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Former Premier Andrew Fahie found guilty of drug conspiracy

Former Premier Andrew Fahie has been found guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the United States and laundering the proceeds he made from the arrangement.

Fahie faced charges of drug smuggling, money laundering and racketeering before a Miami court.

The 12-member jury deliberated for more than four hours before arriving at a verdict late this afternoon and unanimously convicted Fahie on all counts of conspiracy he was facing.

Fahie was represented by attorney Theresa Van Vliet who argued that her client had been framed by the United Kingdom government. This is despite overwhelming evidence showing that Fahie was nabbed following a sting operation orchestrated by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Sentencing has been scheduled for April 29 — just one day past the date he was arrested two years ago. Fahie was remanded following the verdict after being out on bail for nearly two years following his arrest.


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  1. Watch out says:

    DEA all the way! Still plenty more corrupt individuals in our government that need to be taken out.

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    • Please Britain. TAKE THE WHEEL says:

      Stop wasting time. Enough is enough and this is too much, too shameful, too embarrassing..Take the wheel and lead us to a better place..Take over the Fn place save us from ourselves. No good honest investors going to come under this Govt.With this shameful news all over the world..All these Politicians all 13 of them are scared of losing their power and their Job, they do not care about us. Stop letting them fool us. We need A short britain take over try something different what we are doing ain been working for long…Big up Cindy. Love you. You are the best. Don’t mind them how they try to bully you and be little you, hold your ground, you brighter and smarter than them..This K Crabbe tbe Govt wasn’t good a few years & months ago but now they get big work, its the best Govt..Fakes..

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    • Jim says:

      Guilty as I said all along

      Close the chapter on this sad sack of crap who ruined our territory with drugs and guns

      Let this be a lesson to government and port authority that we are coming for you

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    • madea says:

      Now they need to take all the things he bought with the money including houses the Miami.

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    • See the Beacon article on Fahey trial says:

      VIP used 87k from FAHEY if you read the Beacon article. New elections needed as well as the breakup of the VIP

    • Such as says:

      The entire VIP Government and all those who benefits from the 40 million dollars of tax payers money.

  2. Lawdy says:

    What a sad time for the bvi

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  3. D1 says:

    This one hurt it finally hit reality

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  4. J Richardson says:

    Suit him fine

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  5. VI says:

    Set up I’m so vex right now

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  6. Otis says:


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  7. Local says:

    I really thought you had stand a chance but the verdict is in , you were better off pleading guilty and ask for lenency you might have gotten a light sentence.Now the full weight of the law 25yrs.

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  8. Thank God! says:

    I’m so happy for the BVI !!! What you sow is what you shall reap !

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  9. G Stoutt says:

    Andrew come home

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    • Bishop says:

      @G Stoutt

      So G Stoutt talking from the grave. No wonder she support Andrew. She went to Federal prison for doing the wrong thing. Whole family are made up of thugs, thieves and drug dealers. I pray G RIP.

  10. West Bank says:

    Don’t worry we going pay that 10 million and you going be right back home to celebrate the 70th anniversary

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  11. What You Defend You Endorse says:

    That local radio station dude who always promoting Free the Drew and did it again after he was found guilty PROVES he sees nothing wrong with drug smuggling or what Fahie was charged with and on top of that is not for ONE SECOND thinking of how cocaine, smuggling of drugs and ammunition, which both involve murder and deterioration of the mind has affected so many lives.


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  12. UK says:

    We taking over now!!! No more permits for us to enter from the mainland we’re taking back what belong to us

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  13. head couch says:

    my people pray that i don’t drop the soap

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  14. Guest says:

    “There are things I want to accomplish. One is to pay off my house in Tortola. And when I retire, I want to go to Miami. And in both areas, I want to be rent-free,”- Oleanvine Maynard

    Well, her second wish will be granted.

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  15. Mr.Gage says:

    The feds conviction rate is above 90% by the time they decide to charge you they’ve already built a solid case he should have just pleaded guilty like the rest to get a reduced sentence instead of concocting that BS defense. Justice was served!

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    • Wow says:

      That man is as stubborn as a mule so he would have never pleaded guilty. With all the recordings they claimed they had, he must have thought they were calling bluff. Its indeed a sad day for those in denial in the first district. He will be back soon, they say. Lets watch and see.

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  16. Proze says:

    What did you expect?

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  17. BuzzBvi says:


  18. Wow says:

    I think God brought brought this man down after he made mockery of him so openly. God is not to be mocked. If you are serving him, let him alone be your master and he shall guide and direct your path. You cannot have two masters and that is what Andrew did, when he knew better.

