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Former Premier signs extradition waiver ahead of trial

Premier Andrew Fahie

Former Premier of the BVI, Andrew Fahie has signed an extradition waiver that prevents him from remaining in another country if he takes flight while out on bond ahead of his trial next month.

The extradition waiver was part of the conditions of Fahie’s modified bail bond, which amounted to $1,000,000, and was divided into two parts. The first part is a $500,000 corporate security bond that was facilitated late last week by his close associate and childhood friend, Albion ‘Bobby’ Hodge before he was allowed to leave custody. The second is a $500,000 personal surety bond to be co-signed by Fahie, his daughter, and a friend as part of Fahie’s pre-trial freedom conditions.

The extradition waiver states in part that if Fahie were to flee to any country apart from the United States or its territories, the government may seek his return through an extradition process or any other means for the purpose of trial or, if convicted, sentencing or service of sentence.

The waiver was signed on June 13 and submitted to the court by his attorney, Theresa Van Vliet, the following day.

In the document seen by BVI News, Fahie said he understands that signing the waiver is a condition of bail and noted that it was not his intent to flee the jurisdiction.

The former Premier also noted that he “knowingly and intelligently waives any and all rights he might have to challenge any order of expulsion or deportation from any country” from which the United States requests his return for the purpose of submitting to legal processes in connection with his case.

Fahie, who was arrested on April 28 at the Miami-Opa Locka airport following a sting operation related to drug smuggling and money laundering, is scheduled to face trial on July 18 before U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams.

Fahie’s co-accused, former BVI Ports Authority Director Oleanvine Maynard, and her son Kadeem were arrested on the same day on similar charges as part of the same Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sting operation. Oleanvine was nabbed in Miami while her son was arrested in St Thomas, USVI.


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  1. heckler says:

    Its strange how the unity government never made an attempt to send a special envoy to check on the former Premier’s well being or condition? They are just here clinging/fighting for power and doing everything in the UK’s favor.

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    • rastarite says:

      Why should his well being be of concern? Did he have the well being of his victims at heart?

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      • wow says:

        You don’t seems to have a heart either

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        • hint says:

          Dah man put his father n the old people home so yo thing he cares about fahie’s wellbeing?

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          • Is his father too young says:

            Do you have a place for his father. Do you know the circumstances surrounding his father being in the old people’s home? Do you even know your father or care about him?

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    • Lmfao says:

      Haiti doesn’t have extradition agreements with the US. He gone!!

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    • Hmmmm says:

      Who going pay for the ticket and hotel etc…for special envoy to go Miami

    • Him says:

      Why is our government not asking for F*t Albert to be extradited here from the US since he is accused of breaking laws here?

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      • Hereditary says:

        Obviously, you didn’t know his maternal grandfather. If you did, you would actually think “F*t Albert” was rather small.
        He can’t help it. It’s hereditary.

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      • Because says:

        …they are saving the space for you. You going to be the next one in trouble and it aint going to be small. Watch yourself.

    • No one surprised says:

      That his teenage student daughter can guarantee $500,000 in cash? Maybe she is in the family business as well or did she earn from Starbucks?

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  2. Apology says:

    is the highest priority for the people of the BVI.

    4 days out on bail and not an apologetic word yet!

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    • Motion says:

      Facts well said

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    • C Malone says:

      He has made contact with me not directly, but through a third party to let me know that he is doing well. So therefore he is not require to offer an apology to you the people of these beautiful Virgin Islands. You all lifted my mask mandate and expect an apology? We are not out of the woods. Let us police ourselves before the UK police us.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Am apology would be an admission of guilt.

    • You got some nerve... says:

      Apology after all the hate mail he getting through these blogs.

  3. rise & fall says:

    “The rise and fall of a head coach”

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  4. Head Coach says:

    My people this is the first of many moves in my long battle for freedom, but justice will be done and I will return as your premier

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    • Popeye says:

      It’s ok. Enjoy the next 20 years behind bars. Perhaps you should study math and learn how to calculate 10% of $68 million in your head without the need of a calculator as most 10 year olds around the world can already do.

