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Former ASPS principal, ‘OJ’ join list of VIP candidates

Marieta Flax-Headley

Former Althea Scatliffe Primary School (ASPS) principal, Marieta Flax-Headley has been added to the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) list of candidates and will be the party’s contender for the Second Electoral District.

This was disclosed in a press release issued by the VIP last evening, where it noted that a special meeting was convened to ratify the remaining candidates for the 2023 general elections.

Governor John Rankin signed a proclamation which was released yesterday, announcing that elections are expected to be held on April 24.

Flax-Headley will be going up against two-term incumbent candidate, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM).

In the meantime, the party has also ratified Kevin ‘OJ’ Smith, a Special Advisor in the Premier’s Office, to contest for the Third District seat. Smith will be facing long-term incumbent Julian Fraser of Progressives United (PU) and Aaron Parillon who will be representing the National Democratic Party (NDP).

With the recent addition of Zoe Walcott as a Territorial At-Large candidate, this now means the party has ratified candidates for all of the posts being contested.

The full list of district candidates for the VIP are: Dr Karl Dawson for D1, Marieta Flax-Headley for D2, Kevin Smith for D3, Luce Hodge-Smith for D4, Kye Rymer for D5, Alvera Maduro-Caines for D6, Dr Natalio Wheatley for D7, Allen Wheatley for D8 and Vincent Wheatley for D9. Zoe Walcott will contest for a Territorial At-Large seat alongside incumbents Neville Smith, Carvin Malone, and Sharie de Castro.

“We are extremely excited about our slate of candidates to date, going into the 2023 elections,” said VIP President Sharia de Castro. “We are ready to confidently represent and serve the people of these Virgin Islands. We also look forward to working together to take this territory in one direction — forward!”

According to the VIP release, voting was also executed to fill those posts vacated for the positions of Vice-President and Assistant Public Relations Officer, with Delia John Baptiste and Akeel Thomas being elected to those positions, respectively.

The party added that it remains committed to promoting good governance and demonstrating unity and strength as it approaches the 2023 general elections.


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  1. ann says:

    I can’t stand mitch he needs to go but not sure she can beat him

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  2. Craziness says:

    Marietta really has no shame. How could she claim to be a Christian and join a party like this that has done so much wrong and has us on the brink of disaster?

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  3. birds of a feather says:

    So OJ was one who was paid with taxpayers money to gave Foy bad advice and now he joined forces with that corrupted gang? NO WONDER HE DIDNT RUN WITH HIS MOTHER’S PARTY PVIM

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  4. Against Mitch? says:

    It got to be the menopause kicking in…LOL

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  5. Rum shop says:

    My long time teacher she has my vote

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  6. @ann says:

    The hatred is real. Such a hater! Sounds personal!

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  7. Good selections says:

    Mitch is too arrogant and power hungry and needs to go. He has sold us out but trying to convince us otherwise. OJ is winner.

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  8. PT09 says:

    This whole thing is becoming one BIG JOKE with the VIP as the laughing stock.

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  9. Hmm says:

    Marrietta your unkind .ss will see what saltbutter cost a pound now. A set of you all in that party congress destroyed many good candidates in order to deceitfully put Andrew as head of the party and the country to frig it up.

    I voting for Troy especially if he runs for NDP. The problem with alot of you all in this country you have education but no character and a good sense of what is wrong.

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  10. @PT09 says:

    Show us who will beat the VIP. They are the only team with a full slate so how are they the laughing stock? Nobody wants to follow Ronnie, Marlon, Mitch.

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  11. PT09 says:

    @@PT09 On the 24 of April we will find out.

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  12. D3 Voter says:

    While I was hopeful more better choices would become available, unfortunately I have to stick with the incumbent as neither of the two parties candidates aren’t ready. Mr. Smith has been MIA for eons and now affiliation is with VIP?!?! Where’s your moral compass pointing bro? Not this time again! Frazer back again – bank that!

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  13. wow says:

    VIP is jokers. Don’t insult me with this candidate. For God in Heaven Sake, Marieta .. go sit down. But we still Ditching Mitch.

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  14. @D3 Voter says:

    Give it a rest, you are either a Fraser supporter or just stirring up confusion. You rather stick with Fraser and make no change rather than give one of the young men a chance. Fraser was given a chance many moons ago so what’s so hard in considering one of the other young men and giving them a chance to see what they are able to do?

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  15. @crazinesz says:

    Marieta is a perfect h*g. She is very h**gish and ab**ive to people she doesn’t like. Surprise she was a principal for all these years. No wonder so many people m**tal who now adults because of people like her.

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  16. District 2 Voter says:

    This very mean spirited, unkind and ungodly woman Marietta with her hoggish and b**lying ways cannot have none of my family votes. We will let her know what time it is loud and clear.

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  17. D3 Voter says:

    Yeah I made my statement now go and take some Gravol. Frazer reads the actual s coming before the house and he can be trained with. Remind me again who was the HC special adviser? Setty fowl go pick someone else’s egg…..

  18. Love says:

    Where in the comment you saw hatred? The person was just stating their opinion.

  19. Craig says:

    I’m not mincing my words on this woman. Headley has done enough damage to many people you do not need to worry about her winning any seat. God will never put someone like that in charge of the Territory. She is just an e**l space filler for the corrupt Virgin Islands Party.