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  19. Oh well…. says:

    Sucks to be him…

  20. Nor surprised. I knew this day was coming. says:

    Since the beginning of this case, it was my opinion that this day was coming, and here we are.

    As the prosecution laid out, it was greed that led the former now convicted Premier down this road. The former Ports Director and her son were also greedy too.

    Based on her testimony she wanted to move to Miami after retiring here in the BVI. She is Miami now, however, not the way she planned.

    This is a sad case for not only the former Premier and his family but also the country.

    So many people have died, become addicted to drugs, and had their lives turned upside down because of drug dealings or use, that the thought that the local leader of our country would be involved in facilitating the movement of drugs thru this country is outrageous and almost unforgivable.

    I don’t believe those 3 now convicted of the crime were the only ones involved, and all those other actors need to be weeded out and charged too if there is evidence that they partook in the importation of drugs into this country and or conspired as well to their transshipment to the U.S.

    The now convicted former Premier, the former now convicted Ports Director and her son, made their beds; they now have to lay in them.

    This is a teachable moment for all of us. There are always temptation in life. However, there is no crime in living within your means. There is no crime in being poor. There is no crime in working for an honest living.

    For those in politics and positions of trust, know that you cannot be in these positions and engaging in criminal activity. You will be exposed. If you do, your day awaits you.

    I personally feel no guilt or shame for the conduct of these people nor should those of us who live lawful lives.. I did not engage in any criminal activity, and I have not intention of.

    To our young people who have witness this, let not your hearts be saddened. You did nothing wrong. Stay in school, get you the best education you can get, and always remember to remain humble and work an honest life for what you get out of this life.

    The road my be difficult at times, but with perseverance, your dreams can be realized. Resist those who would encourage you down some dark road. There is no easy way in life. It’s all about hard work until you die.

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    • Really!? says:

      This is not about greed! It’s about criminality and conspiracy to import tones of drugs through the BVI. Describing it as “greed” is dumbing it down! Would it have been ok if they just did a little bit of crime?

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      • Nor surprised. I knew this day was coming. says:

        @Really. I stand by what I wrote. You clearly don’t understand what I mean by greed. So, let me spell it out.

        It was greed that led the former now convicted Premier down this criminal path.

        This was a man who was the local leader of our country. He had a job paying him a decent salary, one apparently he was not satisfied one, one he complained about that was not enough.

        He was building a big house that costs a lot of money and probably did not have the cash to build on his own, so he went down this part along other motivators. He was greedy and wanted more than he could afford.

        He had champagne taste but mauby change. If he had tried living within his means, he would not be in a federal lock up in Miami this morning.

        There are plenty of people who built houses in the BVI a pack a cement at a time, block by block, pay check by paycheck, or running a little partner hand on the side, or by loan. It may have taking them years to finish but they eventually do. They don’t turn to crime to finish.

        Many people do not enjoy the perks and salary he was receiving as the Premier. He tried to place his hat where it could not reach, and this is the result. Being arrogant did not help either.

        I recall many comments on this forum calling him a dictator. I am sure that has something to do with his downfall.

        So yes, he was greedy in my opinion.

        There is a problem in the BVI for a long time now. Many people want what others have and don’t know how they come about what they have. If they see someone with a “nice care”, they want one too. If they see someone with a “big house”, they want one too despite they don’t have big house money.

        If you have a decent job, and you want more than that salary can take you, get a side hustle, start a business, or simple live within your means. It may take you longer to work for those things, but you will get there.

        In some ways one an say these problems starts in the home whereby parents are failing to teach their children to work for what they want. They grow up as adult and fun into these kinds of problems.

        Head Coach is locked away today because of his greed and arrogance and enablers.

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        • Really!? says:

          I now understand what you mean and I do agree.

          • @Really!? says:

            I appreciate your response. That response tells me you are reasonable and mature person who when given more information, you are cable of coming to a different conclusion. We have something in common. All the best.

  21. Majestic Life Watch says:

    Soon Simon Soon

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  22. Mercy says:

    Please send 20 ambulances to Carrot Bay and 10 West End. Oxygen masks needed. Hurry come quick. We goin need some toilet paper too.

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  23. No surprise says:

    The truth is now confirmed. Those who have expressed sorrow at the verdict really do need to get a reality check. There are many other operatives in this “business” in the BVI who need to be brought to trial and the web of corruption, lies, murder and greed destroyed. We deserve so much better.

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  24. Wonda says:

    What is Andrew doing at this moment?

