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Fraser’s Progressives United presents four candidates at party launch

From left: Fraser, Walters, Scatliffe, and Brewley.

After weeks of virtual silence, the Julian Fraser-led Progressives United officially introduced four of its candidates for the upcoming general elections.

The political organisation presented the candidates at its campaign launch in Sea Cows Bay on Friday.

Contesting the First Electoral District for the party is businesswoman, Stephanie Brewley.

As previously reported, party chairman, Fraser — who has been an elected representative since 1999 — will continue his campaign to become the next premier of the British Virgin Islands by seeking re-election in the Third Electoral District.

Next on the line-up is former Virgin Islands Party legislator, Dr Vincent Scatliffe, who will be vying to re-take his seat in Fourth Electoral District.

Former Customs officer, Dirk Walters will be contesting the Fifth District

More candidates will be introduced for the party at a later date.

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  1. Whistleblower says:

    Which of you will pledge to establish whistleblower laws if you are elected?

    • Really says:

      Is that the best you have? Why didn’t Fahie blow the Whistle when they were moving dirt from Pebbles hospital to Carrot Bay?
      Do you think his projects went unnoticed?

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  2. For real says:

    I could tell you. This is getting too interesting


      And the way whistleblower laws usually work, the first person to turn in the government official who has taken payola gets the same amount of money paid to them by the government – guaranteed.

      So for example, if someone had personal information that a Minister received $1,000,000 through a BVI Shell Company that he set up to receive payola from a business deal that he was involved with approving or overseeing then the whistleblower gets the $1,000,000.

      We need to demand that each of the candidates express their point of view on this. We can then vote for the candidate that agrees to pass this new law first thing. Then we can get lots of money to fix our houses and to start new businesses.

  3. 5th says:

    Dirky is the only person that stand a chance

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    • Harry says:

      @5th: Dream on. Seem like you living in an alternate world like Donald Trump

    • VI says:

      I’m actually impressed by Dirk. I never considered him before but I think I’ve made my 5th district decision now.

      The brown girl think she talking to school children? She have good ideas but the message lost in delivery. I had to turn off radio and put back on when I think she was done.

      Fraser you could have a good chance if you follow these simpl improvement suggestions:
      -Buy a tailored slim fit suit to modernize self. Black or blue.
      -Wear slim ties
      -get close shaves
      -modernize mustache
      -Put back in your flat haircut and dye hair leaving little grey
      -Tone down the aggression in voice. Speak with concern and passion.

      Scatliffe take the suit and tie suggestions that fraser got.

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    • Hmmmmm says:

      Maybe before jam kinda too

  4. Political Intelligence says:


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  5. Scatliffe says:

    Dr do little please go an sit down

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  6. Time says:

    Three brave souls. Best of luck to them.

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  7. Why says:

    People so judgmental of others. Jah man. The stone that the builders reject could well be the cornerstone we need. Stop degrading other people. Some day we shall all answer to how we treat others.

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  8. Just asking says:

    Is this the sunflower team?? Hope you can get your full slate together soon. I believe this team will listen to the people.

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  9. TeamWork says:

    PVIM has 7 members, PU has 4. Neither of them will have enough to form a government. If any happens to win a seat it will be difficult for them to cross the floor to either of the two main parties. It would have made much more sense for these two splinter groups to join forces but as usual huge egos get in the way. Country is never put first. Sorry to be negative but I am not optimistic about the outcome of this election regardless of who wins. We are in a sad state and Irma was just the beginning. I hope I’m wrong.

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    • Peaches says:

      You are so correct! We are living in the last days. This election is a very critical one. We have to go into the poles prayerfully as we have to ask God’s guidance so that we do not partake of these candidates sins.

  10. TeamWork says:

    Brown Girl in the Ring didn’t sound too bad though…

  11. Observer says:

    Fraser is the only one that stand a chance. You can take to the bank. The rest are wasting their time. Look like people have this thing as a joke. This is not time for jokes. The BVI is at the crossroads right now. Our financial services sector is under threat and our tourism sector is still at a standstill because our major hotels are still closed.

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  12. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The next constitutionally due election is due by 16 April 2019. The next HOA meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2019 and if the HOA is dissolved then, the election can occur as early as Feb 06 and no later than March 16. April 16 was established as the drop dead date by the Governor so parties have a target date to work with. Yet at this 11th hour, parties are slow rolling the rollout of their candidates. The BVI, though it should, does not have fix term election; however, the last general election was held in June 2015 so though the exact date is not known, parties/independents should have anticipated the next general election being held no late than the summer of 2019. What is driving the slow roll out?

    Is it poor planning, shallow talent pool, dearth of electable candidates,late Caribbean culture, being late to the party………etc. Regardless of the reason, this is a crucial election, for the territory is facing the most difficult period in its history, having been knocked to its knees by the August 2017 historic flood, the September 2017 catastrophic hurricanes(Irmaria)….etc. Consequently, the BVI needs its best and brightest to come forward to compete to lead it out its abyss. A new course must be charted and the best and brightest experienced architects and engineers (political talent) are needed to aggressively attack the task.

