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Flow announces faster, cheaper prices for internet following meeting with Premier

Telecommunications giant Flow has announced that it will be offering faster speeds and cheaper prices for internet service in the British Virgin Islands.

Ravindra Maywahlall made the announcement on Friday following a recent meeting with Premier Andrew Fahie.

“Based on the conversations we’ve had with the current Premier of the BVI, he’s indicated that for the BVI community and the diversification of the business sector to grow, broadband is key,” the Flow boss said.

Maywahlall said the new plans will see a three percent reduction in overall broadband prices with increased broadband speed according to the selected bundle.

“We have doubled all of our broadband speeds, so our entry-level package is now 50 megabits per second, and our upper-end package is now 600 megabits per second. That puts us on par with the top tier broadband providers in the world, and it’s all starting at under $100,” Maywahlall stated.

He further said: “We are giving away free weekends this Christmas, starting next weekend for all postpaid customers. You can talk for how much you want, and from a prepaid perspective, Flow is giving them as much as six gigabytes of data, an additional two gigabyte for social media for just $28, plus 350 minutes.

Customers will not be forced into new plans

Maywahlall also said that customers who are happy with their current packages will not be forced into any of the new plans.

“There is no mandate to upgrade or forced migration or anything to that effect. If you are happy where you are, you can remain there at the same price point,” he stated.

News of improved internet service from follows a BVI News publication of a UK report that labelled the BVI as having one of the worst and most expensive internet services on the planet.

The main telecoms providers in the BVI are Flow, Digicel, and CCT. BVI Cable TV is also licenced to provide internet services to the territory.

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  1. Unethical says:

    It is grossly unethical that FLOW will offer specials to almost all countries in the world but there is never a special/discount for Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Why???.
    regardless of what plan you have with FLOW, if you call any of the two countries you will have to pay for these calls separately?? Ravi you are a Caribbean man. Please do not continue this discrimination when flow also operates in these countries.

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    • And Guyana! says:


    • Really says:

      I have done numerous speed tests of my internet and I get less than 5mb per second. Where is the 50 they so call provide. This is false advertising and is punishable almost everywhere in the world but here. Once again forced to pay and accept what is given. Only in the BVI, only in the third world.

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  2. Guest says:

    3 percent??? So instead of paying $100 you pay $97???? This flow imbecile really think that is something……smdh we doomed in this country…….

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  3. Do better than that FLOW says:

    I’m on the $119 a month plan and my uncle in Antigua has the same plan but it’s $119 EC dollars (equivalent to just about $45ÙSD). The shine of the US dollar in this country is killing us. Cost of living of all aspects are through the roof.

    You can definitely do better than 3% FLOW!!!!

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  4. Melanie says:

    Postpaid customers rarely get deals or specials. Everytime there is a deal its centered around prepaid customers. All paying customers would like a reprieve every now and then.

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  5. vg RESIDENT says:

    This is an insult. 3% is nonsense. 20% would be more like what I would expect and 50% should be asked for. In Florida I am paying $20/month for 25gbits download. (25 is all anyone really needs for a home or a small business) The government needs to put pressure on these internet companies.

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  6. vg RESIDENT says:

    When is flow going to provide service to North Sound?? 10 years from now??

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    • Now? says:

      Its already there

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    • Customer. says:

      Flow service stinks. Don’t matter how you complain. Flow don’t do anything, they continue to charge you for a service you not getting. For years where I’m living we have complained about their service. They have said they will put a pole on someone’s land for us to get better service. It’s months now and nothing happening. Flow know’s the problem we are having yet they still charging us full price.

  7. Rere says:

    Here we go Ravi wall wall take people for idiots! Little meager 3% for all the stress. Nothing will change. Speedo nothing.

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  8. Retired says:

    I hope Mr. Maywahlall’s new rates are yearly not monthly. $100/year is a good deal but $100/month is still the same old expensive BVI internet

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  9. VG Resident says:

    Maybe the Premier should twist some arms. Tell Flow its 50% off or your license will not be renewed. 3% is insulting and the headline to this article is misleading. I would have thrown him out of office an hid in the closet if that is the best you can do.

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  10. Robbery says:

    I have a prepaid plan with 1000minutes So-called anywhere monthly plan of which a I rarely us 200 minutes for the month, but if I call Jamaica I have to pay for that call separately although it is a FLOW number I am calling in Jamaica.

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  11. see says:

    3% ????? SMH

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  12. fgdfssrw4r5245b3 says:

    3% reduction is garbage

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  13. :egal and heartless robbery says:

    CCT trying to compete and Flow and Digicell simply taking advantage of a lax government and no consumer protection legislation.

    The current consumer price gouging on every single product is unsustainable and will soon cause unbearable exodus of a large segment of the population despite the American dollar influence. Greed will destroy the rest of the BVI economy integrity.

    3% is an insult to every customer, period!

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  14. Watchers says:

    I’m disappointed with flow service I live in Nothing ham and they have refuses to run line up the hill after the hurricane 2 years now and nothing. IM STIL ON THE WIRELESS BOX FOR 250 PER MONTH . I HOPE THEY CHANGE THAT AS WELL. THEY GETTI G AWAY WITH MUDERS HERE. WE NEED OTHER COMPANIES TO COMPETE.

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  15. schemers says:

    Flow are a bunch of c***ks

  16. Want2Kno says:

    How many times can you keep introducing “faster?” All these “faster” claims and the net isn’t any better….that’s a deceptive term

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  17. Jay says:

    Yayy! 3% decrease! what a time to be alive.

  18. Arun says:

    It seems someone has picked the call. The amount of money you spend for internet and calls in BVI is rediculous compared to other parts of world. Hope this will change with Flows new plans.

  19. Arun says:

    It seems someone has picked the call. The amount of money you spend for internet and calls in BVI is rediculous compared to other parts of world. Hope this will change with Flows new plans but 3% is awful to hear.

  20. ReX FeRaL says:

    Remember the Premier said that theses companies have four to five years to get their acts together. Hmm

  21. And says:

    And when is this going to actually Start

  22. Come On People says:

    Since Irma, almost everything gone up. Rent insurance, food. But let here is one business that has decreased its prices and doubled the internet speeds and that’s a problem?

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  23. Mehnn says:

    Flow I want back dsl, country want back dsl, that 200 gb limit and latency is not enough for the residential customers

  24. Changenow says:

    All these network providers wayyy overcharge consumers period! I think digi is too expensive flow is the same bvi was rated highest data charges in the world do your research, they jus care bout money!!

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