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Flow pushes to complete fixed-line service restoration by 2021

Country Manager for Flow, BVI Ravindra Maywahlall. (BVI News photo)

Country Manager for Flow BVI, Ravindra Maywahlall, is pushing to have all fixed-line services restored in the territory by the end of 2021.

Maywahlall made that statement during a media conference held at their Palestina Estate last Friday, November 15.

“Everybody from since 2017 (hurricanes) is complaining of when can we get back our fixed network. It is my ambition to try and get back most of that fixed infrastructure within the next two years,” Maywahlall stated.

“So far, the build has been on Tortola and Virgin Gorda. We did a build-out on Anegada at the Anegada Reef Hotel earlier this year, so the idea is by the end of December [2021], I want to get to at least 95 percent of that footprint that we had prior to Irma.”

Length of time due to many important factors

Explaining why it would take almost 24 months to get that service fully resorted, Maywahlall said all areas will be rebuilt with fibre optic technology.

Fibre optic technology effectively uses a newer network of high-speed fibre cables that are better able to deliver high-speed data across greater distances. This resulting in much faster download speeds when compared to the existing copper phone lines used for transferring data. 

“It takes time when you’re building for the future. It takes time with proper planning and there are limited resources to do these builds and we are trying to build back all the communities that we were operating in that were impacted.”

The Flow boss also said that once the fixed-line services are fully restored in the territory, the mobile performance will improve.

“The BVI is currently carrying more traffic than Jamaica on the mobile network to put things into perspective. This is primarily because of the mobile areas that the operators have not yet rebuilt in, everything is done via mobile. And we’ve seen last year as we transitioned customers off the mobile network onto the fixed network, your mobile performance improves,” he explained.

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  1. true says:

    so fibre optic technology but you put up lines that have been lying in the bush for 2 years back up on Anegada???

    FLOW is a joke and not a good one

  2. Continue says:

    Lies and B. S. as we all continue to pay for non existent service. They are unwilling to send technicians out to solve issues but bill you they will. This is exactly what happens in the third world where there is no consumer protection and no options. The government should step in and demand proper service or revoke their license. Will that happen? Of course not!! The government protects them rather than the public. When will you people wake up and demand a government for the people not their pockets.

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  3. crap says:

    I am in Road Town next to where exchanges have been set up underground and otherwise, yet I can’t get a line run to my building right by the street a couple feet away. Crazy

  4. SMH says:

    Every f***ing year FLOW comes out with the same bulls**t! Maybe if they transfer the PR persons to do some actual work then we will get what we are paying for. Always some marketing gimmicks while charging people out of the a** for SNAIL SERVICE!!!!!!!! Shut the f*** up and provide people with value for their money, we are sick of your marketing nonsense year after year with no solutions in sight. All 3 providers make me SICK!

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  5. Jane says:

    Where there is a will there is a way. Clearly Flow have no will here. Humanity has put man on the moon, but Flow cannot re-connect phone lines within four years??? wow, just wow.

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    • Smh too says:

      He said it is his ambition to get the remaining communities built out in the next 2 years. Started 2018 an a lil something in 2019. He also said building for the future with new technology. Dem just increased the speeds ayo cuss. dem adding more areas ayo cuss. Dem tell yuh what the plan is to bring back services an ayo still cussin.

  6. Continuously Disappointed says:

    December 2021?! Not even next year? Move some of that money from marketing Department and put it into restoring these lines. Tired of you texting me about service I can’t have.

  7. Next hurricane says:

    Don’t worry next hurricane we are back to square one. Invest in new technology Flow. we cannot continue to wring our hands and pray that the next hurricane will miss us.

  8. RIP OFF says:

    Flow is a disgrace and a bloody rip off they are the most sickening company in the island.We understand about the ownership and all but they can do better.

  9. Doan Mind the Noise says:

    Flow doan mind the noise. I took in my box the other day when I was having an issue. They checked it out and send one of the guys by the house to check out my line. Within hours the problem was fixed and my internet was back and jammin. I have no complaints. None.

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    • Who feels it says:

      Lucky for you because you have fixed line service. You are in a very small minority. The rest of us struggling with this wireless internet crap. Bite and blow.

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    • Jane says:

      @Doan Mind the Noise: question for you – do you have a friend who works at Flow you asked for help? I know that the only way I get anything through with Flow is calling on a friend who works there to help me. If I didnt ask them it would be months before I got helped. The problem is, everyone is jumping the line like that, so if you dont know anyone there to help you’ll basically always be last in line.

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