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      • Head Coach says:

        when i come back i’m putting papers on all you mfers, king kong aint got shite on me

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      • Mathematician… says:

        This is why I’m struggling to believe the truthfulness of that affidavit. Fahie is an excellent mathematician. He’s able to compute numbers mentally with great ease. He’ll have his time in court. It’ll be interesting to hear his side and they’re always 3 sides to a story…

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        • Popeye says:

          We shall see. It’s all been recorded according to the affidavit.

          However, if you are correct he should plan on using his mathematical prowess to tutor the other inmates he will be living with for the next 20 years.

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      • FFS says:

        It was 12% not 10%. Still not a stretch for a mathematician – but slightly more complex than 10% where you’re just moving the decimal point.

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  5. ok says:

    more to come.

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  6. @ HECKLER says:


  7. ??? says:

    Thought he and his family had to handle their passports…. if that’s the case, why he also needs to sign this? Just trying to understand…

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    • Because says:

      Because not all flight from a country go through legal channels. If he decided to flee, he is not going to get on a commercial flight and just go through the legal channels for movement from one country to another.

      Because maybe even if he hands in his passport, he can acquire another through dubious means and move to a country which has no extradition treaty with the USA and his signature on this document ensures that regardless of the lack of existence of any such treaty, the USA has the right, as given by him, to enter that country to retrieve him or pressure that country into voluntarily holding him custody and extradite him back into US custody.

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      • @because says:

        Thanks. Now makes sense… still trying to understand how this whole bail thing was allowed. Anyway, let’s see what will happen… Praying for the best for the BVI!

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      • Kenny says:

        Cuba…France…Russia have no extradition treaty with the USA. Take a boat.

    • captain obvious says:

      so if he flees he doesn’t have the legal right to contest them seeking to return him

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      • Crazy Joe says:

        An easily contested piece of paper. Signed under duress etc. And a few dollars to a Haitian or Venezuelan judge should have it easily ignored.

    • just covering says:

      …all bases, dotting every i and crossing every t, real, manifested and anticipated.

      • Keep quiet says:

        How can a man like the Primar mixed up in so much messy stuff and you want the man to get involved in such a mess seems like you are a crook yourself.

  8. kim jong-un says:

    Kim jong foy should flee to north korea where they cant come for him

  9. Military age says:

    EX premier Fahie could escape to Russia where they are running out of conscripts to fight WW3 in the Ukraine. Once he’s in their Army extradition to the US would be moot.

  10. Big Boy says:

    I feel like big boy is gonna try to flee…and he may def have help. They may never see him again. His bestie just told the world he is worth 30 million, losing 500k is nothing if he runs. 29.5 can get him pretty far for a bit. All indictments aside, I wish him and his family well especially his daughters. Hopefully he doesn’t have anyone other than himself if anything in danger.

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    • Don Corleone says:

      Fat Albert will be be lucky to make it to trial.

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    • WOW says:

      You people are sick. All that hatred in your hearts all this time and now it leaks out. Smiling in his face, shaking his hand and pretending to be a friend. Then he gets in trouble and the true you come out. I am scared now to smile and shake hands with persons here because they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  11. Hall says:

    They never checked on hi. Because that is the bvi culture. They are not brothers keepers and lawless. Thats why u see that up to now front li e workers lime police are not been paid theirs monies. They dont like law inforcement. But uk will straighten them.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    He can abscond and hopes he gets to Antigua. We will happily and willingly traffic him through Dominica,to the remotest province closest to the himalayas where he’ll be safe until he’s forgotten by the U.S.

  13. Familee says:

    I wonder if he asked his cousin to bail him out? But then again, she doesn’t keep paper work. Never mind, carry on.

    • No Intrest says:

      His cousin believes in receiving not giving so she ain’t gonna put up s**t.

    • Redzz says:

      Yes they did but the red witch was making/finding all excuses and stalling — I know she was happy when the captain came thru. She ain’t about that and for obvious reasons.

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