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Full scholarships available for locals to pursue studies in medicinal cannabis — Dr Wheatley

Full scholarships have been made available for locals who are interested in pursuing tertiary studies in medicinal cannabis in the United States.

This is according to Minister of Education & Agriculture Dr Natalio Wheatley, who made the announcement while discussing the recently-passed Cannabis Licensing Act during a live radio broadcast this week.

Dr Wheatley said access to these scholarships will equip locals with the necessary knowledge base and skill set to help further the medical cannabis industry, once it officially gets going in the territory.

“We have a proposed investor or someone who is very interested in getting into the market that we’ve been working with, [who] has already made full scholarships available for persons to go to school and study to some of the best agricultural universities in the world, like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville,” the minister stated.

“So we are going to send persons to school to study this and to come back and to work in the industry. So these are high-level jobs, well-paying jobs,” he added.

Other professions showing interest

Dr Wheatley also said farmers are not the only persons who are anticipating the commencement of the industry. He said scientists have also reached out to express their interest in getting involved in the new venture.

“I have already been approached by persons who have their master’s degrees, persons who are well-schooled saying they want to work with this programme. So lots of persons are anxious to be able to work in a lab,” he stated.

Back in January, Premier Andrew Fahie had said the government was going to select 100 local farmers from across each of the territory’s nine districts and give them 50 acres of land at Paraquita Bay.

Each farmer, according to Premier Fahie, will receive a half-acre plot of land for the cultivation and production of medicinal marijuana.

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  1. Professor says:

    What are studying young man ? “I’ve just graduated B.Sc in Hemp science and now pursuing my Dr.Philosophy in marijuana cultivation and international marketing” Where are you from young man? “I’m from the beautiful British Virgin Islands” I’m not surprised to hear that young man, it must be paradise on earth with all that potent weed you smoke there!

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    • lol says:

      Me aint know if to laff or to cry…this is Comedy Central

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      • @LOL says:

        You couldn’t have been more correct. I honestly think, sipping my famous red, it’s 5:00 P.M. somewhere. Any Who, this minister have lost it. I must say, never mind.

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      • Lmao says:

        The African is so gullible it’s amazing. Who do you think is going to buy this crap you’re going to grow.You have no shot in the US. Your prices will never compete in any market even if you dummies figure out how to grow the proper strain for medicinal purposes. Most of your crop will get smoked by the locals and the Government is paying for it. This is going to be greater than the hospital, pier park and BVI Airways put together. Tourism will grow bringing degenerates to the island. Wish you all well with your new business venture. LMAO

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    • haha says:

      this seriously had me cracking up,thanks for the laugh lol

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    • @Prof says:

      Thanks for the laff. That seriously would be a BS degree in Hemp. Maybe Natalio already smoking the samples of the medical marijuana and that’s why lately he’s talking so much BS.

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      • Know what? says:

        Someone has to sample the goods before they decide what product they will be growing. Cause he sure is acting strange. His focus seems to be on planting Ganga fields rather than working on a real plan to get the kids back in the classroom. Wheatley, I got my?s on you.

    • WONDERFUL says:


  2. Shame says:

    Look at the level of bafoonery. This government has no plans. Never had any plans and it is showing every single day. Whatever comes to their mouths is what they say. I am not surprised one bit about the poor performance of Natalio Wheatley… look at the craziness he talking. I shame for them.

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    • @shame says:

      Myron was the better man for education. Wheatley is not cut out for the job. The man is clueless. Wasted my vote there. ??. He may be educated but I do not see it. In his performance as minister nor in the way he speaks or articulate. Just my personal opinion ?

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      • poor we says:

        There is no comparison between those two ministers. Myron was far superior to Wheatley. What a travesty. Myron was leader and a producer. I don’t even know here to start describing this one.

      • I would agree says:

        Myron was a good Education Minister. He would have already figure out how to get the kids back in school. I am seriously considering home schooling my daughter, she has one more year in high school.

        • Leadership matters says:

          I am a teacher in system. I do not do politics. I am neither VIP or NDP. I am for who can do things. I saw Mr. Walwyn in action after Irma and I had a new found respect for him. That was stellar leadership. He had his plan properly organized and every deadline he gave was kept. He had his team at the ministry well engaged and they all worked together to pull things off. This is the person we need right now during this situation. Dr. Wheatley is a good soul but we need more than that now. We need the leadership of a person like Walwyn.

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          • FEO Gomez says:

            He can pay you all to blog or you just BE on his j— but that man aint never sniffing politicAL POWER AGAIN HERE.

  3. vip heckler says:

    I wonder if it will be for all despite your political affiliations?

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  4. Lol says:

    Just go talk to the rasta man.

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  5. Hey Mr. Wheatley, says:

    Could you tell the students what are your plans for them if the mandates that ICE is imposing falls through. That is something I would like to hear you speak about right now. I’m sure ppl who are interested in this venture will like to know your thoughts. Thank you!

  6. @ says:


    • Yea says:

      To go meet racist attckers

      • Ausar says:

        Many BVIslanders have lived in South Africa!

