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Foolish crimes for a few dollars

Kye Rymer

Works Minister Kye Rymer has denounced the growing spate of crime that is being seen in the territory recently and urged residents come forward with information that can lead to the resolution of unsolved murders. 

“Crime to me and this government is like a fungus. it’s like a fungus that eats away at the very fabric of our human existence,” the minister said.

Rymer bemoaned the apparent loss of traditional values the territory is known for, such as its deep roots in religion, family and hard work. 

“Those are things that, most of us, we grew up on and now we see that persons are going out to do foolish crimes for foolish crimes for a few dollars,” Rymer said.

He acknowledged the families of those that lost loved ones over the past months through violent crimes as well as the effects those crimes are having on residents of the territory.

Late last month, the community was rocked by a violent gun robbery that resulted in the shooting death of Catherine Pickering, the mother of the targeted robbery victim. 

Reports indicate that Pickering died as a result of gunshot wounds received to the head and chest.

A bag containing almost three thousand dollars was reportedly taken during the robbery.

Quick action by law enforcement since then has resulted in a total of seven persons being arrested and or charged in connection with the murder/robbery.

Unsolved murders

Meanwhile, Rymer applauded the work of the police in arresting the alleged perpetrators, but said there are “quite a few murders that are unsolved”.

He made a plea for anyone with information about the crimes to take the information to the police.

In an apparent reference to confidentiality fears previously expressed by residents in taking information to the police, Rymer said the newly sworn-in Commissioner of Police is someone who is quite progressive and persons can feel “comforted” in taking information to him.

Since late last year, there have been several killings in the BVI, some of which have been classified as murders while others have been categorised as unexplained deaths.

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  1. Little too late says:

    Where were you all the time with the other crimes? But, because every one is talking about this one, you jump in

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    • Yea says:

      I said the thing, never ever heard any of them b4 it had previous crimes/ murder that was senseless I haven’t heard none of they voice but they use these situations as they political platform. It’s about rate n thats y his words is so empty doesn’t have any substance.

  2. hey ye says:

    If the VIP open up the country and spend more dollars things will be nice

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  3. Home Boy says:

    Hey hey that is such an irresponsible statement. I don’t agree with just opening the country and spend more money. That would not be nice, we will more problems than before.

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  4. rymer says:

    sit down and shut up.

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  5. @ foolish crimes says:

    Hello ~ try ( BRUTAL MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE ) and you have the nerve TO SIMPLIFY it with ( Foolishness?/ so the innocent school child was just some INNOCENT YOUTHS on those flashy scooters flexing THEIR MUSCLES foolishly / are you for real ?

  6. Soonsoon says:

    I hope when they hold yuh *** with bricks u still feel the same way. poor people need help

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  7. heckler says:

    The same scooters that you are routing for, one was used in the majority of these crimes

  8. BVislander says:

    I totally agree about how crimes are escalating and for next nothing. can’t the government see that cost of living in the bvi has become highly ridiculous. No one is looking at price control, or salary increase to compensate. Students study overseas to come back to the territory to be paid peanuts for there service. Prices are getting out of control. The BVI is not promoting other job opportunities only supporting departments like finance service and alike. however it does not give any excuse for people to hurt others to get what they want like stealing to pay rent. But the youths are watching how hard people work for next to nothing with a bachelors degree and could barely make it. The BVI has no incentive for hard work. Its to just work, pay bills, eat junk food the only food you can afford and Die when time comes. Thats it!! Its depressing. And we claim that the BVI is one of the richest caribbean countries but in whos pockets!!!

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    • CARE says:

      Young people need work giving all the expats work still giving out work permits while the young people catching hell to get a job .

    • BuzzBvi says:

      Whose pockets??? You not seen how well people in Government and their friends are doing. That is whose pockets.!! Government not working for we but for them.

    • Hodgie says:

      When I look on our no road network. We’re actually the poorest island in the Caribbean come to think of it. We have zero proper infrastructure. I saw better roads in Haiti when I visit there 15 years ago. A country infrastructure determines the wealth of a nation.

  9. Yea says:

    I said the thing, never ever heard any of them b4 it had previous crimes/ murder that was senseless I haven’t heard none of they voice but they use these situations as they political platform. It’s about rate n thats y his words is so empty doesn’t have any substance.

  10. Quietly Watching says:

    I have to agree with the bloggers before me. All crime is foolish. When a robber picks his target and robs, he has no idea, what he is going to get, whether $500 or $5,000. So all robberies are senseless. Unfortunately, as said already, your comment is a little too late. The populace has already seen that strong statements of denouncement of this type of behaviour by your Government is sorely absent. Seven murders for the year and only now we are hearing from you? As in everything, when you have a job, new or otherwise, it is important to show caring as well as professionalism in your new position. A little compassion won’t hurt as well. Shorty’s family, ET’s family, Rodney’s family, Burrow’s family, Bob’s family, Deverson’s family and others wanted to hear from all of their representatives on the senseless killing of their loved ones as the Pickering family now has. May all their souls rest in eternal peace. Everyone of you were raised in this community and knows all the extended families. Their loved ones are not here anymore, and even if it is to ask for the killers to put down their guns and come forward and give up themselves or their families who knows to give them up, we should have heard from you and others several times over. Why? Because walking among us, and probably up in your faces everyday are murderers and robbers and they need to be taken off the streets of the BVI. I still see the picture of that beautiful child and her step dad who were killed in West End and the killers are still running free. If you get away with something, you will repeat it. Just like raising children. May God help us all.

  11. WEW says:

    But it’s OK for the government to steal from the people and put $$ into they’re pockets.

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