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Former Trade Minister: Timing of junior minister swap ‘very unusual’ | Portfolio requires continuity

Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has said he believes the timing of the recent portfolio swap of government’s two junior ministers is “very unusual”.

Penn, who is a former Junior Minister for Trade said that such portfolios need continuity and consistency in order to deliver the necessary results.

“I know he (Premier) talked about capacity building. I don’t see how much capacity can be built in a short space of time with all the major things that are happening especially in trade,” Penn said.

“Based on my knowledge, there needs to be some consistency there; especially coming into a new session where we’re doing a new budget and all these things are back on the agenda. There’s the consumer protection, the trade commission, the whole economic development and creating new avenues for economic growth. All those things that are on the table need someone who’s consistently looking at them, someone who’s consistently moving that agenda forward,” he added in an invited question from BVI News.

Things will be revealed eventually

While stressing that he will not speculate as to why the decision was made by Premier Andrew Fahie, Penn said that he believes things will reveal itself eventually.

“In terms of the decision, ultimately the Premier is the one responsible for all of the portfolios so he has the authority or the right to move them as he please. But for me, it seems very unusual that it is done around this time – end of year, budget process, finalising a lot of things that we are doing – that he would make that move,” Penn stated.

Meanwhile, former Junior Minister for Tourism under the previous NDP administration, Archibald Christian, said the decision made by Premier Fahie is one which occurs throughout the region.

“I don’t really have any opinion on it. Swapping a portfolio is something that happens to governments all over the world, including the Caribbean. So, the Premier, the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister have their liberty to make adjustments to the ministerial portfolio as they see fit,” Christian argued.

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  1. Sense says:

    Archie is just posturing and have nothing meaningful to add but I agree with Penn if there are so many things on the trade agenda why not allow continuity after such a short time?

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  2. Okay says:

    It was wrong from the start to put the sister of the head of Tourism as the Jr. Minister. It is called conflict of interest.

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  3. Come on says:

    What business is this of Marlon? Was it the right timing when he fired Ronnie & he took his Ministry?

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  4. Enough says:

    Let’s move on

    • @Enough says:

      So what you are saying let by gones be by gones? No buddy, not that easy. STOP MAKING EXCUSE FOR THE NEW BREED OF MALE DOGS THAT WALK ON TWO LEGS RATHER THAN FOUR.

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  5. Voter says:

    What he is saying makes sense, the timing is what he is talking about, the Jr Minister speaks about her disrespect then bam she is moved while the other Jr Minister is out of the territory,

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    • hmmmmm too.... says:

      @Voter…this should be of no concern to Marlon how the VIP position members of their party. what Marlon should focus on, is the issue of the people, better governance and being a strong opposition!!!

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  6. truth says:

    achie kissing up hoping to be speaker but the esteemed not going anywhere

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    • Ting to sing says:

      We all know this is a bunch of politics games,spite etc what ever u call it I don’t see the problem if ur into politics and ur talking about ur district so to speak and this man gonna tell her to shut up stop talking about virgin Gorda everything is virgin Gorda out her mouth it’s dead wrong who the hell is he ones should ask dem self what powers does he has over our leader so all because of this he made a switch up now if is so this ting going as one person open their mouth and ur taking side then the cookie would start to crumble That man yes that same one he is a DICTATOR watch his actions to come you’ll see

    • Mr.Archie says:


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    • Of course he is says:

      His cards were peeped. Now he is going to get his roasting on line.

    • @ truth says:

      He done with politics fool. You sleep man.

  7. Juice says:

    Put a sock in it.

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  8. Archie Pleazeeeee says:

    You looking for speaker position. I thought you were working on the hair plugs and hair color for men’s line. You are no longer reverlent on the Political scene/circuit.

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  10. Send helo says:

    These poor NDP blogging haters. Their brains foggy and not functioning.

    Marlon talking pure crap. He is sickening now. Stop reading every script being passed to you Marlon. They are making you look stupid.

    Archie it’s good to hear a voice of reason and common sense despite party affiliation.

    • Jim Jones follower! says:

      Hon. Penn’s statement sounds very practical and intelligible to me. It’s funny anytime people use there own brain they’re paid by someone? You should try it one of these days its very liberating. You Jim Jones followers are pathetic.

      I don’t know why people who can’t think for yourselves always classify other people in your category. Especially someone like smurf about script. Poor minion. Just keep off our representative I beg you.

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    • Cat P!$$ says:

      Child stop chatting p!$$ for God in heavens sake you blind stooge

  11. The Aesop Fable says:

    Is it the one with the- “The Tortoise and the Hare”?


  12. The Aesop Fables says:


    Is it the one with the, “The Tortoise and the Hare?”

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  13. Backative says:


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  14. Anonymous says:

    arriht then.

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  16. Interesting♾ says:

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  17. Haha says:

    Marlon is just politically biased as usual. He didn’t say that when Dr. Smith stripped Skelton and Archie of the ministerial positions and he got Minister of Health as a result. NDP removed Alvin Christopher from Minister of Communications and Work in 2006. NDP wanted Dr. Smith to be removed as Minister of Finance. I guess only NDP allowed to do it. This changed happened less than a year in a 4 year term. There is enough time left for continuity unlike when NDP made their changes.

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