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Court hears how murder unfolds: Fahie shot for words?

Kenaz Hazell attending court yesterday, June 16

While Kenaz Hazell was ordered remanded when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday (June 16), more persons are said to be at large in relation to the murder of businessman Frankie Fahie and a robbery that took place during the said murder.

Magistrate Vareen Vanterpool ordered that 21-year-old Hazell be remanded after she heard allegations that linked him to the crimes.

Hazell is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

He was not made to plead as the charge against him is indictable – meaning that it may be transferred to the High Court for possible trial before a jury.

The prosecution alleged that Hazell conspired with persons “known and unknown” to pull off the robbery at Fahie’s bar on the fatal night of January 6.

On that night, Jeffery Queeley and a group of other men were socialising at the bar.

Queeley, who reportedly had $2,000 cash in his pocket, was also wearing a $3,000 chain as well as a wrist watch.

Queeley and another patron sat at Fahie Boy’s Bar located in the Long Look area of Tortola and ordered a drink from Fahie.

The court heard that Hazell entered the establishment shortly afterwards and ordered a drink. He paid for the drink with a $100 bill, then left the establishment.

Moments after Hazell left the bar, the gunman entered, pointed his firearm at Queeley, and said “everybody get down”.

Fahie reportedly responded: “Get down what?”

While keeping a fixed gaze on Queeley, the gunman reportedly pointed his weapon in the direction of Fahie and shot him. He didn’t look in Fahie’s direction, the court heard.

Fahie ran outside the establishment and collapsed.

The gunman then relieved Queeley of his cash and other valuables before he escaped on foot in the area.

The matter was reported to the police.

CCTV footage

During their investigations, police recovered CCTV footage, which showed that Hazell allegedly entered the bar around 10:32pm on the night of the incident.

The footage revealed that, while at the bar, Hazell’s attention was also focused on Queeley.

The court heard that, when Hazell left the establishment, cameras captured him going in the direction of Old Plantation. He was being followed by a Rav4 vehicle.

The prosecution noted that the gunman entered the bar 10:36pm – exactly one minute after Hazel left.

Cameras also captured the gunman disappearing in the direction of Old Plantation – the same direction in which Hazell travelled when he exited the bar.

Hazell eventually was taken into police custody for questioning. But he was released some time after Rebekah Persaud willingly visited the police station and corroborated Hazel’s alibi.

Persaud, who was also hauled before the Magistrate’s Court yesterday, has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

Meanwhile, following further police investigations, Hazell was charged formally on Thursday (June 15).

In court, prosecuting attorney Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit objected to bail for Hazell. She said Hazell is known to travel frequently and so he is a flight risk.

She also stated that Hazell could obstruct ongoing investigations by – among other things – alerting other persons who are yet to be apprehended.

Hazell, who was remanded, will return to court on September 13.

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