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Fresh curfew not to be ruled out, says Premier

Armed officers patrolling Road Town.

Government is not ruling out the possibility of reimplementing a curfew on Tortola.

Premier Dr D Orlando gave that indication on Wednesday afternoon following a murder in Brandywine Bay on the main island.

“It (a curfew) is something that we have to always keep in mind and we have to continue assessing the situation,” Dr Smith said.

However, he said he does not think a curfew is necessary right now.

He said curfews are usually implemented during large-scale events such as the territory-wide looting that happened after the September 2017 hurricanes.

“Right now I think that we need to enhance the capacity of the law enforcement agencies to do their work. And this is why we are giving them additional assistance in terms of monetary assistance.”

Government is offering up to $5 million to police, to execute a new security plan that is being rolled out.

Local law enforcement agencies recently developed a security plan that focuses on four main priority areas.

The plan involves aggressively securing local borders against the illegal entry of guns, people and drugs, as well as visibly improving police presence and connectivity between all local law enforcement agencies.

The plan also aims to reduce key criminal ties and develop crime-prevention and reduction strategies between law enforcement agencies.

There have been several shootings since the start of the year and two of those incidents have resulted in a total of three murders.

Others have resulted in injury.

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  1. Starwatchsailor says:

    So does that mean there’s actually going to be a police presence in west end where all the drug boats operate, because its pretty bloody obvious, give me a gun I’ll f*#@ing stop them.

  2. Island man says:

    I don’t think a curfew is necessary at this time. It will be an excuse for not enduring the Law is been uphold. Just put the reckless youths under heavy manners and all well be well.

  3. watcher says:

    There were plenty of people about during the previous curfew.

    Didnt one of our many murders happen during curfew hours?

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    This government’s failure to tackle the scooter gangs, with their noise nuisance, total disregard for the law and crime including gun crime, is going to lose them the next election , and they deserve it.

    Act, enforce the law. What are you afraid of?

  5. friend says:

    It’s probably there son on nephiew

  6. Common Sense says:

    Why isn’t the the Marine Police located in Sopers?

  7. Strupes says:

    Why is he so stubborn .

  8. BuzzBvi says:

    Why are not the Marine Police out on the water? Why are lookouts not used on the hill tops? Why are boat movements not intercepted randomly?
    Because then people that have been doing whatever they want for years can carry on doing it. Just more guns now and young thugs because that is the way. No parental involvement, guidance or control. The role model has been set and young folks just carrying on doing what their old folks did. Ignore all the rules and regs they don’t apply to us.
    It may be time to apply them before the BVI does not have much left. We are about to find out that the damage caused by IRMA is nothing compared to the damage to come from lawlessnness born out of the islands family values and attitudes to aurthority.

  9. A says:

    Listen this curfew shi* is BS. If you want curfew, curfew under 30 years old. Even start from 25 years old. Grown people do not need a curfew. Bull

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