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Former US president rumoured to attend Buju Banton concert

File photo of Former US President Barak Obama meeting with retired Premier Dr D Orlando Smith back in 2017.

Reports have been circulating that former United States President Barack Obama will be in the territory for Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom concert this weekend.

There have been further unconfirmed reports of US Secret Service sightings in the BVI this week.

The Secret Service — a federal law enforcement agency charged with protecting past and present US leaders — are believed to be in the territory making any necessary security preparations ahead of the former President’s supposed arrival.

When BVI News contacted event promoter Kenny Thompson to confirm whether the reports were true, he declined to comment.

He, however, confirmed that preparations for the big event were going well.

“Everything is on track. The show is running on schedule, planning is going as it should, and the excitement is building,” Thompson said.

One-time entry into event venue

He also confirmed that persons will only be permitted to enter the venue of the event once.

“That’s common to any major event — the no re-entry rule. It is not something that is new to us. Any major event that you go to, you’re limited on entering and exiting the venue,” Thompson explained.

While the VIP section of the event remains sold-out, the promoter said there are still a few general tickets left, which will be sold at all available outlets and at the gate up until the beginning of the show.

Thompson also said that patrons can expect a ‘beefed-up’ security presence on the evening, stating: “The security at the venue is going to be tight because we want to ensure that everyone in the venue is in a safe environment, we want all the visitors and residents to be as comfortable as possible.”

The show — which is set for Saturday, June 15 at 5 pm — is anticipated to attracted numerous visitors to the territory and generate an estimate of nearly half-million dollars in revenue for the BVI. 

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  1. Asking for a friend says:

    Is trump coming too?

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    • One eye fowl cock says:

      I heard he coming for FOXYS hemp festival lol

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    • One eye fowl cock says:

      I heard he coming for FOXYS hemp fest the red deal.

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    • LMAO says:

      @asking for a friend
      Hate is not welcomed here.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Just trying to make this alleged concert seem bigger than it is. Obama is not coming. The Territory cannot provide sufficient security and the Secret Service is limited in personnel. Just using this to legitimize the concert of a past criminal. What happened to the policy of not letting criminals into the Territory. Please do not say that he has changed. Policy is policy and what’s good for one is good for all.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Not unless he is flying in from his holiday home in Abington France, which is where Obama is right now.

  2. Lb says:

    Why would you advertise this? The President has been here multiple times with no fanfare and no attention. The BVI is a place where famous people are happy to come because they get no extra attention like other places. Unsubstantiated Rumors are now considered news. What is wrong with bvi media these days.

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  3. umm says:

    I heard beyonce as well

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  4. LOL says:

    This is a marketing/promotional stunt

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  5. bull junks says:


  6. Yeah says:

    Big up to Kennie. Much success.

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  7. not going says:

    …but hope all goes well and all have nice clean fun. Lets not have any negative reports or incidents to put a shadow over such an anticipated good weekend.

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    • It will go well, Miami says:

      I’m comming in from Miami later this afternoon, comming to enjoy the concert, hit the beach, shop and drink. Looking forward to spending a good weekend in the BVI.

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      • Lilly says:

        We are happy to have you. We hope you enjoy the BVI. You mentioned that you will be drinking, so try not to drive. Wish you a safe journey.

  8. One eye fowl cock says:

    I heard he coming for FOXYS hemp festival lol

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  9. Westman says:

    The plane just land…from Colorado..with the cookie dough…?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Also heard the grand wizard of the ku klux klan will be here.

    There is plan to poison the water supply whilst everyone is occupied with the Buju affair.

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  11. BA says:

    Hello Hello I have 5 friends coming from the UK with there friends too Lord have mercy what a weekend of fun in the BVI that call Love 2of them came in last night already. Bless up Buju

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  12. Guest says:

    I heard Jesus say he will be there so make sure I save a splif.

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  13. What are the odds says:

    2 criminals in 1 place? Lawd

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  14. Eagle eye says:

    Well if Jesus coming the bar can’t run out of fine wine.sombody full the barrels with bi water water let’s party with Jesus.

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  15. Weekend Blass says:

    The BVI is going to be lit this weekend. Already in the BVI for the concert/weekend. So far,just kicking back on the beach catching some rays.

  16. Hmmmmm says:

    The man is one of us now, I don’t see the point to announce this like he is a celebrity or something. He is a normal guy with a lovely wife and two sweet looking daughters. The man come for a lime and rock to Buju. Just like Brannie he just here to join the party.

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  17. Come on says:

    Zero facts/evidence/support. PURE PROPAGANDA. Obvious promotion stunt. Take this crap down. I actually enjoy this news site. Keep up yuh standards please.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    I just hope they’ll post an article, as soon as the artists for this weekend land.

  19. mmario says:

    I heard I heard I heard…….get a job…That way you will never hear anything…..Lol

  20. ah tru says:

    is true thing stop deh…lol

  21. Anonymous says:

    About the no re-entry thing supposed the bathrooms full and I really need to drop a hot one, you telling me I cant leave to relieve myself and return after spending $65.00?

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  22. lol says:

    I heard Buju son coming too.Look Drama.Shebada also…Gotta keep the Gay audience happy.

    • Nuff says:

      Aanonymous, you just full of HATE, pick the beans from your eyes before you go pick from others. Check your backyard, it full a shit! Plus ,was that a threat you put out there just now, about poisoning the water? Be careful

  23. Uh huh says:

    Obamie only came the first time because Sir Dick was footing the bill. You don’t think he’d actually pay his own way to come here?

  24. Bigcity says:

    Banton was framed and persecuted by Obama’s injustice department because Obama wanted to fight homophobia. Obama is not welcome at any Buju Banton concert.

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