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Former House Clerk appointed Registrar of Interests

Phyllis Evans

Former Clerk of the House of Assembly, Phyllis Evans, has been appointed Registrar of Interests, effective November 1.

The Registrar is tasked with documenting the financial interests and liabilities of elected members of the House of Assembly, along with serving as Clerk to the Standing Select Committee in the House of Assembly.

According to a release issued by the government, Evans brings an extensive and accomplished history in the Public Service after serving in the post of House Clerk for more than 14 years.

“I am humbled and beyond grateful for the opportunity to continue my journey as a public officer, in this role,” Evans said after being appointed. “I have committed my life to service, so it is with an enormous sense of pride and excitement that I look forward to continuing the work of the people, in this capacity.”

Acting Governor David Archer said he is extremely confident that Evans will produce the same high level of results that she has done for countless years.”

Evans holds an Associate of Arts from the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Missouri Southern State University, an Executive Diploma in Management from the Chartered Management Institute, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

As Registrar, Evans will work to ensure the Register of Interests is accurate, accessible and continuously functioning as outlined by the Registrar of Interests Act, 2006, and the amendments of 2021.

The Register of Interests Act came in for scrutiny during the Commission of Inquiry (COI) after it was revealed that most legislators did not comply with the Act’s provisions upon entering public office.

In the meantime, Governor John Rankin has called for necessary amendments to the Register of Interests Act to be made so that it is freely and easily accessible.

He pointed out that these mechanisms will be critical in safeguarding against the abuses that the COI highlighted.


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  1. WTF says:

    Isn’t this the clerk who failed to ensure they had properly registered their interests in the first place?

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    A hilarious register that the politicians dont bother to complete and that no one can see.

    What is the point ?

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  3. Give the youth a chance says:

    Isn’t she over 65?

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  4. O brother says:

    (Wtf) read pause read for the lack of knowledge my people will perish

  5. SMH says:

    Which means she is just there to keep a seat warm with nothing to do but fart up the Government Office

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  6. lol says:

    An empty register

  7. And the best goes on… says:

    Why?!? Why?!?! No offense to the lady; but where was the post advertised? This is exactly what is wrong with government. They recycle cronies while the place slips further down the crapper. Forward thinking again by the incumbents.

    I see this as a checkers move to ensure things remain the same and any issues – the clown brigade has fodder and cover.

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  8. Lodger says:

    Is she the same lady that diligently pestered members to file their interests, and was ignored time and time again. If so, how will things be different? If not, what happened to the other one?

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  9. Registrar of no interests says:

    She should invite Mrs. Varlack out to tea in order to have a proper overview of that which she is undertaking.

  10. Well sah says:

    Thi woman is a cr**k

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  11. Lord 0. says:

    This met so many and plenty opposition from the public but Govt ignore the people as usual and push it along…This lady done serve with honour, she is at the retirement age.Lord o. Go home and get some rest and give another young vibrant college Grad an opportunity..That’s the failure of our govt..

  12. That is so darn unfair says:

    Why her? She retired now she is in another position? How is that? Why can’t you old goats step aside and give someone else a chance? Now you begin to understand why people is leaving this place and moving to the US. You don’t stand a chance in this town if you are not part of the rat pack or based on your last name you are doomed. You are holding your own people HOSTAGE FROM BETTERING THEMSELVES.$6.00 per hour is truly sad indeed, that is sad. Where can you purchase orange juice and milk for $6.00?

  13. Oldie Goldie! says:


  14. Wtf says:

    Why they recycle and shuttle the same old horses from one position to the other? Everything is wrong in this f**king place.

  15. O brother says:

    Girl susie them out too cut your throat but guess what none brave enouh to confront you face to face real talk working for country and people.

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  16. Time 4 Everything says:

    Thank you 4 your years of service. It is time for u to retire and give others a chance. I remembered a much younger Ms. Evans.

  17. Ausar says:

    Why in the BVI, sixty-five (65) is the age thats mandatory for retirement?

    Employment should be based on measurable skills, not biological forces that one cannot control!

    Here in the US Virgin Islands, persons are employable at whatever age they want to work. There is no such thing as mandatory retirement.

    One chooses retirement based on the number of years employed, not because of age. There are persons here in their nineties still employed, in certain businesses..

    It is a sad day in this country, when age determines dexterity of mental and physical faculties!

    There needs to be pushback on this issue.

    Persons are living longer, with better healthful conditions!

    Those of you, who feel that you’re young now, wait until you’re sixty five. Let’s see, if you will want to be put out to pasture, in the area of employment

    ..Let’s see

  18. west says:

    she’s from a * family… … My GOD, give some one else a chance nuh!!!! GEEESHE mannnn!!!!! Will never profit, my Lord!!!!

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