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Give guns to police and people will respect them — Fraser

Julian Fraser

While referencing a recent report in which an expatriate female law enforcer was assaulted, opposition legislator Julian Fraser has made fresh calls for all police officers in the BVI to carry a firearm.

“I think what you need to do is get the police officers guns and everybody will respect them whether they are male or female,” Fraser said while speaking in the House of Assembly this week.

Fraser also noted that the aforementioned report attributed the abuse of expats to the behaviour of persons who are ‘born here’ in the BVI.

He was not pleased by the attribution.

“It bothers me,” Fraser said. “You run into somebody that … did something because they fell off the [proverbial] rail. Don’t blame it on the fact that they were born here. Like I said, people been borning here for centuries and they’re going to continue to born here and it’s not a big deal to born here. I don’t want anyone taking out on people who were born here because something happened,” Fraser argued.

The incident Fraser referenced was a court case whereby a local motorist was convicted and fined of assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, and using insulting language at a cop.

The incident reportedly unfolded during a routine traffic stop when the motorist effectively told the police officer that she (the officer) had no right to police him because she was not born in the BVI.

Magistrate Shawn Innocent who presided over the case had reprimanded the motorist for what he described as a general lack of respect to expatriate police officers by BVIslanders.

He further noted that the law must be upheld by all residents, at all times.

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  1. hmmm says:

    u see y we ain’t want u as premier. just sound foolish, as always

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  2. lol says:

    They already have..

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  3. what !!! says:

    Then they will go around shooting people because they name police !

    Baaad idea, trust me

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  4. Just ice says:

    senile old man

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  5. Rediculous says:

    Fraser, i was a supporter of you for years but now this article has changed that for good. The fact that you think fear used as a tool to gain respect shows that your just an old f**t with an outdated mind. Instead of trying to fix this current generations problems we shouldforget about them and focus on the new upcoming generation. Nobody saves the spoiled fruit of a tree, they look to the future bloom and prepare. If we keep trying to fix grown a** people, the next geberation will suffer. It is time we live in the bed we made until it is time to change the sheets.

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  6. NB says:

    That is not respect boss man, that is FEAR. You want the people to feel fear? We are supposed to live in harmony with the police. They are there to protect us. It all begins with teaching a child to respect everyone. It’s a two way street. Give respect, get respect. ‘Hmmm’ is right, no one wants a premier who thinks like this.

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  7. Vicky says:

    It may sound harsh but what the man saying is the truth. When you go to the USA and other places where the armed police presence is prevalent you don’t see people pulling those stupid stunts and disrespecting the officers like they’re doing now. Either we get serious about crime or we let the little hoodlums take over the Territory.

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  8. #f**k12/gov says:

    Even if more police carry guns still cant stop the crime rate….its only a matter of time before man start shotting ayo so call politricks…

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  9. BoBo says:

    Criminals have guns….dowe everyone respect Criminals???

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  10. resident says:

    with or without a gun the cops need to give respect to get respect, the way they treat people makes the rest of the community hate them

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  11. Guy Hill says:

    The entire BVI Community needs to adapt a culture in all aspects of the society where the corrupt individuals fear the incorruptible individuals and not the other way around. Seize the time.

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  12. mehhnn says:

    i dont even respect some of the gunman on the street much less for the police

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  13. War ready says:

    O well… i got some brand new matics!! waiting for when they start acting up!!!

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  14. Tola says:

    How can you give police gun here to walk with each and everybody here whats some off these say offers don’t like with jus go around and start shot down people like birds Kno way we don’t need that here sorry

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  15. Bvislander says:

    I understand what Fraser is saying and I totally agree with it. The problem with the public is that they like enforcement to be weak so that they can continue to take advantage of them. They want to do wrong and just get a slap on the wrist. Crime is growing and will not ease up until enforcement is given the strnght to control it. When urmaria hit the bvi and the looting and crime escalate it was other officers with guns came and took control and it worked and for everybody it was ok then. We were secured. Bvi stop looking down on the officers, let them do there jobs.

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    • Force says:

      The UK officers’ were successful due to their training, fitness, discipline, teamwork and respect for their leadership, not because of their guns. The UK officers were on foot patrol or riding in the back of trucks.

      The BVI officers were cruising around in AC and were basically invisible.

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  16. Joseph says:

    Then the BVI Natives will complain that the Expat Police taking over–armed to shoot dem down.

    Can’t win.

  17. Me says:

    The hoodlums right now are so much better/stronger/bigger with arms that if u encourage thisFraser,the guys will come with nukes.Who u should arm is members in HOA so u all can blow each others to h—,a bunch of c—–

  18. Iconoclast says:

    The magistrate needs to adjudicate cases that come before him base on law, evidence presented, past record of the accused ……etc and stay out of local politics. In past decades, the Village played a key role in keeping social order. Today, the Village is lost and the territory is riddled with disorder. A behavioral change is needed starting in the Village to arrest this disorder. All hands on deck is needed, ie, parents, other family members, Village, schools, churches, NGOs, police, government……etc. Moreove, at some point, all RVIPF police officers may need to be armed.

    However, not sure that the territory is at that point as yet. Just as fire discipline is needed from police officers and others who are legally armed so too fire discipline from decision makers is needed. IMO the Hon Fraser’s solution to the alleged issue was a knee jerk reaction. Proctive decision making, not reactive decision making, is needed. Our political leaders must be aware that every word that they utter is parsed, jumped upon, carry weight and owned forever. They must exercise deliberate haste, patience and clarity in what they say.

  19. FRASER FAN says:

    Much as I have admired you in the past- this assertion of yours guarantees you will never get my vote again- you show a DISRESPECT for people

  20. RealPol says:

    @Iconocalst, “The magistrate needs to adjudicate cases that come before him base on law, evidence presented, past record of the accused ……etc and stay out of local politics.”
    “Our political leaders must be aware that every word that they utter is parsed, jumped upon, carry weight and owned forever. They must exercise deliberate haste, patience and clarity in what they say.” REAL talk.

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