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Former Premier rallies NDP base as wife mulls entering election race

Former First Lady of the territory Lorna Smith has indicated her intention to potentially become a candidate at the upcoming general elections which are due in the next few months. 

Her position came through a proxy in the form of her husband and former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, who appeared on the Talking Points radio show yesterday, February 6.

Although the former First Lady has not yet made an official announcement about her intention, Dr Smith described his wife as being quite capable of leadership in the territory. 

“I know that she’s thinking about it, and she’s quite a capable lady,“ Dr Smith said. 

The former Premier said his wife did a lot of work for the government, particularly in establishing the BVI House in London in the United Kingdom (UK) and helping to set up offices in Hong Kong to bolster the territory’s financial services offerings, among other things.

Penn quiet but NDP needs support

In the meantime, Dr Smith sought to rally support for his former National Democratic Party (NDP) which is now being led by Eighth District Representative and current Health Minister, Marlon Penn.

“[Penn is] quiet, but he’s very thoughtful and he knows where he’s going and I would — I am going to to make a pitch now. I would encourage all those supporters to rally behind him,“ Dr Smith said. 

While describing the current state of affairs in the territory as ‘unfortunate’, Dr Smith declined to comment directly on his former party’s prospects at the upcoming polls.

However, he shared that the current Government of National Unity was being responsible and said he felt there was no indication currently that the territory’s constitution would be suspended by the UK. 

Lorna Smith


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  1. No No No says:

    Lorna represents more of the same. She is a bully not a leader. Too old to change her ways. Too contentious.

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  2. Feo Gomez says:

    She is a brilliant mind in the Financial services sector no doubt about that. But elections are still a popularity contest. Is she likeable?

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  3. Please no says:

    … woman. Not likeable…

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  4. Shelly says:

    And therein lies the problem…..

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  5. youth says:

    Tell this Gentle Lady not to make a fool of herself,by running for public office. Tell her to enjoy her old age .

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  6. says:

    She from Angulla let her run there

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Lorna Smith is the best candidate for Premier I know of.

    Clever, honest, and with the best interests of the country at heart.

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  8. To old says:

    Too old for this…

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  9. huh says:

    another Vanterpool again?

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  10. jurassic park says:

    Another dinosaurs

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  11. 2023 says:

    stop talking pi**

  12. Hey says:

    Ms.Hodge-creque-smith was lucky enough to snag the most prestigious man on the island for a husband and has operated in his legacy ever since including representing us overseas. Not to mention that she’s using him once again with his photo in the headline for this story.

    When was the last time can anyone remember her stopping to have a conversation or a simple chat with the average working soul in the streets of this country? How then can you speak for us who are not members of any social groups like rotary?? No miss lady retirement seem like a better option – much love though.

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  13. Rattie says:

    She escape the coi for conflict of interest when her husband was minister of finance plus she was allegedly involved in the plane

    We not going backwards she to co**upt

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  14. Local says:

    We need candidates that is capable and have the vision with a mission to take the BVI to next level especially in the tourism market, have that ability to attract investors.

  15. Oh Lord! Not her! says:

    Please tell me this is a joke.

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  16. @fei Gomez says:

    The answer is a huge “No”!

  17. Notice says:

    HIs wife and a few others kept by jaspert when they loss the government complaining about the current government from day one. They became good friends with him, and it is clear that other than Myron, he guaranteed their freedom when their plot began starting with a well-organized targeting, lacking transparency COI, its process, and its recommendations and actions thereafter. It has now backfired on all who was by jaspert by night and now out there trying to plant in people’s minds lies about who asked for the COI when they know what they did.

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  18. Mrs Tubman says:

    This would be favorable to the UK and to
    diplomatic relationship.
    Favorable to me for certain
    Intelligence and intellectual,worldly with a favourable trustworthy, sophisticated . A BVI found treasure .

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  19. ISLM says:

    @Mrs Tubman, Lorna Smith is none of the above, NO NO NO.

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  20. Again says:

    Typical Lorna. Try to hag every position. Leave politics to the young and able. She is more like a self builder.

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  21. To Mrs. Tubman says:

    What the h**l are you trying to say?