    Moreover, the BVI electorate should already know who will be competiting for the 13 seats in the HOA; the electorate needs time to seriously contrast and compare candidates and make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the territory. Running for elected office is more than a job with a pay check. It requires a relentless passion, sacrificial dedication, commitment, uncommon selfishness, raw nationalism…….etc to chart a new course to take the territory well into the 21st Century. It is about national interest and the self interest candidates need not apply.

  13. Fraser says:

    Please just join pmv party and be done with these people.

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  14. Shock Wave says:

    So we wait so long to see Hon Fraser bring out a not even half A$$ party? Only 4 people at this hour after all the speculation and consulting he did with people?!! Last time I check its 13 seats in House of Assembly. The days of putting people in Government to take up seat and be blowing hot air to the public need to stop. We need people of ACTION who can make the difference in this country to better the lives for all individuals. This half A$$ nonsense need to stop!!!

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  15. BVI People says:

    Its time for the VIP to go on defense vs offense. It appears that Fahie thought he was going to get away with pointing blame on the NDP and have a free joy ride all election? No Way!!
    Time will deal with the VIP and their lies. PU get your party together you too have supporters who are not brain washed to party politics, people who put country first over parties.

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  16. Ausar says:

    Julian, your voice is a welcoming presence with regards to Virgin Islander FIRST initiatives with regards to employment.

    And to hear you talk of the need for proper infrastructural development that mirrors international standards,by “those whose faces are not fresh from the pages of a textbook”, is refreshing.

    While I’m not quite a fan of yours, it is principles aforementioned , that will always render you,in my book, as a viable potential leader of this land.

    May the best man win!

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  17. Me Say says:

    Julian cant join PVIM because one party cant have two leaders. And you know he is is not going to settle for third because Mitch already is second and he not going to give up that position. A set of power hungry individuals!

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  18. Reality says:

    More Candidates than voters.

  19. For real says:

    Live in first who the Helios this?

    • LOL says:


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  20. thing to talk says:

    Andrew put a woman in the 3rd to run against Frazer and Frazer did the same thing to back to him

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  21. @Ausar says:

    Fraser and Andrew under the VIP reign is apart of the unemployment rate. They put on a hiring freeze in Govt and the private firms laid off people left right and center. The students who graduated from high school and from college locally and abroad could not get jobs.

    As a result, this increased the youth unemployment rate in the Territory. The NDP lifted the ban and created a Youth employment programme to help combat that problem.

    Julian Fraser was the minister for MC&W, why didn’t he started to put proper infrastructural development that mirrors international standards in place. Weren’t he the RA expert in architecture and lived in the US for years.

    Well I have not seen any infrastructure undertaken by his ministry so that he could’ve implemented any standards anyhow. But he complains about standards. Henry Creque is the man for the job, as an engineer he will know the standards of which Frazer speaks about and can go about getting them implemented.

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    • YO LIE says:

      Who introduced stop lights in the BVI? Who brought cheaper water? Who give us cellphone choices and affordable rates? Who built sidewalks in sea cow’s bay? Who negotiated for 2 free reservoirs? Who negotiated for 2 free sewage plants? AND YOUR ANSWER IS……….. (drum roll)…………..JULIAN FRASER

      • Anonymous says:

        Affordable cell phone rates? all others are debatable except that one.

      • @YO LIE says:

        Q – Who introduced stop lights in the BVI?
        STATUS: One set of traffic lights working, but the traffic flowing just fine.

        Q – Who brought cheaper water? Who negotiated for 2 free reservoirs?
        STATUS: The company that —- him handsomely, but give us a six for a nine. Ain’t he the who complaining about water woes not to long ago.

        Q – Who give us cellphone choices and affordable rates?
        STATUS: Yet still we have the worst service in the world. It ain’t cheaper one bit, the cost sift from one thing to another.

        Q – Who built sidewalks in sea cow’s bay?
        STATUS: As the minister for C&W should have built sidewalks all over the Territory.

        Who negotiated for 2 free sewage plants?
        STATUS: yet still the country still have sewage. Mark and Marlon did more than Fraser to help stop shit from flowing in the streets.

        AND YOUR ANSWER IS……….. (drum roll)…………..goooooo and come again!

      • @ yo lie says:

        Who party vote them into law? Drum rolls? VIP pass it in the house not Fraser

    • YO LIE says:

      Who lengthened the runway at beef island? Who brought in the dredge to fill the runway and brandywine bay beach with sand? Who restored the water plant what the investment club killed in baugher’s bay? Who paved most of the roads in the 3rd district? Who took the hog out of hog city?……………HON FRASER AGAIN!

  22. YO LIE says:

    Who introduced stop lights in the BVI? Who brought cheaper water? Who give us cellphone choices and affordable rates? Who built sidewalks in sea cow’s bay? Who negotiated for 2 free reservoirs? Who negotiated for 2 free sewage plants? AND YOUR ANSWER IS……….. (drum roll)…………..JULIAN FRASER

  23. PENG says:


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  24. LOL says:

    You got them w****r boys fooled real good…changing profile pics and all ????????????????

  25. Friend says:

    You will always have my vote Dirky, no matter what party you join. Good luck

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