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Fraser urges residents to sue gov’t over environmental issues

Julian Fraser

Opposition Legislator and Third District Representative Julian Fraser has called on residents to file lawsuits against the Government of the Virgin Islands on environmental issues affecting their well-being.

Fraser made the call while addressing members of the media at a press conference with Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition last week.

“It is unacceptable. It has to stop,” Fraser said. “We have issues of mould in the territory and nothing is happening. The burning of garbage in the open in a community right here in the BVI and people in St John and St Thomas are complaining about it. Imagine what is happening to the folks in that community.”

He continued: “People in this territory are dying from cancer like flies, and for some reason, nothing is being done on the government’s side about it. Governments must stop killing their people, straight and simple; victimizing the people through so many forms.”

Sewerage issues

The Opposition legislator said another issue that desperately needs to be addressed is that of sewerage.

“Imagine, Hurricane Irma came and damaged a sewerage treatment plant at Burt Point — the only sewerage plant that treats waste from the metropolitan Road Town area that is Baugher’s Bay, Purcell, Huntum’s Ghut, Road Town, McNamara andnd dumps that raw sewerage out in the waters in Slaney that flows down to Sea Cows Bay, Nanny Cay and about,” he said.

 I am willing to help

In the meantime, Fraser said he stands ready to assist residents who want to sue the government.

“I am putting out there, and I have put it out before. It is time for our citizens to start filing class-action lawsuits against the government. Something that I support and will support even if I have to help support it financially.”

“I am appealing to government, ministers, to take control of your ministries and make sure that whatever is within your portfolio is getting the kind of attention that is necessary to make it function,” Fraser said.


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  1. uuuummm says:

    I agree with fraser because the government don’t seem to care much about us. They are too careless and worthless

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  2. TRUE says:


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  3. BVI says:


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  4. hog city says:

    Please people just don’t read the headline alone and then start blogging. Make sure read the whole story first because i know ayo prefer to hate on the messenger rather than the message

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  5. Agreed says:

    Filing a lawsuit against the Government is the only way something will be done to correct the problem.

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  6. Food and Medicine Security Absent from Political Radar. says:

    Given that the majority of living being do suffer directly from the effects of burning trash and garbage, it can be assumed that there are other hidden, and perhaps even insidious reasons , why sso many are dying from cancer, kidney and liver failures.

    The issue is, they, the politicians only look at what they is easy to look at, deny the existence of other possibilities, and protect their political financial bottom line, while their population is covertly and being attacked.

    More indepth studies and investigations are needed to our medicines and food, not just a hot poitical sound bite about burning garbage, asimportant as that is also.

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  7. both air/sea polluted says:

    We really need to get tough on government because we in the 3rd suffering from pollution for too long now. We cant get fresh air to breathe in the district nor we cant eat a fish that is caught in our district waters

  8. tvip says:

    he wasn’t saying this when he was in power. The sewage problem has been around for decades across multiple parties.

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  9. VIP says:

    Suing the Government is like suing yourself. Where do you think Government gets money from to operate? We the taxpayers, dumb a$$

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  10. seek a bay says:

    Julian Fraser are behind you sir 100%. We got your back

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  11. lol says:

    We will even though we know we cant win

  12. also says:

    We need to sue government for those huge potholes in our roads that are mashing up our cars

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  13. WOW says:

    When Fraser is in the Opposition he is so caring. As soon as he gets in the Government he forgets the people and become a d**il

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  14. E. Leonard says:

    Providing a safe, secure and healthful/healthy environment is one of the major roles and responsibilities of any government. And protecting and preserving the environment is an integral part of government’s responsibility. The environment should be on equal footing with health, public safety, education, economy ……etc. Thus, the territory must have a sound environmental management programme that includes conserving, protecting and restoring its natural and cultural resources. Environmental actions must be balanced against growth and development, sustainability…..etc.

