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Food supplies from 2 years ago not in containers at festival grounds — DaBreo

Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Deputy Governor with responsibility for Disaster Management, Sharleen DaBreo-Lettsome, has dismissed claims that food supplies from two years ago are being stored in containers at the festival grounds.

“There are supplies there but they are for the satellite warehouses that we are putting in the communities. We do not have any food supplies, and we couldn’t hold food supplies in those containers,” she told BVI News on Wednesday.

“These are supplies that we would use in the event of an emergency response. So they are water containers, lumber, taps — those types of things,” she added.


DaBreo-Lettsome said the containers are still at the Road Town-based location for various reasons.

She said the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) had to await an audit on the supplies by the United Kingdom. That audit is now completed.

“We are now waiting for the field to be cleared to sort them,” DaBreo-Lettsome said.

She also told BVI News the said containers arrived shortly before the Buju Banton show earlier this year. She said the supplies will be distributed to various locations on each of the four main islands after they are sorted.

The matter on these containers came into question by Territorial At-Large representative, Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith at the recent sitting of the House of Assembly

He said: “I noticed that there are some containers out there on the festival grounds, and as I can recall, those containers came here with hurricane relief or something like that two years ago. So why are those containers out there with stuff in it?”

Satellite warehouses

Satellite warehouses are strategic locations across the territory where emergency relief supplies or contingency stocks are to be stored. They were created in an attempt to enhance community resilience during disasters.

The engineering of the satellite warehouses will be done in a way to ensure the containers are mounted on concrete platforms and secured to withstand high winds. These warehouses will also be adequately vented and outfitted to store supplies.

The warehouses will be managed and maintained by the DDM in conjunction with District Officers and non-governmental organisations using the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Logistics Support System (LSS).

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  1. Trash says:

    Of course they’re not there….cause they had to be thrown away after they stayed there so long and spoil SMH wicked,wicked

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  2. Jack says:

    Perhaps the BVI should donate these to the Bahama’s. Would certainly be the moral thing to do.

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  3. Well sah says:

    The same Sheep who left his stage in the place after Buju show for festival. Now he asking about the containers. He done get his big money for Festival..WONDERFUL.

    thanks for playing politricks when your money is involved.

    You should have asked about the containers there before you instructed your team to leave the stage there for festival.

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    • @Well Sah says:

      That comment is so stupid and irrelevant. The matter wasn’t just about containers being stored. He was questioning if the containers are the ones that came with supplies to be used as hurricane relief in 2017. What does the festival stage have to do with that?

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      • Anonymous says:

        Because if he asked a question he would have known that they are not. And what’s there is still there due to his business.

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  4. oh says:

    So what was they burning in the junk yard from those containers

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  5. LMAO says:

    NO warehouse could’ve withstood the wrath of Irma, NONE!!!!!!!

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  6. Bahamas says:

    What an amazing suggestion – send those containers straight to Bahamas.

    BTW what happened to the thousands of Union Jacks tarps bought in after Irma? I could have salvaged interior walls but for a tarp

  7. island man says:

    Some of the helpers maybe know where the stuff went again i am saying who really needed the stuff did not receive what they should have.

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  8. Wise up says:

    Ok not quite about the post.
    But all those millions and supply’s that people DONATED from IRMA where are they?cause I can clearly remember not even a bottle of water I got.

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  9. Hmmm says:

    We are a family of 4, 2 adults with 2 school kids and was given 12 small water to last us forever. They had juices lucaraze and good stuff but keep them for themselves and friends. We lost everything and not a bed sheet they give to us.

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  10. Governor says:

    Why she commenting on this. She outbid DDN STAH OUT

  11. No nonsense says:

    Bad managment of affairs like these gets you a O*E!

  12. Hmmm says:

    Why do some politicians would wait intil they get into the house of assembly to ask basic questions. Although it is a valid question, a phone call or visit would suffice in some cases.

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  13. Captain says:

    I asked for my friends and myself for tarps and was refused. I think if supplies are sent to help the people there must be some way that the people can get some of it instead of watching the stuff rot. The same thing happened in Puerto Rico after Irma and Ijust hope that the same foolishness does not happen to the poor people in the Bahamas

  14. island man says:

    People who did not lose anything were the ones given the assistance. Many kids need stuff but did not get anything. Some parents vehicles were damaged so they could not get to go to the festival village to get stuff but the stuff was being given to those who did not need it.
    The district representatives at the time should have go around their district and see who were in need and make sure they get help.

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