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Flax-Charles weighing whether to run for political office

Shereen Flax-Charles

Businesswoman and outspoken Virgin Gorda resident Shereen Flax-Charles said she is weighing whether to run for office in the next General Election.

Flax-Charles said she has been mulling the prospect of contesting at the elections since being inundated with requests from residents on Virgin Gorda.

“What I’ve found is that it’s not only persons on Virgin Gorda that are asking me to run for an election, it’s throughout the BVI. So, I have made an impact somewhere out there; not that I’ve been trying to do that in that way,” she said during the ‘Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline’ radio show on Tuesday.

The businesswoman said she does not necessarily like publicity but has recognised that she has made an impression on a number of residents.

“Sometimes I shed a tear thinking ‘what do I say to these people?’ Do I tell them no, do I say ‘yes’? What is best for the entire community?” Flax-Charles said.

Flax-Charles did not specify what seat she would contest if she decides to run but many have her tipped for an At-Large seat.

It is not clear whether she would run under any of the two traditional political parties if she decides to contest at the upcoming elections.

The two traditional political parties are the Myron Walwyn led-NDP, and the Andrew Fahie-led VIP.

Less traditional parties in the territory include the People’s Patriotic Alliance and the newly-formed Progressives United, which is headed by opposition legislator, Julian Fraser.

As a prospective candidate, Flax-Charles also has the option of running independently.

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  1. Kenneth Dreger says:

    So, lets ask the hard questions: Do you BVI voters vote for someone with little background in politics or business dealings? what qualifies this person for the job? What does she intend to do to make BVI better? Why is she wanting to run? These are serious questions and I would hope you all in BVI ask them…. Just because she is a good musical person isn’t a reason to elect her….Look at what happened here to the USA when we elected a Community organizer! Now we have a solid business person seated and things are going 1000000% better for our country….Will she do these to help out BVI???? Just asking, not trying to stir up a hornets nest…..

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    • Vg says:

      You obviously don’t know her background. Ask first before you jump up that she has no qualifications or education. She does a lot more in the 9th district than the. Current rep and the at large reps

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    • WTF? says:

      Trump is a solid business person? He is a rich white man that owns a few things so automatically he is better than the black guy who did community organizing in the hood, right? SMFH! A lot of the things that are looking good for America today are because of some of the initiatives undertaken by Obama, FACT! Politics and programs are not magic wands, it takes time for effects to start showing. Elaborate on what Trump has done different and state the positive effects of those said things, vs what Obama did.

      To BVI, the whole political arena is filled with nonsense. Hardly anyone is seeking a seat to better the islands, but rather they are bitter and seeking revenge. We will have our say sooner than later, just waiting.

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    • All I have to say is...... says:

      Kenneth…… Kenneth

    • . says:

      Once you air your mouth on the US presidential mess you reveal yourself to be a moron. Kindly shut it and stay out of BVI electoral process.

  2. VG Vote says:

    Terrible in Singing & Politics is a NO NO. You’re good in the Tourism industry. Don’t let the couple people fool you about entering politics.

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    • At Large voter says:

      She might not be a good singer in your books and as always you always make sure you get that in when there is a story about her. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THIS IS A WOMAN OF ACTION. SHE GETS THINGS DONE. This is what we want.

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      • Excuse Me? says:

        CANT SINGG? Shereen has been giged all over the Caribbean and always perform in our hotels and singing competition. I sure she have been paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for performing.


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  3. LOL says:

    “What I’ve found is that it’s not only persons on Virgin Gorda that are asking me to run for an election, it’s throughout the BVI. So, I have made an impact somewhere out there; not that I’ve been trying to do that in that way,” she said during the ‘Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline’ radio show on Tuesday.

    This gets me every time. People tell Edmund to run every election cycle too, go figure. This is going to be one hell of a clown show.

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    • Doctor says:

      Don’t knock Edmund. He has the capacity to be a politician. He just lack the charisma to win over people.

    • What Time Is It? says:

      It just might not be as clownish as the group of guys running our government; wrecked our country to the point that the unthinkable has happened with UK dictating to us and controlling our finances; even the moneys we borrow. We don’t know the cost of the tour through Asia the premier recently made. Rather than giving that a chance to measure its effectiveness, here we got the premier planning another 2 weeks trip through Africa, during the height of the hurricane season, government buildings still unrepaired, homes likewise while he forgets that the country is effectively “Black-listed” (gray-listed to make things sound alike its nothing).

      God was with our ancestors as they were brought from their homeland to the new world. Let’s pray he is with us as we journey back towards the thriving and prosperous BVi we know.

  4. come come says:

    The PU has a spot for you on the atlarge

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  5. Pig Head Souse says:

    …but her lipstick is pretty. MAC?

