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Fraser presses VI’s independence case at Guyanese memorial


The sombre tone that prevailed at last week’s memorial for victims of a tragic fire in Guyana offered an opportune moment for Third District Representative Julian Fraser to press home the urgency and importance of the BVI’s need to seek independence.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, along with other legislators, the Governor and Deputy Governor, also attended the event and shared their heartfelt condolences over the tragic incident.

But even as he shared brief remarks and expressed sympathy for the 19 young Guyanese that lost their lives in the disaster, Fraser appeared to have another earnest message to share with those in attendance at the Tortola Pier Park.

The veteran lawmaker quickly shifted his focus to the high level of admiration he held for the Guyanese people, particularly because of their fortitude for forging towards independence almost six decades ago.

He said Guyanese in the community would come together traditionally to celebrate their independence around this time and expressed that their resolve to “move towards independence and never look back” all those years ago, was a teachable moment for Virgin Islanders.

“There is nothing that can convince me that today, where we stand here in the Virgin Islands, that we don’t have the wherewithal, as far as our development is concerned, as far as our intellect of the people is concerned, to be where they were 57 years ago,” said Fraser.

Fraser told the gathering he was hopeful that there would be no similar tragedies affecting Guyana in future, such as the one that took nearly two dozen lives. “I hope there will be no more (tragedies) that would bring them here, but that they would come here for independence celebrations,” Fraser shared.

He added: “And I would like to be invited each time that you come here to celebrate your independence, until we get ours, at least.

According to Fraser, he not only wants to learn from these interactions, but he also wants the Guyanese people to teach locals. “I want you to teach our people that there’s absolutely nothing wrong and everything right about independence,” said Fraser.


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  1. He looks much nicer now says:


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  2. Stups says:

    That WAS NOT the place and time for that. It was a VIGIL for 19 lives lost in a fire. Funny how people can turn that into an opportunity to spew their political hogwash. Again, it was a Vigil and time of grief and mourning SMH

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  3. Mad Max says:

    Not the time or place for that message.

    And – Guyana has a population of nearly 800,000 on 83,000 square miles. Copious raw materials etc. Of course it can operate independently! Compare and contrast …

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  4. come on Frazer says:

    a time and place for everything sir. Use some wisdom. You have your voice in the HoA, you can get on Social Media or buy a spot on the radio station. A country in the time of grief is not the time to complain about your colonial beef. Did Guyaana independence make or stop the incident? You ain’t got no bedside manners

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  5. in Fraser's defence says:

    The news media always picking out exert stuff from Fraser speeches for hits on their sites but never in a positive way

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  6. It was not that alone he said says:

    Ayo always here on standby waiting to prey on poor fraser

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  7. Ethics & Morality says:

    appear absent in this person who speaks for no one but himself.

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  8. Hogwash says:

    Guyana is Indeoendent!
    Guyana has varied natural resources
    How is “independence” going for them

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  9. LMAO says:

    Y’all have talked down to Guyanese for yearssssss. But all of a sudden he admire them LOL you can’t make this shhhhh#t up lol

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  10. BVI News Correction: says:

    The word for politiking during a memorial vigil for a devastating loss is ‘inappropriate’, not opportune.

    This man is an embarrassment to the Territory.

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  11. Really now says:

    Yea coming together to talk about the dead and still stepping on the necks of the living. Remember and give sympathy to the dead but celebrate the living expats on the island. By the way was our arch enemy Funeral director there. Remember we are not suppose to take our deceased family to any place name *

  12. Lionel says:

    Get independence and watch your beautiful islands get mismanaged and eventually go down the drain.
    History is littered with examples, and if the BVI go down this path it will be the same…

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  13. Anonymous says:


  14. @stups says:

    The day of the Vigil May 26 was Guyana independence in the year 1966, that’s why he made mention of it.

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  15. @come on says:

    That day Guyanese would have been celebrating their independence instead of a vigil.

  16. Hmm says:

    You need to answer for that sea cows bay harbor project. Ralph allowed a set of you all to do too much sh.t!

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  17. What!!! says:

    No Fraser is NOT “the man”
    He is an ignorant man making political speech at a service for people who have died.

  18. @hmm says:

    That project was under the control of the then Premier’s Office. Hon. Fraser won’t mention it because his honourable nature says that hon. O’Neal isn’t here to answer. Let Justice take its course though

  19. aye yo says:

    What the hell man!? Have you no tact? No decorum? You really really think that was the time and place to even mention anything, apart from condolences?

    Yeesh Mehson.

  20. He is a good man says:

    These news site does try very hard to destroy certain people

  21. To @stupes says:

    Yes, but again that was NOT the time for that… WAS A VIGIL!!!! He went up there cracking jokes about having to walk up the stairs and go back down cause someone else was called on the stage.

  22. Political Intelligence says:

    A country does not need much land and material to be successfully independent. There’s many examples of this (Barbados, Bahamas, st. Kitts and Nevis, Singapore). What it needs is people with the best IQ to run the show. Smart politicians, smart students, smart professionals, etc to lead. This can help harbour a strong economy. Smart people running the show plus other factors determines a nation readiness for independence. The BVI currently does not have the right kind of people running things, so no to independence for now.

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  23. The Reaper says:

    He is Right. ?….

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  24. The Reaper says:

    He is right ..100 percent

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  25. Old Guyanese says:

    Independence went great for Guyana in the beginning. Life was good, unfortunately the economy had a major blow during the 70s and more so during the 80s. It use to be a world leader in bauxite export for example. But when global prices fell so did the economy. We also had a dictator who mismanaged our industries, salaries then turned into devalued crap, and so countless guyanese left.

    But now, thanks to oil. Things are turning around very impressively.

  26. Wait says:

    He cut his hair! Yeay! Well done Honourable Fraser

  27. @wait says:

    That j@ck@$$ ain’t cut a thing. Went to the people vigil looking like a d@mn hobo

  28. @what!!! says:

    He was throwing shade at the Governor….how tasteless was that?? And I must say, I was pleased with the Governor’s speech(which was probably the best)

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  29. @to@strupes says:

    That is the first thought that came to mind. A time and place for everything. Why SCB people continue to reelect this man is beyond me.

  30. Wtf says:

    Fraser never loses an opportunity to show that he is an id**t. Choosing that event to express his unpopular desire for BVI Independence was insentitive and idiotic. Anyway Mr. Fraser while we are at it, maybe you can explain what resources BVI has to stand on if it gain Independence.I don’t have to spell out Guyana’s resources which sre vast, you can google it for yourself. You need to stop being a damn j**k. Its not attractive.

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