    Moreover, as a minimum, the environmental management programme should consist of the following components:
    1. Environmental Compliance: [wastewater discharge, sewage treatment, noise abatement, air quality attainment, hazardous waste/materialmanagement,water(sea)pollution/contamination]
    2. Environmental Restoration; and,
    3. Natural and Cultural Resources Management: (land/national parks, sea, forests, fish and wildlife, historic and archeological).

    Consistent with the territory’s environmental management programme, the issues raised by Hon Julian Fraser, RA, D-3 Rep, should be addressed urgently, ie, mould, open burning that is causing a negative externality for the VI’s western neighbor, and discharging raw sewage into the pristine waters. Tourism, a major employer, is 1/2 of the VI twin economic pillar; financial services, the other. The sea is a major attraction for both land- and sea-based visitors that should be protected. Dumping raw sewage into the sea, especially along the coastline, pollutes and contaminates it, adversely impacting its beneficial uses, ie, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, boating and other recreational activities……etc. Additionally, the pollution and contamination also impacts a marine food source, ie, fish, whelks, lobster, conchs, crabs……etc.

    Moreover, the MHSS collects data on births and deaths. And it should be out front and proactive in studying and analyzing the causes of death and taking action, if any, to prevent premature deaths. Too often organizations rely on lagging indicator data (after the fact) to respond to issues. Instead, they should collect and respond to leading indicator data. It seems as if the high rate of cancer death is alarming the community. This alarm should drive action(s) to find why. Studies should also be initiated to find out the cause(s) for the high rates of chronic diseases, ie, high blood pressure(pressure), hypertension, diabetes(sugar), prostate issues (stoppage of water)…….etc.

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    • Eagle & Buffalo says:

      High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity…..etc are rampant in our community. Premier Fahie engage the help of the UN, UK , EU ……etc to research the cause of the increase of these diseases to get solution(s) for reducing the high incidents. Are the other regional OTs experiencing the same high incident rate for these diseases? In regards to environmental resources, we can mismanage them at own peril.

      [Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes]

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    • WTF says:

      @E. Leonard, “Too often organizations rely on lagging indicator data (after the fact) to respond to issues. Instead, they should collect and respond to leading indicator data.” Is not all data, data? Distinguishing between lagging and leading indicators serve little or no purpose IMO. Nonetheless, government needs to investigate the cause of present concerning health issues.

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      • @WTF says:

        @WTF, WTF indeed. Really! Here is a news flash. All data is not the same. Chrpez som bred, mai son. You need your keyboard taken away. Successful companies used leading indicators to stay ahead of the game and at the tip of spear. Mark Twain say: It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt..

  15. Not just Food and Medicine Security. says:

    They need to begin looking at, charging and jailing the people who created HIV and have killed many innocents and continue killing;

    They need to find and charge and jail the culprit responsible for the murders of and continuing murders of innocent women, children and men through Ebola.

    They need to arrest, charge and hand down the death sentence to those murderers and to those who sit in colonial, imperial comfort and covertly engage in Black depuplation. That is open genocide being sanctioned by the rich white racial royal people, the UN and th world.

    Wonder what would be their response if African leaders outwardly proclaim and advocate the depopulation of the white race, especially that of the royal family and the rest of the UK, Bill gates and others families?

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  16. LOL says:

    But wait, dont a lot of the problems being experienced today actually stem from when he was the responsible minister. Had he laid a good foundation we wouldnt be in this mess,.

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  17. Wowv says:

    The Delta regional manager sue govt and still enjoying GREAT privileges. He is a good example . He has laid the path . Go

  18. Chooks says:

    Class action? What you think this is boss? USA? We do not have class action laws on our books. The rambling I see here. Funny stuff if he wasn’t a prominent politician who has power. As it is, scary.

  19. Another Reason for Step up in Food and Medicine Security. says:

    To whom it may concern and who really respects facts:

    Robert Gallo invented the HIV virus, to wipe out the African race. It is patented and he receives royalties.

    Now wrap your moral mind around that, if you have one.

