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Foreigners must be fully vaccinated to enter US starting November

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Foreign nationals flying to the United States must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination before boarding a plane, the White House announced on Monday.

US President Joe Biden’s administration said this new policy will take effect in November.

White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, Jeff Zients, said foreigners will also have to obtain a negative COVID-19 test within three days of travelling while unvaccinated Americans returning to the US from abroad will need to show proof of a negative test taken within 24 hours of travel. 

Fully vaccinated international travellers will not be required to quarantine upon their arrival in the US. 

“This follows the science,” Zients stated. “Requiring passengers to be fully vaccinated, we will protect Americans here at home.”

Meanwhile, American commercial broadcast television and radio network, CBS reported on Monday that as part of the new international air travel system, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will require airlines to collect phone numbers and email addresses from inbound international travels as part of an enhanced contact tracing system. The CDC will also determine which vaccines will be accepted under the new policy.

The new requirements don’t affect land travel from Canada and Mexico, which is still restricted. 

The move from the Biden administration comes 18 months after former President Donald Trump announced the US would be restricting travel for foreign nationals coming from much of Europe, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil and other countries in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The prohibitions remained in place when President Biden took office in January.



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  1. Resident says:

    F Joe Biden he is a dictator now

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  2. Snoppy says:

    wonder how this will work if you need to be medi-vac out of here to PR

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    • Good question says:

      I bet that this will mean you cannot be medi-vac’ed to PR or elsewhere in the US as a foreign national unless you can show proof of vaccination. I assume this will be treated as any other immigration requirement – heavy fines for the airline/vessel which transports persons not qualified to enter the US to a US entry port so the filtering will happen here including by the medi-vac service. The day to day impact we will likely feel is re travel between here and St Thomas/St John. I am also curious to see whether the AZ will be on the list of approved vaccines given that it is not yet approved by the FDA.

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      • Clarification needed says:

        This doesn’t apply to US nationals, so any BVIslander with a US passport will be on those rules. It doesn’t apply, unfortunately, to land arrivals, so we don’t know about sea arrivals. The bottom line remains the same; get vaccinated or your world will become very small.

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        • Hmmm says:

          The IRS needs to check each black Belonger entering the US and see if they have US passports and have been filing and paying US income tax. Lock them up if they were dropped by their mama in the US and don’t contribute. Keep your useless Belonger a** in the BVI. We will stay in the US. Stay in your diseased ridden Territory with your rented Cuban doctors. Go to the hospital in Venezuela or Brasíl.

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      • @good ? says:

        The AZ vaccine is widely used in the EU. Although the US $ is currently strong compared to the euro 💶 and sterling; the tourist and geo-political fallout would not be good for the yanks!

        I expect to see AZ on their (FDA) list soon enough.

        My 2 cents…

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    • Lmao says:

      STF home and use your Belonger health care. The US doesn’t want your sick useless a** in the US leaving your bills behind. Enjoy your soaking and bush tea.

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  3. unvac says:

    this is discrimination

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    • the watcher says:

      yes it is….but in a good way I think you will agree….this keeps you safe..

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      • Resident says:

        no such thing as good discrimination

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        • confused says:

          So you don’t discriminate in deciding whether to mingle with infected persons or not? It makes no difference at all to you? It’s a bit frightening to know that you would knowingly put yourself in danger…..discrimination is making decisions

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      • Someone says:

        Discrimination in a good way was something of a phrase used as a counter against the Civil Rights Movement. Fact is, 80% of the people who are fully vaxed, are getting infected and spreading. The viral load is more or about the same. There are 11 million people in the US alone who take inmunosupresants – taking the vaccine could be dangerous for them. And then there are others who because of other health conditions, cannot be poked either. Will you discriminate against them on the basis of if they were poked or not with something that doesn’t even work?

    • Check your facts says:

      Health questions have been on US Immigration forms for years, so adding a requirement regarding the present global pandemic makes sense. If you’re not vaccinated, don’t plan on travelling anywhere soon.

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    • Reasonable Man says:

      No, this is protecting your people

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  4. unfair says:

    he bans unvac foreigners except illegal aliens the mexican border, what a hypocrite

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  5. Read says:

    This is a God aweful headline. What is being reported is that the vaccination requirement is welcome news to the current horrible restrictions that are in place. Citizens of countries that were previously banned irrespective of their vaccine status will no longer be subjected to those restrictions once vaccinated.

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  6. Ummm says:

    Ohh who’s the mad man now eh??? Be careful what you vote for. Now we see Trump was not the worst

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  7. Point in Case says:


    All you stubborn people are holding back for what? You do not want to contradict yourselves by taking it, or show your conspiracy theories do not hold water in a sieve. PRIDE IS WHAT GRAPPLING YOU!

    Everytime you get your take out food or pop the top on that drink to go with it, or take that cough syrup, you are ingesting things that you have no clue of whats in it. What will happen to you as a result of its ingredients, Do you know? But some will not take the Astra Zeneca, but indicate they will take the Moderna or the Pfizer.
    Really? Is it because you know what the ingredients are? Just DUMB not to protect yourself and everyone around you.

    Facts are Facts, its not the highest % of vaxed that are clogging and fogging the world. It is you the unvaxed!

    Take the SHOT and catchup with the rest of the world, just move on from your stagnant BS.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Cough syrups – ew get better stuff – have been widely tested even more than this poke. It is not pride that is holding people back from being jabbed. 11 million people in the US alone take inmunosupresants. Taking the poke can be dangerous for them. Others have illnesses that prevent them from being jabbed as well. 80% of people who have been jabbed have also been infected. This thing is not working. You decided to take something that first, you don’t know what is in it, has not been tested properly and now is causing cases of myocarditis – Pfyzer – on young folks who got poked (it is in the CDC studies you can look it up). Congrats on your virtuous self for getting poked for nothing just so you can feel better on your high horse. That, that is pride – and not in the good way.

  8. Only Angels says:

    Will Astra Zenica now be recognized by all US States as an accepted vaccine? The portal you need to complete to enter Puerto Rico doesn’t refer to it. So my question is, will fully vaxed persons also not be able to enter the US, simply because they didn’t take the US version of the vaccine?

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  9. Lill Man says:


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  10. ?? says:

    Next they will say in order to get a visa you must take the jab’s. I wonder what will become of those of us because of health issue or religion . ?

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  11. BVI Needs to do so too says:

    I support this and BVI needs to do it too

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  12. Viceversa says:

    The USA just mad they on a lot of country red list. They need to make sure all their “non-foreigners” leaving the USA fully vaccinated too! Who be forging docs more than them.

  13. PT9 says:

    @Hmmm You are a piece of crap, I can’t believe someone from the USA is calling other countries diseased ridden: Around 156,736 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States on September 17, 2021. Between January 20, 2020 and September 17, 2021 there have been over 41.4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 with over 663 thousand deaths in the U.S. as reported by the World Health Organization. so take your stupid talk somewhere else.

  14. moderation says:

    Better moderation of these comments is needed Don’t let the hate proliferate !

  15. Lenny says:

    The Land of the Free. I am a healthy person but not good enough to visit the Land of the Free.

    P.s. Those vaccine do not keep a person from spreading. Is not something very wrong going on?

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