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    • WELL SAH says:

      i AGREE

    • Anegada says:

      Don’t worry about the haters. We in Anegada KNOW the good work that this woman does. She gets things done and for sure she has NEVER neglected or ignored us. She understands what we need and strives to get it even if it is not a part of her job. We can call her any hour of the day or night. All about getting things done to benefit the people. What more can you ask for

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      • Reasoning says:

        You can’t know what’s inside a book just peeping at the cover. You have to open the book and read what’s in it. Here in the British Virgin Islands. We do exactly that. We seem to take pleasure in just glancing at the cover and making a snap Judgement. I’m sure, should Mrs Flax-Charles decides to make a run for electoral office to represent her country and district, she will tell us more the Shereen we don’t know. Her mother, Mrs. Norma Flax was a wonderful person, intelligent, educated, industrious and entrepreneur. Mrs Norma fit the script: “Behind every Successful man is a woman”. She was right there side by side with her husband, Anderson, (Andy) Flax working with hands and brain to build their business; (transportation, construction, restaurant and Fischers Cove Beach Hotel). The Flaxe’s trained their children well; sent them to school and educated them while building the family business. That is the family Shereen belongs. Now after a peep into the book you should now have a clearer picture of the young woman, Mrs. Shereen Flax Charles

        Have a nice Day!

  6. Fraser says:

    Too arrogant. Not all VG.

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    • Hmp says:

      Everyone of us has a level of arrogance in us to the things that peeved us. And what one would call arrogance much more sees as passionate. Don’t try to label this lady as arrogant…she is definitely passionate. We need this passion…not a smiling emoji. Those who smiling and laughing up in your face are the most dangerous ones. Think deep.

  7. What Time Is It? says:

    What time is it? Shereen’s time.
    Is there any other place like BVI, when it comes to degrading others?
    Shereen is a champion. She is well educated, loves her country and island, is outspoken, fantastic entertainer, a business woman, doing a very good job at BVITB… and don’t take BS from nobody.
    Isn’t that the kind of person needed in politics today?
    On the USVI side, they had a doctor as governor (the hospital is named after him) and he screwed up the economy. Turnbull, a BVIslander was able to straighten it out again. Here in the BVI, we also choose to tut a square peg in a round hole and put a doctor to head our government; and what happened? He not only F—up the economy but bankrupted the country putting us in a position almost worst than Irma.
    I have been to meetings in the 9th district and when time for asking questions came around, Mrs Flax Charles got up and asked 4 and 5 questions One Shot; because they needed to be asked, but likely wouldn’t be asked.
    The 9t has suffered over the years fro 0 representation from the At Large candidates and little if any, during the past 3+ years. The 9th is Tourism land and needs nt only a Representative living in the district; but an At Large also living in the 9th would put us over the top and back on track.
    We got your back Shereen. Don’t mind the noise. Don’t mind the naysayers. Some are already running scared.
    Vincent and Sheeren would be the Dream Team we;ve been waiting for. Go for it Shereen. Don’t spend to much time mulling it over. In the 7th the would call it a Done Deal (~/\~)

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  8. WELL SAH says:

    i AGREE

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  9. Roll eyes says:

    I believe she crazy if you ask me.

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  10. Ashamed to Be a BVIslander says:

    Do we have any psychologists willing to submit a socio-psycho analytic profile of the comments relative to this issue, and the general state of the BVI human psychology at large?

    Again i ask. Jesus. Who do we not brutalize?

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  11. Darren says:

    She talking and raising she voice like people deaf. I would not want to deal with that assaulting. Too stressful listening to she make a point.

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  12. Anegada says:

    Shereen is outspoken, direct and purpose-driven
    Some will like these traits some will not.
    For me personally I prefer someone like her who is real and really knows how to get the job done. Thank
    you for your interest in Anegada and for all you
    and the tourist board does

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  13. Interesting says:

    my grand mother use to say ladies is to be seen not heard she to loud.she need to stay where she is

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I would vote 100% for this lady.
    She awesome and inspiring. VG need infrastructure, I hope she can pitch that to the leaders and who’s in charge, because if she was in charge I’m sure it will get done.

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  15. The Facts says:

    She is a very … person. Whatever she is a part of … because it must be her way. She isin’t going to run in the 9th, she is hoping to get a seat on the at large slate of the VIP. Sorry to tell you, its not going to happen. That would be the fall of the VIP Party. People has to run with Edmund, Conrad or the Brawaite man. She pretending to be close to Vincent …. Girl go and sit down. You been trying to get the politics door for years…Take your seat.

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  16. Gumption. Official says:

    Everyone is brave behind a fake username but will say congratulations via other social media using their real names. Why you’ll can’t be a man and woman instead of boys and girls. Man up. Woman up. Stop hiding

  17. Money hungry says:

    If you want BVI to fall apart then put this person to represent.

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  18. Musa says:

    Miss u need to support Mr Vincent and he will b a great

  19. Run says:

    Shereen is a hardworker and is passionate about the BVI. A tough exterior but her heart is in the right place. She would be an Ideal candidate.

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