        Were they ever caught up in race wars there?

        The sheer lunacy of some of y’all comments just baffles me!

        When one wants good and sound education,”Yea”, one should always go to the ends of the earth, to find the best institutions that qualifies one for such!

  7. Lily Ann says:

    PLease legalize weed, but dont legalize the cultivation of it … there will be alot of crimes, stealing and even killing!!!!

  8. 2 cents says:

    if this is the plan to diversify the economy I say what a joke. Too late to this game. Open the island and get back to business. The simplest solution is usually the best.

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    • yep says:

      They don’t even know how late they joined the game. Because of my line of work I’ve seen the facilities that are being designed in the U.S. for the cultivation of ganja. BVI aint ready for that. But thats what happens when you follow.

  9. Lmao says:

    The island mon already have a doctorate in the weed. What you need the school for? This crap coming out of the Foy people is like they smokin crack not ganja.

  10. Answer this question says:

    Hon Wheatley.

    Will our children be allowed back into the physical school buildings in September? It seems as if our future (children) has/have been placed on the furthest back burner you can find. All you are concentrating on is Marijuana. There seems to be NO HOPE for our children now. There has been so many issues with the online classes and not even an effort has been made to fix the issues. Education held live sessions for parents only for the parents to be told that we are having anxiety issues because the online school is new to us.

    Has the Government taken into consideration that there are some parents who are not tech savy? Has the Government taken into consideration that some parents cannot actually read? Has the Government taken into consideration that some underage children would have to try and figure out how to work those programs while their parents are at work?

    Some of our children have endured verbal abuse from some teachers who have told our children all manner of things on those online classes. Some of these teachers have children of their own and I am sure they would not appreciate another teacher speaking to their child in the manner they spoke to ours. What I realized is that teachers expect parents to have patience with them when they are having internet issues but when parents/students say they are having issues they feel excuses are being made to benefit the children.

    Some of the teachers have not taken time to try and learn the system properly and have sent through un-editable documents for students to complete. Some have sent through documents where 7 year old students were expected to circle the correct answer but the only way to circle the answer was to create a shape and send it behind the actual writing (something mostly used by graphic designers).

    Additionally, teachers have been sending through assignments during sleeping hours and saying they are due in the morning. How can someone work on an assignment if they are sleeping?

    There are bigger issues to be fixed and the only talk we can hear coming forth is Cannabis/Marijuana.

    I wish this energy could be transferred to where it really matters; OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR EDUCATION.

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  11. Expat says:

    “locals”. Belongers only need apply

  12. No nonsense says:

    As usual always the horse before the cart!!

  13. Ok, let’s say says:

    Suppose this whole marijuana thing is a bust and don’t turn out well, so I guess the BVI will be owing the Phantom investors money which the tax payers who never had any input will be footing the bill.

    • @ok,Let Say says:

      Do your research! How can it be a bust when we all know the use of marijuana has been used for years not just as recreational but to treat medical illness other than cancer.

  14. stay woke says:

    A lot of these comments are biased and it shows. Cannabis is a plant of many species and it also has a high level of science for it in the industry. Getting a degree in the study of Cannabis is not “BS”. Sending BVI people to come back benefits our community in the long run because we don’t have to rely on foreigners who come in on the matter and make money that locals could make if they had the same knowledge. This is an opportunity for BVI people to run BVI economy. Yes many locals already have knowledge on the matter, but qualification and in depth study would only add to that. People need to stop thinking with shallow minds. Open your eyes to the reason Cannabis was illegal in the first place.

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  15. NOT FAIR says:

    It is not fair to Mr Wheatley to have to deal with all this mess that has been heaped into his ministry. This is what the public should recognize and push for change. Agriculture and Fisheries need to become a separate ministry. How the hell are you going to go in the classroom smelling of fish or high as a Georgia Pine…only kidding but seriously there is too much on this man’s plate. Government need to come up with a solution and fast…our children deserve better.

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    • Waste of time says:

      He had a lot of mouth so they give him responsibilities and he can’t do one single thing. Waste of time …

  16. My 2 ¢! says:

    What I don’t understand is an Island that claims to be so modernized in the caribbean, people living there are so stuck in backward way of thinking. Come on BVI! Our economy rely on Tourism and Trust company only.If there is another avenue for financial growth on the island why not. Think about the current state of the island as we speak how many are out of work because the place is on lockdown because of the pandemic. And those tourists dollars ain’t coming in. I think people should do their research before you make any negative comments.

  17. Clueless Student says:

    So is the scholarship programme back on for other professions/degrees abroad (teachers, doctors etc.) Because that had been cut off for couple years now for whatever reasons.

  18. other students? says:

    And what about our other students who can’t go back to finish college without help from the government? Where are those scholarships? Kids who have worked hard but parents can’t afford to help them and jobs are hard to come by? What about them? Please help the students finish school too!

  19. Holistic healer says:

    healing of the nation the oil does wonders in the fight against all types of cancer and with a vegan diet

  20. disbelief says:

    I swear that this Minister is a l*****c. Who can’t see, blind.

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