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  22. B. Smith says:

    Marlon is a good down to earth guy but unfortunately he needs to understand leadership is not only being liked but the ability to rally support/people around you. He does not have that gift and doesn’t seem to want to accept that. This denial will result in him not having a decent team and cost him the elections unfortunately. In life you have to know when to hold and when to fold. On that note, when will NDP be holding elections for their Party Positions, Chairman and the rest?

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  23. Nah. Not NDP. says:

    Ms Lorna, You and NDP is a bad mix, NDP, is history, them done, not a good way to start your political career, Your done before you start .

  24. LOL says:


  25. Lol says:

    Wait ????What!?!?!?!lol

  26. LB says:

    Lorna is bad news her social reputation on the local and international stage is bad bad at this time for the bvi

    Go away lady

  27. So says:

    That means we aint voting VIP at all. Remember their premier was the one that said he can guns in the country.

  28. Island peep says:

    This country doesn’t need the old parties or old persons. We need people untainted by the past corruption and inefficiencies

  29. BVI LOVE NOTES says:

    Mrs. Lorna Smith has done her share in all that the BVI has become. But that time is past. New leadership for a new and better image needed.

  30. @Hey says:

    While I don’t think that Mrs. Smith should run, I think you do her an injustice to say that she has operated in Dr. Smith’s legacy as though she has tagged along on his coat tail. Like her or not, she is brilliant in her own right.

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  31. My View says:

    Mr/Mrs Smith for certain are not in need of fame and Fortune. Their Country is imploding and needs help. Iam of the opinion,as a gesture of generosity and genuine concern they are sacrificing their well earned comfort to assist and give a much needed credibility and strength to the current political state.
    They are and will continue to be winners.
    Personally I say hurrah and thanks to them stepping up and stepping in ,,,their presence,ex perience interpersonal skills lends a sigh of relief and a promise of hope for us with the UK.
    Sitting back looking at their sinking ship is not an option. Much Respect!

    skills ability

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  32. Life says:

    Folks like Lorna are too good a n d classy for this raggedy dragged and degraded pit.
    I recall vividly the smears and disrespect hurled at them both by the former Premier and hIs followers.
    But,They, the Smiths survived and remains intact,and so has Jaspert notably.

    Premier ???`and followers???
    BVI ???

    God saving the King.

  33. Tolian says:

    she is more Tolian than you and have done more for this county than you. She was the first to let me know that jobs here is for Tolian only. that said, her time has past. It is now time to sit back and relax.

  34. NDP is dead says:

    My Good lady, let NDP rest in peace. You stand a better chance Joining with Ronnie. He will need a deputy, Make the wise and courageous decision, then again courage and wisdom been Scarce around here..

  35. BVI LOVE NOTES says:

    This leadership thing is so misunderstood, it seems. Not because someone is qualified for a job means that they are the right fit for what is needed. The next Government should be a Government of the people, not a VIP LOUNGE, or Bvi investment Club, or Rotary government. People must be discerning and remember the embarassment this territory has seen at the hands of leaders in the not so distant past. Yes we must forgive, but forgetfulness is a disease that can cripple.

  36. Redstorm says:

    I believe she should be given that privilege to become a candidate for the election. She is knowledgeable, competent, confident and willing. I don’t know much of her character, but one think am sure she will push this country forward.

    Some of the bloggers state she is not likeable , but we cannot take that to trade with . Trusting and integrity and other characteristic are what government needs to change the this country ability to survive.

  37. :) says:


  38. Crazy Joe says:

    Not likable? Lorna is a very likable person if you know her.

    She is also a poor girl made good. She was not born rich and, unlike most BVI politicians is not rich now. But by being clever and hardworking has made something of herself.

    And she has done more for the BVI than any politician I know of.

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  39. WELL SA!!! says:

    So with things brought to light by the COI, like it or not you really serious?????!!!!!!

  40. ??? says:

    If her financial skills and prowess are truly the determinants for her qualifications, she should remain in retirement. She should have advised her husband better on the airline deal.

  41. So? says:

    What is VIP??? Drug Masters??

  42. Thouhgt says:

    at eighty cent in dollar don want we lady who understand financail service? Kill de cash cow we all back agri

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