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  25. Some of you think you can do whatever you want here in the BVI without consequences. says:

    Well, you are so misguided. Let me get you up to speed. We live in a global world and a global economy. You can be held to account for crimes committed here that affects other countries.

    Let it be known that the U.S. is fighting the forever war on drugs. Cocaine is a big problem, but the opioid epidemic is hitting the country hard. I think it’s an unwinnable war because the demand for drugs is so high in the U.S.

    The government will never be able to lock up all those who either use or sell drugs. But they certainly can take down known targets.

    U.S. lawmakers, governments, and prosecutors are going after anyone involved in this drug epidemic. They see it as a security threat. Doctors, pharmacist, pain clinics, drug manufacturers, users, you name it, they are being sought after and being charged. They will bring you down.

    Crimes are now transcontinental. Crimes you commit here in the BVI can see you locked up far away.

    Commit a crime that touches on another country’s sovereignty or violate their laws, with extradition treaties in place, you will get snatched up and be held accountable.

    Pay attention to the world around you and what is going on elsewhere. Many of you don’t like to read or hear about anything going on in other countries. That’s like walking into a jungle and not paying attention to venomous snakes.

    You bet’s start paying attention. The world is larger that this tiny group of islands that we call home.

    Proceed with caution; Proceed at your own risk. Have manners cat behavior.

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    • @Some of you says:

      knowledge is power but stop fear mongering. No country benefits from continued warfare, not ours, not the US, not the UK.

      Its obvious reforms and legalization/regulation & taxation of drugs is the solution not incarceration. Look at switzerland and the speech by the Colombian president at the UN. A forever war is a lost war & inhumane.

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  26. John says:

    Island people eye water on him,give tax payer money to family’s on friends then take 7% from ISLAND people, wicked

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    • ok says:

      BVI is a group of islands and everyone pays 7% income tax excluding government employees who pays 8% income tax. Any country that you reside in you are require to pay tax. I don’t understand your statement but this part I decide to show some clarity on

  27. Believe in the Bible.. says:

    That was a Garden of Eden moment, a recap, a re visit..What a man sow that shall he reap..We all were begging for him to take responsibility, cut a deal, He would have been home in the next 3 yrs.and save hundred of thousands of $$$ But instead he played smart and stubborn, entered a not guilty plea, pissed the Jurors off for wasting their time..Now its a lot of years in lock down..Unless he start talking now, say all what he knows and can prove to save himself he will die in Prison. Sad, so sad..

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  28. Rubber Duck says:

    Ms Maynard-Canary now going to sing about Government Official 1?

    I think so.

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  29. Never Come Out says:

    This man’s greed and corruption has dragged our country through the dirt and made us a laughing stock. We just put back self rule a long long way because we have shown how corrupt we got here. Hope the man never come out or show his wicked face here again. All of you who didn’t believe it well wake up BVi!

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  30. @ JOHN says:

    They say what goes around comes around / some say it’s karma

  31. Virgin Queen says:

    The man is a damn fool.

    No plea bargain means no leniency, his arrogance has resulted in another poor decision.

    What did he seriously expect the outcome of this to be?

    Hopefully he can get a job in the laundry or stamping out license plates.

  32. Turn Around My People. says:

    Maybe millions of dollars wasted defending nonsense. The fool and his money certainly part. The pain is indeed great, sin is sin and we all need to repent and serve our creator and put away the evil amongst us.

  33. Soccermom says:

    Finally!!! A long awaited moment of truth !! This entitled man who thinks he so above everyone else. He brought darkness to our beautiful country. And this stupid excuse of naming the UK… please … Fahie you caused this mess you did ! You called for the COI you did ! You never had any love or respect for our country man. This showed that .. fact is you are a greedy self centred entitled fool!! Stay away from my home our country our Island. Stay away. You’re not welcome…

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  34. Ms. Maynard told half truth. says:

    Let’s look at it objectively because if anyone believes that Ms. Maynard spoke the whole truth something is wrong..She spoke enough truth to save herself and put the XP away. 1/ Ms. Maynard was so comfortable going to her boss the one that can fire her on the spot with this criminal proposal,,simply means this is not their first attempt, common sense would say that they were in this thing before.. 2/ Having RS on board flying to Miami in meetings, this is a team that being in operation..

