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Fraser, Turnbull and Penn open to forming coalition to unseat VIP

From left: Opposition legislators Julian Fraser of Progressives United, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn of the NDP, and Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement.

By Fitsroy Randall, BVI News Staff

Despite their coy posture, members of the parliamentary Opposition indicated that they will be doing everything in their power to unseat the governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) and form the next government of the Virgin Islands. 

Speaking at a press conference held by Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition on Tuesday, April 12, senior legislator Julian Fraser likened the Andrew Fahie-led VIP administration to a dictator-styled government and said the territory is too small for that kind of governance.

He said this style of government is where every major decision happens on one side of the political table and there are no opposing voices. 

“If you look at this Opposition we have right now, we have three political parties in the Opposition. The Leader of the Opposition [Marlon Penn] does not get his way. The Leader of the Opposition consults with us. What happens in the alternative is when the Premier decides and tells the others, you either say ‘yes’ or you walk and I don’t think that is the way a country should run anymore. I think we can do better,” the Third District Representative said.  

Fraser further said if Penn — the leader of one of the territory’s biggest political parties — succeeds in the next general election, he can count on the support of the current Opposition Members. 

“If any reason, he should form a government and can’t muster enough support from within his own party and he must come to us for support, he can expect that. We can expect that he must do what a coalition does and it would be better for the party. It would be best for the country. We have understood each other, and he knows that both of us — member of the Second [District, Mitch Turnbull] and me who are representing two other political parties — are quite capable of letting him know it is not going to be that way,” Fraser said. 

Meanwhile, Turnbull said the Virgin Islands is currently in a state where it needs people who put the country first. He said people must be willing to put aside their pride and individual desires to do what is best for the country moving forward. 

“Where the three of us sit in this Opposition, we decided that we will work together to serve this country and form the next administration. That is without a shadow of a doubt. We have seen what has happened over the last three-and-a-half years where it is one person running the show and everybody else following along singing Kumbaya,” Turnbull said.  

“What we need is persons who can stand up on position and principle and challenge and then come out with the best outcome. Not because it is not your idea, and you have the title “Premier” which means we must go that especially when it is going against the voice of the people. In short, we are committed to doing what we must do to represent the people of the Virgin Islands because it will need the minds and those of us who are committed to the country to put in somethings back into place that we have fallen short,” the Second District Representative continued. 

Turnbull did not clarify if he would run with his current political party the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) or if he would run under the National Democratic Party. 


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  1. HALLELUIAH says:

    what have we here ? gentlemen I hope you all respect the people of the land / respect yourselves and eachother and do the the right thing , so that the People can respect you ? (NO RAT RACE PLEASE ) / let it be an honor to serve with honesty and integrity / something that is not heard these days ,( only racism , colonialism , independence , murder, guns , cocaine and a whole set of hypocrites

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  2. oh yeah that's good news says:

    OK then…………just for Ronnie, Myron and a few others to chime in now and we will rid ourselves of the VIP

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    • x says:

      Why does it have to be the same old recycled politicians?

      • Me says:

        I feel like a new breed will get a chance this time. Shaina Smith, Dirk Walters, Henry Creque etc just to name a few. Don’t be discouraged, this is your time but come good. Come better than your last efforts and you can get in. But don’t be puppets to those older ‘my way or the highway set’, take their advice if it’s good and bring new ideas but don’t do what they did or adopt their approaches else you will fall short and fail. Respect those who see the world differently than you do as they have reasons and can see what you can’t. Don’t ever assume you have all the answers because you will never. Never assume you are the smartest person in the room because you most likely aren’t, the smarter person is usually keeping quiet and assessing your flaws and can see how your plan will fail. Seek their advice when you see them silent. That is my free advice, you should take it now because once you get in I will charge you for it.

