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Fresh appeal for proper road safety practises made on the heels of traffic fatality

Minister for Transportation Works and Utilities, Kye Rymer.

Coming off the heels of a traffic accident that claimed the life of a 20-year-old man, residents of the British Virgin Islands are being urged to exercise proper road safety measures.

The call came from Transportation Minister Kye Rymer.

He said: “Without prejudice to anyone involved, I wish to take this opportunity to renew my appeals to all motorists and road users to exercise caution when commuting on the territory’s roads.”

“Please obey all road signs and regulations, try to be alert with regard to your surroundings and be considerate towards other road users,” he added.

You are responsible for other road users

The minister, who also served as head of the Department of Motor Vehicles, said motorists must remember they are also responsible for other road users.

“Once we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, we become responsible for the safety of not just ourselves but our passengers and other drivers and passengers on the road, including pedestrians,” he said.

“Life is not perfect and things can go wrong but by taking precautions, we reduce the likelihood of mishaps and avoid detrimental consequences,” Rymer added.

Twenty-year-old Ryan Adams of Sea Cows Bay passed away following a collision with a truck earlier this week.

Investigations into the fatal crash are said to be underway by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    Isn’t this the guy who wants to up the horsepower on the motorcycles ?

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    • Ali says:

      Him same one he’s disgusting

      • listen says:

        do me a favor and go f##k yourself people killing people everyday where you from for petty s**t. what does that have to do with uping the cc on bikes?? I wish he could find out who you are send your a** back for being rude.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Thats him alright

    • Stats says:

      I was just talking about this. Before approving that, they need to release statistics on deaths and life changing injuries caused by accidents on scooters or motorcycles. Then they need to generate some road safety laws relating to use of motorbikes and effective enforcement of those laws. If all that is in place, and operating properly, only then should more powerful bikes be considered. The minister of health should be fighting this as it is a health risk to the community.

    • Morons says:

      First and foremost, there is a lack of any respect to the laws and rules of the road by scooter riders. Second, since they are the useless offspring of the Belongers, they are well aware that they can break any law with little or no consequence. Third, there should be an increase in horsepower and more scooters and motorcycles. It’s a great way to cull the population. You can’t fix stupid but you can get rid of it. Happy motoring!! Don’t forget to punish the expat truck driver because the scooter boy was a Belonger.

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      • Wow says:

        Useless offsprings…you do know you are free to take you and your valuable offsprings out of the BVI. I am sure the parents of the deceased really need to hear hateful vitriol from a bitter person(s) who has/have the freedom of leaving the territory at any time, but are still here polluting us with hatred. If you are not happy, please go!

  2. Parents Too says:

    You need to discourage the parents from buying scooters for these little kids. This is the big thing now for parents to buy these little kids a bike. I see 10, 11, 12 13 years old riding scooters all over the place with the sanction of parents. This need to stop and the older ones needs to realize there is some responsibility with riding these bikes.

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  3. Okay, I got you says:

    I understand what you are saying however, you need to urge the truck driver to turn himself in.

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  4. What!!! says:

    Cars are not allowed dark tint so the occupants can be seen and rightly so. How is it that scooter riders can wear face masks so they can not be recognized??? If legislation is needed to ban full face masks please get it done quickly.

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  5. Simple says:

    There is a very easy way to deal with scooter drivers especially. That is to enforce the damn law. With police see them riding without helmet, FINE them. If they riding an on licensed bike, FINE them and confiscate the bike. If they’re riding a bike and they don’t hold a drivers license, FINE them and confiscate the bike. If the doing tricks and riding recklessly though traffic with no thought for drivers and the pedestrians trying to cross the road, FINE them and suspend their license if they have.
    Do this and see if in no time you don’t see a massive decrease in scooter incidents.

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    • see says:

      agree 100% and consider taking the liscense away for a year … and if they dont have one … fine the parents . This crap has to stop now and the police have to have the GUTS to do something besides making lame excuses why they cant stop the lawlesness.

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    • Yep says:

      But these people you guys elects is a waste of time. S”t,a cat can run for office in the BVI and get elected if his purr and meow sounds good.

  6. Road Engineer says:

    Driving is inherently dangerous and is more so when motorists don’t adhere to rules of the road, ie, obeying the speed limits, signage…….etc. In addition to following rules of the road, motorists should drive consistent with the weather conditions, ie, if the roads are wet, motorists should slow down.

    The roads in the BVI are poorly designed, constructed and maintained; narrow, poorly lit, many are pot hole-riddled, possessed many sharp horizontal and vertical curves, flows up and down hilly terrain……etc.

    The sober thought is that bad driving can result in serious injury(s) and regrettably death. In some instances, some innocent motorists, pedestrians…..etc dies due to reckless driving. Motorists should drive defensively. A young life gone too soon. Warmest condolences to the family!

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  7. Fashion Police says:

    Kye you are to cute.

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  8. #$@t flows downhill says:

    If the Govt would do their part like paint pedxings, place proper road signs, high light speed bumps, move dumpsters from dangerous locations, fix the street lights, put cops in place to do their jobs then perhaps the public would be more inclined to obey the traffic laws. Basic stuff.

  9. Hit the Nail on the Head says:

    In the past 2 weeks, I have noticed youngsters doing popping wheelie with and without passengers on their scooters.

    The most interesting one was a scooter coming up Sophie Bay Hill (that is just before Brandywine Bay) where the driver was popping wheelie all the way up5 or 6 cars behind (whose drivers were probably annoyed with the callous display of antics on the public roadways instead of the race track). I was coming from East at the time when I saw this display of restless energy being displayed.

    It is obvious that the youngsters in this Territory are overly restless, energetic and looking for opportunities to work off or display their creative energies.

    It is time to give these youngsters a race track so the use of the public roads are minimized for their creative energies. As a start, the BVI Government need to step in and give them a track and fast!

    • see says:

      You might be the stupidest person on the planet Earth . How about taking licenses away or better yet jail ?? Stop kissing a*+ to breaking the law . If they have extra energy … get a job or two like normal people . All jobs are being given to locals now right ?

      • Hit the Nail on the Head says:

        @ See.

        My dear “See” we cannot keep our heads in the sand. Calling me names will not help nor Just taking licences away nor confiscating bikes. These solutions have not helped in a major way. The race track will not solve the problem totally either, but it will reduce the usage of the public roadways for reckless behavior. We need to save the health of our youngsters and the victims who are involved.

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