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Four in custody in connection to Sunday’s robbery-homicide

The police have made some headway into their investigation of Sunday’s robbery-homicide where Catherine Pickering was killed outside her home in Paraquita Bay.

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In a brief statement Wednesday morning, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said four men are in custody in connection with the murder.

They have not been charged but rather, the police said the quartet is “assisting with investigations”.

“Updates will be provided as they become available,” the RVIPF stated.

The Premier’s position 

This news comes less than 24 hours after Premier Andrew stood in the House of Assembly on Tuesday to speak on the incident.

“Government condemns in the strongest way possible the lazy, cowardly and despicable actions of the handful of persons among us who refuse to live in BVI Love and who do not care about the hurt they cause to people or the injury they cause to our territory’s good name as they betray everything that we the Virgin Islands people stand for,” said Premier Fahie who urged the residents to unite together and “fight this evil that is creeping in our territory”.

Government to call prayer event

He also offered condolences to the victim’s family and further urged any person with information to contact the police on this and any other crime.

The Premier also said the “government will be calling a fasting and prayer for the entire territory”.

One by one, condolences poured in from other legislators; some of whom called for the House’s members to meet and have a proper discussion on the seeming escalation in serious crime.

The Premier committed to having that meeting.

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  1. What!! says:

    “Fasting and prayer” how about trying something that might actually be of some use instead of fasting and prayer. Cameras, police patrols, stop and search etc.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    List there names and photos so ppl can see is who

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    • @Hmmm says:

      You want the police to reveal their names and post their photos even though they haven’t (yet) been charged? Persons like you read to comment, instead of reading to understand/comprehend: “they have not been charged but rather, the police said the quartet is assisting with investigations”. Notice I mentioned “yet”, because if these four are actually responsible for such an abhorrent act against an innocent, law-abiding woman and there’s sufficient evidence to charge them with murder then yes, by all means post their names and photos. Until then, let the police do their job properly please.

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  3. tri party says:

    I wonder what the short lady {delilah} with the bag is going to say because those guys are from her district

  4. Remember This says:

    Corruption (in Government and politics) too is a despicable action.

    Speaking lies is despicable.

    Both of these are gained by lazy cowardly people.

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  5. Jah says:

    I believe the prayer event will give us the results we need. Hope and prayers always bring results

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    • What!!! says:

      “jah” sorry but talking to your invisible friend who lives in the sky is not going to solve our problems.

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  6. SMI says:

    @Hmmm Why Would police list their names and photos if they haven’t been charged and assisting with investigations? That’s a real DUM statement.

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  7. Enough is Enough says:

    This post is in response to the murder toll of this small 2×2 island. Firstly. sympathies extended to the bereaved family and friends of Ms. Pickering and All other families in mourning at this time. Examine the following pointers listed below:

    1.The year 2020 ended with murders. The year 2021 started with murders, yet there has been NO CALL for a state of emergency for MILITARY assistance to aid in patrolling and surveillance for these islands. Crime rate is at a peak, robberies/murders.

    2. The economic pillar, tourism is dead. Job opportunities are nil since Irma. Locals have lost jobs and were not compensated with severance pay; and are struggling to recover, repair homes and put food on their table to feed their children.

    3. These islands have experienced a rapid population growth, in one area of naturalization of immigrants. This in itself is a driving force for environmental and crime problems in the absence of jobs availability. Population growth demands resources, resources that these islands DO NOT HAVE.
    This population growth needs to be examined from a labour force and immigration standpoint. The crime rate will increase if attention is not given to these areas.

    4. The island is still is recovery process, where we have families still in need of house repairs, roofs, windows and are being neglected and rejected the financial assistance. Funds were allocated for repairs, yet seemingly only a chosen few received help; however, low income homes are being constructed. Question, who are eligible for these homes?

    5. Yes! Help is needed all over the world but Tortola and sister islands can barely accommodate the over population. Clean up the immigration and labour force before looking to expand this grieving population. Give assistance to your home grown citizens who needs help and are being neglected before giving consideration to the outside world. More people, more crimes.

    In conclusion,
    REPENTANCE is needed.


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    • @ Enough is Enough says:

      You have not dealt with the who are committing these heinous crimes. The reality is that locals are involved. Whether they are doing the shooting themselves or hiring the gun man to do the assassination. We all know who the culprits are but there is a trend oh we don’t snitch on our family members and friends. If we want to navigate out of this scourge we all need to be accountable and adopt a zero tolerance when it comes to crime at all levels. The chickens have come home to roost and we can blame the immigrants all we want but our own people have gone off the right part and the get rich via illegal means is the order of the day in the BVI. That is what we need to repent and acknowledge as the gospel truth!

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  8. MUST ADMIT says:


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    • Hmm says:

      What does VIP have to do with this… or any crime? When NDP was elected people like you would comment the same thing! Stop making it seem like they are the ones going out and commuting these crimes!!!!

    • What!!! says:

      “Must Admit” correct the present government has to go but we need a good alternative before the next election.

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  9. Gateman says:

    The thieves are watching the businesses about a week and a half ago this same thing happened but no one got hurt and they no exactly when to move those ladies with hair salon are target also the businesses that stays open late they’re watching

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