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    • 1st district original says:


  3. BuzzBvi says:

    Oh Dear. This the best we have to go back to the old corrupt ways just to get away from the new corrupt ways. Remember when Fraser was VIP? Does everyone forget. We need new leaders, these elders just keep passing the purse back and forth and the people lose everytime.

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  4. MIA says:

    Where was the action man? Why is he always absent? getting paid to do or say nothing?

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  5. Youth says:

    I am now sure that I am staying with the VIP.

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  6. WOW says:

    All three of these jokers are in 3 different political parties who have tried to merge but cannot agree to do so at present. Now they take us for fools and want us to put them in Government and they will work together. People do not be fooled by these jokers.

  7. Lovely says:

    A set of deceivers. Leave them alone.

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  8. Hmmmmm says:

    These guys just oppose everything even when it is good for the people. I had enough of them.

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  9. Please says:

    I am fed up of these three negative children that are always complaining.

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  10. SMH says:

    Instead of planning in the downfall of the present Government, find ways in trying to get the Territory functioning right for the Citizens. Stop with the Power hunger games. If you not working for the benefits of the People now, what makes us to believe you will do so then!

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    • @SMH says:

      WELL SAID!!! WELL SAID!!!!

    • Padre says:

      If I could shake your hands one hundred times. They will destroy this country for any selfish gain. Seems like Fraser learnt nothing from his seniority to part with these two.

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      • @padre says:

        And this is how we are here! This is exactly what the current premier did, undermined Fraser for leader of the party! Power hungry! Now the country is at an all time low!

  11. Juvenile says:

    Hahahaaaaaa this is the biggest joke all morning. This is getting ridiculous man. Biwaterrrrr and mind my own business.

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  12. heckler says:

    this means VIP will get back in power as no one wants Marlon as Leader!

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  13. 2nd District says:

    Mitch must go. He is a FAKE.

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  14. June says:

    Let’s hashtag P*mp Fraser and Mitch for Penn. BVI best hope. Lol

  15. Anonymous says:

    Politica, governance and diplomacy especially, these are mere weaklings..

    And, there is nothing genuine in their aura indicating honest and profound desire to serve and build the people, state and country.

    What is seen is a personal quest to accumulate power and gov/money… JJust like the current crew…Just look into those faces and eyes….

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  16. Hash says:

    Come on Myron LEH WE DO DIS TING..

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    • @hash says:

      I prefer #lehwedothisting than #pimpfraserandmitchforpenn. Soon we will be hashing #cindyforshow #vipallthewhere and #pickosorrysorrysorry and #firsthorseforthebin.

  17. nutmeg says:

    Not impressed at all with this bunch! The country is in a political crisis! The current administration has failed us and no one other credible choice has emerged. Unless we have competent leaders it’s going to be a long rocky road!

  18. GTFOH says:

    Lol this is not the solution to our problems. Recycling the same failures and giving them a new party name isn’t progress. We humbly decline your offer. We want 13 fresh, qualified, honest and morally rich citizens to run for office. All I see here is flip flopping, yes men who will say anything to get a vote.

  19. Musa says:

    No team or any body replacing Frazer he is our best choice with experience

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  20. Straight Talk says:

    Is it 2 blind mice and a mouse or 3 Blind Mice? You cannot run as A, B and C and after the final result is announced, you band together to lead the territory. You will have to enter the poll as a single unit! Number 2 affront is that, neither of you consulted the electorate and are accusing Fahie’s Administration as dictatorial. Obviously, the pot is calling the kettle black. What are your plans to grow the territory? what are your plans to eradicate corruption?

  21. Sad says:

    As a BVIslander I have come to realize that the people who control the top position in governments 60 percent are badmindex, prejudice, hate to see others outside of their circle progressing . They feel they know everything and do not listen to the ideas of others
    They have community meetings but already formed their opinions
    At least over 65 percent is catching on to the wicked underlying hatred in the country
    That is why we find ourselves in this political predicament!
    We in are going down into a deep abyss.

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