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  20. 1st district original says:

    Dear VIP congress, pick me up by the village dumpster to be on your election ballot. Like candidates coming out the wood works. Lmao 🤣!!

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  21. @crazinesz says:

    This isn’t to be taken lightly. There’s an acting principal up JSPS who has the same traits.

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  22. BuzzBvi says:

    We need to move on from corruption and cronyism. Where are the candidates that people can vote for so we don’t need the UK to come and sort the place out for us.

  23. SMH#3 says:


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  24. to PTO9 says:

    Who cares which party has full slate or not. The people looking for true and honest persons who can lead the islands. Party ain’t it this time around. We the people wiser and stronger now, we see what parties and power hungry souls are capable of and most persons will vote their conscience. Many friends not going vote for friends, and many families not going vote for their family. This a different ball game.
    All jokes aside, our choices are below the grade, every one of the candidates give me nausea so might not vote at all. Just leave it to everybody else to continue the clown show

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  25. Tragedy says:

    Bodies simply floating up saying them running.
    No bio,no history experience or statement of in tentions. Even if they won,they would be useless.
    BVI has become a tragic circus in a septic arena.

    I so wanting and wishing a UK takeover for a few years.

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  26. :) says:

    so if that is the case why you here ranting?

  27. Jokes says:

    They are running scared. VIP will win the election with 8 seats. Screen shot it and save it.

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  28. Stinks says:

    Seemingly the Head Coach is still running that VIP party. The governor needs to take note that these jokers still have to consult with HC. The party has learnt not one thing and if the VIP is elected again, then the country has not learnt anything either.

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  29. hmm says:

    They are a set of dead weight.

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  30. BVI says:

    Glad to see OJ back. With OJ and Karl VIP can rebrand and get things going after they win.

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  31. Voter says:

    Time to stop bitching about who is running with who. Time to see the Candidates’ Resumes and track-records and vote based on these and not personal nonsense. The irony about this election is that we are making the same mistake as the last one. Last time we voted emotions over substance and look what we got. Now we are doing the same thing, looking to vote for this person not because they are competent but because you don’t like this party, that party, this person, that person, this family, that family.

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  32. Strupes... says:

    You started to sound ok then you quickly went south. Go find something else to do. As you speak, so you are.

  33. heckler says:

    Karl is not going to go in no rum bar with no spanish woman

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  34. Shame u say says:

    Marriet never will have shame…

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  35. ??? says:

    Really? VIP can come better than this! 🏠 home 👪 recker.

  36. Observer says:

    @ Tragedy Please rethink that VERY UNWISE comment you made about wanting the UK to take us over for a few years. What were you thinking?

  37. Sowande again. says:

    We made a mistake. Zoe would beat Mitch easily in #2. Zoe can articulate the tourism plan for #2 including the rebirth of music fest better than anyone else, she has that knowledge and skill. We should have put that fastest Animal head teacher at large and Zoe #2.

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  38. @ obserber says:

    Well ah you put back in VIP and see what happens. Showande knows that the British government do not trust non a dem because they all sat there with Head Coach and gave away our money, hire the obeah man and now blaming him H C alone. We ain’t no damn fool. VIP gat the nerves to come ask for another four years.

  39. @observer says:

    You worried about a take over statement. That’s what going to happen with people like that woman running. I wonder how was the process to choose Marieta or she and her co**upt minions elevate her.

  40. Hello! says:

    what you have just suggested is a no.

    Neither one of the other two candidates is a palatable choice, and this is what you are failing to understand.

    This is why given no other choice, the incumbent will win again, even if he is useless, we are faced with Worse and Worst choices, so yeah Frazer will win because he is not the worse choice, he is just the hard place.

  41. Sweetheart says:

    Go sit down.
    Mitch spoiled himself with his need for power.

  42. hmmm says:

    don’t be a duncehead

  43. Hmmmm says:

    Nobody aint going do nothing about her. Her friend is Deputy Chief Education Officer, so dead case. But I see no lies here.

  44. Belonga says:

    Girl go take a seat and hold on to your deposit

  45. Z's confession says:

    I need to bring back the 200 hundred thousand plus of tax payers money I got for the drag racing study and did nothing and B s and me pocket all of it. God please forgive me. Ah gone bring it back.

  46. @Craig says:

    It’s the VIP Committee. Where these People come from only making matters worst for those that represents the VIP Noteworthy. To much Hens in the Pen. From time AF(johnny come lately) was given Chairmanship over JF. I knew the VIP was going to be a struggle. Now look at the Slate! SMH 😭😭😭

  47. L.T.S. says:

    BVI has so much DRAMA, this beautiful place needs PRAYER…… is like a tarnished mirror……

  48. LTS says:

    I dont know if this BVI Paradise will ever be the home I grew up in, the corruption is irreparable

  49. What a thing! says:

    They said the OBEAH pot🫕 is broiling and the bush 🌿🌱 them for bush bath done here already from Senegal 🇸🇳

  50. Shut Mouth says:

    Mama said if you can’t say anything good about a person do not say anything bad.

  51. Alright says:

    If one apple is spoiled does that mean all the other apples are spoiled. We have to stop judging.

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