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Fulfilling a demand – Bougainvillea launches urgent care services


Dr Heskith Vanterpool is taking a second shot at the provision of urgent care services locally because he thinks there is a demand for such services, which include catering to people with cardiac problems as well as those who need suturing (also called stitches).

Bougainvillea Clinic, which is operated by Dr Vanterpool, hosted a ceremony yesterday (February 15) to launch the services.

Now, persons can undergo prompt tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, and CT scan at the private hospital located on Russell Hill, Road Town.

Dr Vanterpool, during the opening ceremony, said he introduced urgent care services at Bouganvilla Clinic’s sister company – Eureka Medical – a few years ago.

But, according to him, he had to end the service at that facility because of certain difficulties.

With the Eureka experience behind him, Dr Vanterpool indicated that he has discovered that Bouganvillea is a better place to offer the service.

“I believe Bouganvillea Clinic provides a good place to open an urgent care facility – not to compete with, but to complement the activities of an emergency room such at Peebles Hospital,” he said.

Persons at the launch of urgent care services at Bougainvillea Clinic

Persons at the launch of urgent care services at Bougainvillea Clinic

Dr Vanterpool further stated that urgent care is not meant to be an emergency room service, which is usually available 24 hours per day.

He noted that the new service is more of a ‘hybrid’ between “regular working doctor’s offices and a place to take care of minor emergencies”.

“We have the ability to provide that preliminary care and, if necessary, those patients can then be admitted either to our own Bougainvillea hospital facilities where we have two state-of-the-art hospital theatres. We have excellent rooms; we have excellent imaging services; we are prepared to give the services to people who walk in off the street,” added Dr Vanterpool.

He however made it clear that the services will not be available for persons suffering from gunshot or stab wounds.

“We are not a place for gunshot wounds or major stab wounds. I just want to make that very clear that we are not a place for that. But, if somebody happens to walk in, we have to be ready to offer at least the initial services to that person while we transfer them to a more appropriate place such as Peebles Hospital.”

Dr Vanterpool – boasting about Bouganvillea’s two operating theatres and 10 beds for overnight patients – stated that the facility can now provide virtually any care that Peebles Hospital currently offers, except for dialysis and intensive care.

Bouganvillea Clinic now offers urgent care from 7am to 11pm daily.

In relation to payment for services, Dr Vanterpool recently explained: “Services have to be paid for at the time of receiving them. National Health Insurance (NHI) cards are accepted. While the card will cover most of the expenses, there is likely to be a significant part of the cost that is not covered by NHI. Costs not covered may be covered by supplemental insurance or out of pocket.”

Dr Heskith Vanterpool

Dr Heskith Vanterpool

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