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Frett changes plea

File photo. Not the bullets mentioned in the story

Tafari Frett has taken an about-turn in the case in which he is accused of keeping several rounds of ammunition at his Parham Town residence, which he shares with his father and his father’s girlfriend.

The teen, who previously denied being in unlawful possession of the 19 rounds of ammunition, has now pleaded guilty.

His attorney Valerie Stephens-Gordon told the court that her client’s plea change comes after the prosecution rejected the defence’s request for the bullets to be sent overseas to be tested by an independent analyst.

According to Stephens-Gordon, the prosecution has insisted that it is the defence that should bring the analyst into the British Virgin Islands, where the ammo can be tested under supervision.

The defence thereafter gave up on its campaign to have the bullets tested independently, the court heard.

On a previous occasion, the defence attorney told the court that the bullets in question were old and they had started to disintegrate.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo is expected to sentence Tafari on June 20.

What next for Tafari’s father

Tafari’s father Andre Frett, along with the father’s girlfriend Wendy Glasco, was also charged with possession of explosives. They, last year, pleaded not guilty.

Considering that the bullets were reportedly found in Tafari’s personal quarters at the shared Parham Town residence, the prosecution indicated to the court that it might ‘take a particular course’ as it relates to Andre and Glasco. It did not specify.

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