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Former hotel manager accused of stealing $10K from workplace

Curtis James outside the Magistrate’s Court recently.

A former manager for a local hotel and restaurant has been accused of pilfering close to $10,000 from the establishment last year.

Curtis James, a Jamaican residing in Towers pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of theft when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Friday.

The court heard that James allegedly stole the monies between March 24 to May 3 of last year, while he was employed as the assistant manager of Pusser’s Marina Cay Hotel and Restaurant.

Part of his duties was to make daily deposits at Banco Popular in Road Town on Tortola, the court heard.

However, accountants at the establishment reportedly became suspicious when they discovered inconsistencies with the amount of money inside a pouch where company funds to be deposited are kept, and the amount written on the information section of the pouch’s exterior.

The heard that when confronted by the company’s Chief Financial Officer about the missing money, James allegedly admitted that he took the funds.

The matter was later reported to the police and James, who is currently a construction worker, was charged.


During his court appearance last week, the accused man was granted $40,000 signed bail with two surities. Magistrate Innocent, however, ordered the accused to pay $5,000 cash upfront.

Defence attorney Stephen Daniels is representing James, who is scheduled to return to court on October 19.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Employed as a construction worker?

  2. strupes says:

    deport he rass

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    • Not so fast says:

      He still is allowed a fair trial. He has not been convicted for anything, and it’s innocent until proven guilty!

      No aspersions on the man. Don’t cast this guilt on the man, he is a hard worker, and proud family man.

      He has done a lot for BVI tourism sector and made that company 100s of thousands in profits.

      We support you because we stand by you, for we know you have character and heart. He has never hurt anyone, let him clear his name in peace!

  3. hmm says:

    Sticky buns to blame. The syrup from the buns stuck to his hands the hands to the money.

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    • 10K says:

      That’s peanuts for a company that size. They want to take down a family man and Christian for pocket change.. dog food costs more.

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  4. vow says:

    That is what you hire him for so what you had expect him to do la la la

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  5. LOL says:

    What a jackass! How did he expect to get away with this?

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  6. Whomever says:

    finds themselves, white, Black, Indian, West Indian and all others, in postion to steal will steal and are stealing.

    There is no such living entity existing as an honest human being any more. Matters not where they are from.

    Hence, many who are uttering negatively about the ruling party are probably themselves stealing at the very moment.

    If only the covers were to be unveiled, there would be unfathomable disbeliefs as to who are stealing from government, banks and other financial institutions and major and minor businesses.

    There are also, and always has been, a significant many who are enriching themselves daily from the drugs business, which will shock the living to death and dead to life if all were exposed!

    Truthfully, there is not one level or institution that is free of thievery and or corruption, no where on this earth. No where!

    Will such ever change? Nope! Not as long as manking remains in his current state of mind.

    Yet, they are the ones that discriminate against the least of the least, the poor; the afflicted and the oppressed.

    God help mankind find a new and non materialistic path.

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    • Oral B says:

      @ Whomever; started off good but in the end you need to see me Re: Go brush yah dang teeth from chatting pi$$ so early in the day!

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      • Learn to Read says:

        allegedly stole the monies between March 24 to May 3 of last year, while he was employed as the assistant manager of Pusser’s Marina Cay Hotel and Restaurant.

        last year means 2017 – pre Irma

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        • Just dont really care says:

          So are you saying Irma made him do it or Irma did it lol just asking
          It wasn’t his and he shouldn’t have taken it but post Irma the owners and managers have taken advantage of so many workers.
          But he so stupid look he still here and he actually did it he said lol bright he bright.

          • Hear say conjecture says:

            Nothing but conjecture, am surprised someone else’s admission is treated as if it’s the mans own words. The CFO is not a judge, and the man said nothing under oath.

            Is the company a court as well as restaurant? Did pussers read him his rights before questioning him? Any information from pussers is inadmissible.

            He is here after Irma because he prefers to clean his good name. Pussers has a history of d—– incidents.

            The workers are good people, even most of the food is good and tasty, but the higher ups are not to be trusted. In any event the damages from Irma is far more than this so call loss on their books!

          • Pussers says:

            To hell with them and there pocket change of 10grand.

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          • Irma says:

            More damage from Irma than a measly 10 grand.

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          • Hear say says:

            He didn’t say he did it, someone else said he did it, CFO report he did it, but the man wants to clear his good name
            So he stayed here to do that.

      • @Oral B says:


        Now, one man’s pi$$ is another’s beer. So, go clean and expand the mind.

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  7. Hodgie says:

    Send him back home. Only locals suppose to seal. You s—–……

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  8. Charles T. says:

    This man is a good man, no reason to believe those allegations. He is being framed perhaps.

    Why would he admit to the accountant but not to police and the courts? He being tossed under the bus by the same people he worked his ass off for.

    Since Irma marina cay got smashed to bits, so there is no way he stole from the cay.

    Seems he got blame cos he was the manager, but he is not the only manager on duty, he has managers over him like …

    Hope he recovers from this. That company should be investigated for paying ——— —- and taking the g——– of the staff for them self.

    They lack safe working conditions, and treat none w—— p——-and d————-y.

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  9. Its a Lie says:

    Chief Financial Officer! what really is this man title? This financial Office is in charge of everything from firing and hiring, Store, maintenance, restaurant, storeroom, even the cleaners. How in Gods Name he get the time to find out this Guy steal from the company.

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  10. Island Man says:

    Ok then, now tell mw who walk away with the 200lbs safe from Pussers Road Town Pub exactly 4 months after Hurricane Irma Last Year?
    Don’t tell me its the same me; ok!

  11. For real says:

    Let us start over steal or stole ,cos or cause make up your mind.

  12. da juice says:

    Ayo like talk the moment one learn of something
    Its so quickly to be judge,but god is still a loving God.

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  13. son of the soil says:

    So he got 2 work permits?

  14. GWEN says:


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