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  20. SMH says:

    Why can’t we try working together for the Safety, Health and Wellbeing of Our People? It’s time to stop egging on this Divide, Hate and Segregate due to Personal and Political Views. This form of Mental Slavery is aiding in the destruction and demise of any type of Functional Government.

  21. 007 says:

    Suing the government only benefits the person that wins the lawsuit. Any penny lost by the government affects every single person in the BVI including Fraser. Why would you want the government to be sued when that money can go towards the 3rd district and assist with cutting the overgrown bush that has taken over the sidewalks or replacing the streetlights in the district that were damaged during Irma.

    Suing is also a risk for the plaintiff. Whether you win or lose you have to pay your legal fees and if you lose you may have to pay the legal fees of government as well and the court cost. Just recently a well known guy lost his second suit against BVIHSA and was ordered to pay for the Court cost. I’m sure he got good legal advice about his chances to win and he still lost. He’s a businessman and maybe able to throwaway thousands of dollars but one thing I know is Fraser wont give you a dime for legal fees.

  22. Class Action Law Suit says:

    Ok. Before you take legal action against the government, put it on notice and if it deliberately fails to correct its behaviour, then may be you can take action to be made whole. However, filing a law suit does not mean you are going to prevail. You have to show that government exhibited gross negligence and you have to also prove that you were harmed. If you prevail, the defendant may or may not have to pay your legal fees. If you are hell bent on suing the government, see if an attorney will take the case on contingency, ie, if the case is won, the attorney gets a portion of the settlement and if the case is lost you don’t owe the attorney anything. Have not seen this in the VI.

  23. Monkey face says:

    U need sueing for neglect kn the district

  24. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Hon Julian ”Liberator” Fraser, RA, D-3 rep, former MCW, former VIP stalwart and now leader of the PU, busted on political scene in the 90s, representing the 3rd District, following in the footsteps of his brother Earl ”Early” Fraser (last remaining original member of VIP) and Oliver Cills. Undoubtedly, the Liberator is a knowledgeable, deep political thinker…….etc.

    However, if there is a knock on him, it is the view of many that he is egoistic and arrogant. Some may see these traits as self assured and self confidence. Nonetheless, the former is a tag that trails him and in the eyes of many contributed to the VIP shellacking at the polls in 2015. Many also are of the opinion that the way he bolted from the VIP was not good form.

    Moreover, despite some setbacks, the Hon Fraser has left a mark on the political landscape, ie, Biwater water agreement, telecommunications competition…….etc. The fruits of these two projects are being enjoyed by thousands of residents. Ok. What about the roundabout traffic lights? Well, with more effective planning and traffic engineering that project could have worked. I have no dogs in this fight and just calling balls and strike.

    Moreover, as a legislator not too sure that he should be publicly agitating people to sue the government. If I were advising the Liberator, I would have suggested a series of speeches in the HOA and on the trail in communities, writing Op-eds, writing position papers., pursuing direct talks with the Premier …..etc. on the environmental issues. If the government is sued and loses, the Liberator would have to vote in the HOA to appropriate funds to pay the plaintiff(s). Suing should be a last resort. With some changes in approach(humility, civility), the Liberator may still have much to offer the VI and its people. Again, I have no dog in this fight; i’m a freelance blogger. Just keeping it real.

    • Cocoa Tea says:

      @PO, boi, sitting back reading your comment and sipping on mi cocoa tea, I spew all over my linen white shirt. Where can I forward the dry cleaning bill? Lol. Balanced and interesting commentary. Fraser is talented with good political instincts and insights but boi his arrogance and stubbornness is a turn off. His attitude and self centeredness got him on the outside looking in. This turn off is not insurmountable but it is going to be a steep climb out of that hole.

    • @PO says:

      @PO, you toss the Hon Julian Fraser a life line so let’s see if he grabs it or a leopard can’t change its spot. It is unfortunate that thus far the Hon Fraser has not fully capitalized on his political skills for the greater/public good. Here is a news though. Sometimes we are not as popular as we think we are. Consequently, we can miscalculate our bearings.

  25. ed says:

    and fraser continues to embarrass him self

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