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Get informed! Nat’l security council already has crime plan, Smith told


Police Commissioner Michael Matthews has said he is “surprised” and “disappointed” with government legislator Neville Smith for calling him out in the House of Assembly without first being properly informed.

While decrying the state of crime in the territory last Thursday, Smith ordered the Commissioner to present a crime plan to the public in two weeks.

Responding to Smith’s statements in an interview with ZBVI radio on Monday, Matthews said a crime plan was already submitted to the National Security Council. Smith’s party leader, Premier Andrew Fahie sits on that council.

“The plan was actually submitted towards the end of last year but it was finally heard in the National Security Council on the 10th of February [this year]. So we’ve had the plan and we’ve actually been working to that plan since last October,” the Commissioner said.

“It was a composite plan. Indeed, the Deputy Premier asked for more time to study the plan because he wanted to go into depth on it. So that’s the first thing — there has been a plan presented and agreed,” Matthews added.

He said the plan includes the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s (RVIPF) use of territory-wide CCTV cameras to tackle crime, as well as the implementation of the new Police Act which is still before the House of Assembly.

Talk ‘real statistics’ and stop spewing ‘noise’

The Commissioner also sought to silence who he described as ‘noisemakers’ and ‘naysayers’ by noting that police seized more than three tonnes of cocaine in the last four months and made what he described as “recording-breaking seizures of illegal firearms”.

The police seized 21 illegal firearms last year and four this year. Record crime went down five percent last year, serious-violence went down nine percent last year, and the RVIPF detection rate went up 55 percent.

“Recorded crime [went] down five per cent last year, serious violence down nine per cent last year, detection rate up 55 per cent. And for the naysayers that say, ‘well, that’s all well and good but your not doing anything about these noisy scooters’, we seized 12 scooters in the last 14 days. Now, that doesn’t sound to me like we haven’t got a plan and we’re not fighting crime,” Matthews added.

“I keep hearing these negative noises about ‘crime is out of control’ … Let’s talk some real figures rather than [spew] noises,” the Commissioner added.

‘Smith making excuses’

During his statement in the House of Assembly, Smith had said government was not responsible to stem crime, adding that the responsibility lies with the police.

The Commissioner disagreed and said Smith was making excuses.

“Whilst I got the responsibility of the commissioner to deliver on plans that are agreed, I do think it is somewhat naive to keep referring to this being the police’s responsibility. There is a very big government responsibility there, too. There is a public responsibility, too, around supporting your local police and cooperating with police and giving information to police. So this should be a joined-up effort and if individuals want to call me out — single me out as a commissioner — and say ‘you’re not doing enough’, that just sounds like an excuse to me.”

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  1. Well Then says:

    Then you need to execute the plan Commissioner. You touting plan and no crimes solved. Execute plan p,ease!

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  2. Shame says:

    I shame for Sheep. In other words the commissioner is saying that your government is the hold up. Can’t execute a plan without the money. Stop paying your friends barges 360k per month and invest in what the police needs.

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  3. Bamboo says:

    Smells like there is a campaign too to smear the Police.

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  4. My yute says:

    Mike should have been on the plane with Gus

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  5. waste of time says:

    … what some clueless people we voted into office!! I will not make this mistake again and vote for these sheep . just followers. if the premier get sick or unable to carry out his duties as premier what a calamity this country would find itself in!!!.

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  6. Oh please says:

    Well Thank God for Hon Smith we know that you have a plan. It ain’t for the Premier to do your PR work.

    Crime on the rise and you say practically nothing to the people of the BVI. Maybe you disclosed that to the UK press.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Mr Smith looking sheepish?

    Let’s hope the plan includes doing something about the noisy bikes.

    Why are they afraid to tackle this issue.?

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    • XFactor says:

      Because they did years ago and two hard working officer lost their job for going at the noise scooters. The commissioner and the police officers are not the problem here. Regardless of who the COP is that particular issue will not just disappear over night.

  8. Lmao says:

    So flocking embarrassing for Sheep.

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  9. Bla bla bla says:

    Is Sheep looking new business for his security cctv business? Lol

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  10. Reasonable Man says:

    It does seem like the Police have been busy and getting things done these past few month, which is great. Major drug busts, weapons seizures and even a campaign to stop and check scooters. The scooter thing is very important, it is the lawlessness that we experience very day and a constant irritation to everyone. Please keep this going.

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  11. rat says:

    tell this cop to go he has no plan because if he it would have been brought forward now laid on the table for the public to see and the blame put back on the govt. with ppl behind it waste of time cop.

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  12. We Thing says:

    There is a talk that the front line officers in blue hands are tied behind their backs, well well, they need to send that waste of time DCP home, bring in the white men to run this force, send all them local senior officers on leave, i mean all of them, waste of time and money.

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  13. Stupps says:

    Listen just report to the public and stop being rude. The Police presence on this island is ridiculous. So many vehicles abs very little patrolling.

    A valid question was asked by the Minister and should be answered appropriately.

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