop bullying the government you self cant fix what going on in your church must less to try fix the government restrictions for God and heaven sake leave the government run their country and you go run you church, people like you why the country how it is today .

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  13. Right says:

    But this self proclaimed “bishop” is against the vaccine but at the same time wants to open up without restrictions.

    What an intelligent man he is.

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  14. NASAL TESTING says:


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  15. Chak. says:

    leave it at it is, more people more covid.

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  16. Preacher says:

    How about a solution preacher? Complain, complain but never a plan to solve the entry problems.

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  17. Avalon says:

    It is the truth, how refreshing!

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  18. Bull s**t says:

    He mr cline is rigth 100% some u all so bad minded and wicked u know what he is saying is fact but because your personal feelings and his is at different u all disagree with what he’s saying even as the out come of it is kill u all …wicked set of low minded people….set of cursefull people never could stand up for what rigth but quick to condemn those that do stand up for theirs own rigth ..wicked mental state of mind people

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  19. Homegrown says:

    What’s there to dislike about what John said? Because you don’t like someone does not mean they can’t be right. He is Right. All these restrictions are killing the territory. My brother left for NY May 2 is fully vaccinated and had a Covid test bv before he left. He is ready to come home and the forms that he has to fill out he needs a lawyer to help him. Does that make sense? He born here and find these procedures difficult. Can you imagine a tourist on a week vacation having to go through this nonsense? Andrew Fahie wants to be a strong man like those dictators that don’t answer to anyone. But he has the voters to answer to. Andrew Fahie get your a** up off the territory. You are killing the economy. Are you blind?

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  20. :) says:

    You know whats funny lol. A lot of people agree with Cline but they hate the messenger. Just look at Rubber Duck for an example, he always bashes government on every article and has said the same thing many times but I guess he dont like Cline so he finally sides with government. I highly doubt someone decided to copy the name Rubber Duck.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      I don’t agree with “ Bishop “ Cline about vaccines. He is obviously anti vax.

      Nor am I impressed by people awarding themselves titles to impress the cerebrally challenged.


      His Magnificance Canard Cachouc.

  21. Steve says:

    It’s time to realize the rest of the world is far ahead of us. We need to stop the insanity with fully vaccinated people. We’re making fully vaccinated people without symptoms get tested and quarantine. The CDC doesn’t recommend testing vaccinated people without symptoms because they have a high false positive rate. What do we do? We make them quarantine on the dock instead of safely spending money in our stores.

    It’s time to realize that vaccinated people are safe!

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    • Thats right says:

      For some reason the people making these decisions don’t either understand the science or out right reject it.

      I have a haunch that perhaps the people making such decisions are either non science trained or are consulting people who arent. The decision on quarantine for vaccinated persons is incomprehensible and does not align with the science.

      It is very very negligible that a fully vaccinated person will be a covid carrier. It will not come as a surprise that testing on all those fully vaccinated persons who have entered the country thus far came back negative. The government should look at that data and act accordingly.

      This is looking like a money game unfortunately on this particular matter.

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    • Hmm says:

      I live in the US, and I can tell you. Tola, Anguilla all of them are behind time! We are living life! Covid free! Y’all are toooo shut in! Covid is here get a grip! I for sure will not be coming home anytime soon to visit with all the run around you have to go through! Too much money and the overall process is wayyyyy to much! A turn off!!

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  22. @ CLINES says:

    Those holy wannabe prophets looks like they ready to flex their muscles ( cane garden bay inda house / how can i join and i want an AK 47 otherwise am out

  23. One by One. says:

    All of VIP diehard money and loyal supporters are one by one turning on them, rightfully so, because they dont know what they are doing… They have no clue how to run a country. All of them just focus on the 15th and the 30th of the month..

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    • Some of them says:

      Some of them never had a car loan much less a mortgage. But we putting them in charge of millions of dollars, and to run a million dollar company (BVI Government) and expecting them to make the right decisions or hire/ appoint the right people in positions?

      We are just as much to blame for this foolishness.

  24. ThisIsIt says:

    Religion vs Politricks an escalting battle of dominance, stay tuned for more..

  25. Hmm says:

    Its rather embarassing that people just dont know how to wash their hands, social distance and wear mask. The government had to make a vaccine because people are just nasty and dont listen.

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  26. Jon Jon says:

    Has any vaccinated person died in the BVI due to the vaccine or is the Bishop grasping at straws.

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    • Well says:

      It’s a coincidence that people just die after taking the shot whether or not they had preexisting conditions. Worth checking into

  27. I'm dreaming says:

    And he was Chairman of the BVI HEALTH Services Authority??? I repeat HEALTH! You can’t make this stuff up. Ignorance is one thing, but ignorance plus power, even if perceived, is a serious, dangerous threat. Stay WOKE my BVI…SMDH

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  28. Fed up!! says:

    I with you, Pastor Cline… enough with the nonsense already

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