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    • Shimmy shimmy Yah Shimmy shimmy Yeah says:

      It was enough the support the case against FAHEY. Remember his defense had a chance to cross examine, did so and rested their case. The best FAHEY could argue was Jason Bourne set him up. What the heck kind of unprovable position is that? He who asserts must prove

  35. John says:

    Island people eye water catch him for the 7% he put on them and brag about it

  36. Matthew 6:24 says:

    No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

  37. Dominicano RD says:

    I didn’t expect it, I knew it would happen, when I saw the news last night it was like dropping a can of ice water on my body, something strange came to mind in the administration of this Tower Westen End, son of the late Arturo, who had access to this place to have a bodyguard, I told myself we have problems in BVI we are no longer virgins

  38. Will say says:


  39. You watch says:

    He will be home next week

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    • @You watch says:

      You go down to the West End ferry dock and wait for him to get off the ferry. Keep watch. If he does not come off the last boat, keep waiting until he comes off.

  40. Aunty Susan says:

    In their plot to traffic container loads of coke through the BVI , I wonder how they were going to make sure customs didnt get to look into them.

    I cant imagine how they could do that.

  41. rastarite says:

    In jaol now. No more nice house in the Miami burbs.

  42. Secret Ways says:

    I am of the opinion that Carvin Malone sudden death had something to do with Fahie’s Case. It appear so funny that he died so sudden during the same time when Fahie’s case was being called.

    Moreover, I believe that the UK had a hand in his death or else this was. a sac……..fice. I believe that he was also very worried about the whole matter from Fahie’s Arrest until present and how they thrown him completely out of the VIP – those Hypocrites.

    They said all sort of negative things about Carvin and as soon as he passed away, they find all the positive things to say. – those Hypocrites.

    I guess that if he was alive he would have been very disappointed that his close friend (Fahie) lost the case and the embarrassment it has caused to the Territory.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      He would be sad becauae his friend was guilty of evil deeds. He would be disappointed thatbit was proven he had a friend who is a crook, a really big crook.

  43. Big Richard says:

    Where’s CSC amongst all this drama ?

    • @Big Richard says:

      Yeah..where is he? Not too long ago, you could not escape an article about what he said on this forum. appears as if he has just dropped off the planet.

      I guess he is laying low staying out of dodge way. From the time Head Coach got arrested, he has apparently gone incognito.

      Last time I read, his contracts were under investigation after the COI.

      At some point in time, he has to come up for air. Just got to wait by his hole.

  44. Hurtful says:

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Repent and turn to God and He will abundantly pardon. Bashing each other serves no sensible purpose. Let’s all learn from the bad choices made and endeavor to be better stewards with God’s blessings and Let’s do good to our fellow men

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  45. US vs Mexican Cartel says:

    The US is sick of the Mexican Cartel and their Fentanyl laced drugs coming across their boarders. It’s killing people left and right. Even though it wasn’t a real cartel deal. All the jury heard was MEXICAN CARTEL… He didn’t stand a chance.

  46. Mmhmm says:

    Funny how he had us all lock down for all those months all the while he’s runnin drugs coach a real ms

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    • James says:

      To mmhmm
      That’s what I’m talking about. POS Scoundrel. People suffered, while he was just looking to get everything. Want all gets none!

  47. Roger Burnett says:

    Two years ago, the BVI Beacon newspaper published my commentary, “Paradise Lost”. The article is relevant to the cancer of corruption that has plagued the territory since the 1980’s.

    Like all cancers, the cancer of corruption is hard to eradicate. It spreads and contaminates all around it.

    One would hope that the current diabolical state of affairs that the BVI has got itself into would serve as a warning. And in particular, a timely warning to the youth of the beloved island that was once my home.

  48. Roger Burnett says:

    Two years ago, the BVI Beacon newspaper published my commentary, “Paradise Lost”. The article is relevant to the cancer of corruption that has plagued the territory since the 1980’s.

    Like all cancers, the cancer of corruption is hard to eradicate. It spreads and contaminates all around it.

    One would hope that the current diabolical state of affairs that the BVI has got itself into would serve as a warning. And in particular, a timely warning to the youth of the island that I once called home.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Can get past it until you deal with the residual effects / questions like how the VIP accounted for this 87k of drug money reportedly received from FAHEY

  49. Anonymous says:

    A. Avarice
    N. Nicompoop
    D. Devilish
    R. Ravenous
    E. Evil
    W. Weird

  50. Fatty will be back. says:

    20-30 years from now, when most of us would have died, AF will rebound from prison and will be a savior of sort for the youths of that Era. I believe God will use him mightily and many will be drawn to Him. Without a testimony we would all be lost. Coach plea for leniency, do no waste anymore of the courts time, and if you have squealdo so and save our youths from destroying themselves.

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  51. Shame says:


  52. Wisdom says:

    Played chess instead of checkers cost him!

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