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Frett opens up about bedroom beating, drug dealer

Magistrate’s Court, John’s Hole

Avril Frett, a senior citizen who goes by the alias Miss Suzie, yesterday testified against her ex-lover Raymond Wilkins, who she accused of ‘breaking’ her legs with a wooden plank more than two years ago.

When Frett took to the stand, she told Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo that Wilkins – who is believed to be in his sixties – lured her into his bedroom before he allegedly attacked her.

She told the court that she presumed that Wilkins summoned her to have sexual relations with him; that was until she saw him with a wooden object.

“He approach me with a big piece of wood, and there he began knocking me on both legs with the piece of wood,” Frett said while noting that she was at the time bewildered when she saw the wooden object.

She further testified that, during the incident, she managed to haul herself onto a grassy area outside Wilkins’ East End residence.

She then shouted for help. A passer-by rendered assistance and called an ambulance.

Meanwhile, when Frett was asked to describe the relationship she had with Wilkins before the alleged incident, she told the court it was toxic.

“Not good at all – always a stumbling block,” she said while adding that she and the accused “mostly had sex, smoked, and drank alcohol together.”

Frett further told the court that she went to the accused man’s residence only when invited.

Wilkins, who is on trial for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, allegedly committed the offence on December 2, 2014. He is to return to court today.

Intimate activities with drug dealer

Meanwhile, the complainant, Frett, told the court that she uses drugs.

She testified that, after she recovered from the injuries she sustained in the attack, a drug dealer who allegedly sells cocaine near Wilkins’ East End residence warned her to keep away.

She claimed that the drug dealer told her the accused man may re-offend if she does not steer clear.

The senior citizen, in the meantime, told the court that she occasionally performs certain intimate activities with the drug dealer for money.

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