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Garbage build-up in communities was because of Monday’s dumpsite fire

Waste bins overflowing with garbage remained full for considerably longer periods than usual because of the massive fire at the Pockwood Pond dump site on Monday.

This is according to Health Minister Carvin Malone who gave that indication in an interview with BVI News on Thursday.

“One would appreciate the fact that, in the last few days since we had the incident at the incinerator, we had to make sure it was safe before the trucks could come and actually dispose so we got that restored I think it was yesterday (Wednesday, July 3) or day before because the fire was on Monday,” Malone said.

The minister then warned against the ongoing practice of residents dumping construction materials inside these public bins.

He said the practice has become common since a number of property owners are now rebuilding their homes and businesses that were damaged or destroyed during the September 2017 hurricanes.

“People are always encouraged not to put [their construction waste] on the outside of the bins but to take them to the safe disposal in Pockwood Pond. However, people have violated that in many ways and then they fill up the bins,” Malone stated.

He said this practice has given some residents a false perception that the bins are not emptied daily.

“On any evening, the bins should have been emptied. But within hours you would see that a lot of the construction material comes in and it would make it look as if nothing was done.”

Some residents had taken to social media site Facebook earlier this week to voice their concerns about what they describe consistently full waste bins in their respective districts.

Malone has since made it clear that garbage truck operators have been given the go-ahead to resume collecting and disposing of waste to the island’s dump site.

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  1. Sam says:

    Most people who got insurance pay out to make good repairs would have had monies paid in the settlement for debris disposal . Do the right thing and pay for proper disposal of waste that you have been paid for. the gov need the money waste disposal is not cheap.

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  2. There you go again says:

    More toxic stuff for the dump site. One day, BOOM!!! Still waiting for a response as to how the sautation will be corrected in Pockwood Pond.

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  3. Call me Ishmael says:

    It’s time to consider responsible alternatives to burning our trash. The BVI should strive to become carbon neutral.

    We should begin recycling and composting programs immediately. Plastic bags should be banned. We should evaluate new options for removing our trash.

    We should also adopt solar and wind as a reliable replacements to importing fuel.

    Our economy is based on tourists who perceive our isles as “Nature’s Little Secret.” What are we doing to live up to world standards?

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    • Elijah says:

      We should invest in the best in incinerator technology.
      Today, our older incinerator, that doesn’t even work most
      If the time, is releasing high levels of long lasting pollutants such as dioxin mad mercury.

      Better incinerator technology that eliminates almost all
      emissions is already in use around the world.

      Imagine if we had spent the $7.2 we lost on that airline on this! Maybe we still can if we can recover that money?

    • Rubber Duck says:

      In the land where generators and solar were banned until recently?

      The rich people are making too much money from the oil and the rip off electricity company.

      I believe it is still illegal to go 100% off grid.

      This is the Backward Virgin Islands remember.

  4. Theo says:

    Looks like we need to start a new fire…..

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  5. Dman says:

    First off, I love the B.V.I., however, nobody, residents and tourists alike, wants to see, or smell, piles of garbage everywhere. A familiar headline, be it in newspapers ( remember them) or online for decades has been “Why can’t we solve our garbage problem?”). Well? For the good of the B.V.I., and for future generations, get serious about this ongoing problem. Use your initiative and embrace any new technology to solve this issue,once and for all. Start with fixing the broken down incinerator and move forward. Look ahead for years to come and not just play catch up for yesterday,s trash.

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  6. Yes says:

    Brand new SUVs, million dollar a year personal security, money here, there and everywhere but no proper temporary solution to the garbage crisis. No blame here as the Government was elected and met the issue but come on, why isn’t there the same urgency to do this as there was to grant residency/belonger status wholesale when the laws already provided for applicants?

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  7. Rodent says:

    This is why there is a rodent problem in the country and no one is talking about it

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  8. I am saying it says:

    Dear Mr.Health Minister,you are just as nasty as the people who is dumping the nasty garbage around the Island. You are in a position that clearly you are sooo not ready to fill. What are you going to do about the toxins that is affecting the people down West Mr.Health Minister?

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    • Yessssssssssss says:

      @I am saying it, I second that. That is a question that needs to be addressed. Funny thing, when they were all up and down campaigning for Government position, not one of the fakers campaign to figure out and work towards doing something about Pockwood Pond biohazard killing fields. Just keeping things real Mr.Health Minister. Yes, you are just or more n***y than the people who is dumping their garbage all over the Island.

      • Too early says:

        To blame Malone…
        As for his lazy worthless turncoat predecessor..he is the truly nasty one..8 years of inaction incompetence and wasting public money

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    • So True says:

      A Health Minister and his crew can’t figure out a way to deal with a biohazard problem that affecting the Island.Oh no wait,is the biohazard waste from the Hospital being dumped at Pockwood Pond?

  9. TaughtUs says:

    Green / Blue Economy ?

  10. Pig pen says:

    One of the worst dump sites pictured in the article. A real nuisance . The workers could finish cleaning there by 8:05am. By 8:06am garbage is piling up there

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  11. Managing director says:

    Recycling is being avoided. With proper separation at the source…(residents and businesses)the comingled trash cannot assist the incineration process. Seek questions about what causes these fires. Not how to out them.let us not usurp the word Recycling! Dangerous toxins untold are being released…can you put a name on what type of toxins west end residents are forced 2 inhale???

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