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Goal post shift: Expats now need 20 years to pre-qualify for govt’s regularisation

Premier Andrew Fahie

Select expatriates must now be living in the British Virgin Islands for more than 20 years to pre-qualify for government’s expat regularisation programme, Premier Andrew Fahie has said.

His remarks follow a series of meetings with residents on the controversial programme.

“Initially, we had envisaged considering people who were here for 15 years or more. But coming from the consultation, and having listened to you, the people, we have lifted that ceiling for consideration to 20 years,” Premier Fahie said during a statement on the Immigration and Labour reform initiative on Sunday, June 2.

The Premier Fahie said this goal post shift will target fewer than 800 persons.

Everyone won’t automatically qualify

In the meantime, Premier Fahie said not all persons who qualify for his government’s programme will be successful.

“Not every person who has been living in the BVI for an extended period of time would be eligible for regularisation of status – whether as a resident or as a Belonger. Only persons who meet the existing criteria and who have been making a contribution back to our society would qualify for consideration,” he said.

He continued: “Qualification for consideration does not equate to immediate regularisation. The existing evaluation processes by the Immigration Department and other government agencies remain in place and will be strictly applied in the evaluation of applicants. The only difference is that the length of processing time is being shortened in this single instance.”

Fahie then made it clear that the initiative is a one-time undertaking to clear the backlog of eligible expats who sought to get regularised in the past.

No flooding of territory

And while addressing statements from locals who have expressed great concern about the initiative, Premier Fahie said the undertaking does not involve regularising or inviting new expats to the territory.

“There will be no flooding of our territory with new entrants. The objective is to mainly address the backlog of applicants that have been pending and to sort through which applications have merit and which do not. With the backlog cleared, there will be no further need for these special provisions,” he said.

Amendments to the Immigration Act

Premier Fahie also said the regularisation amendments tabled for today’s (Monday, June 3) sitting of the House of Assembly does not mean his government will ignore the concerns raised in the recently concluded community meetings between government and residents.

He said those amendments are simply aimed at creating a framework to clear the aforementioned backlog.

He said: “In spite of what has been suggested elsewhere, the proposed amendment does not speak to the comprehensive Immigration and Labour overhaul, which will come down the road after even further consultations. Monday sets the framework for a broader policy to come.”

He continued, “This is also a clear result of the recent consultation process [which] provided a forum for persons to air their concerns and, through which, the government got to understand the fears of residents – both legitimate and otherwise. We were pleased that we also had the opportunity to correct many misunderstandings.”

We will not do what previous gov’t did

Meanwhile, Fahie said his administration is ‘satisfied’ that this fast-track initiative is being done in an ‘open and transparent way, unlike that has happened in the immediate period before’. 

“In the last seven years under the previous administration, over 2,000 people were given some kind of status – and that was done quietly and silently, and not in the open, transparent way that your government is undertaking. Might I add, that a few of these people who received status was under 20 years residing in the BVI, and without any records of proper vetting.”

He noted that a “large portion of these approvals came just before the last general elections and were mainly of people who were not part of the backlog”.  

“This is the type of behaviour we must bring to an end,” the Premeir said. 

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  1. Curious George says:

    ? Corruption in plain sight. You don’t have to see the check details to know a payment was made. Who does Andrew really think he is fooling?? He has essentially backed into a position which is exactly identical to the status quo but somehow amendments to the law are still necessary. Come on now? Hate to tell you but this has nothing to do with Caribbean expatriates. ??‍♂️

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  2. Jane says:

    The BVI is 100% entitled to have the rules that it wants but what is right is that those rules are transparent and objective. Part of the issue is that the rules dont seem to be applied even-handedly. If community service and contribution are now required, then please set out a defined points system so that everyone knows what is required. I have been told by Immigration officers when I first arrived 10 years ago that voluntary work was not permitted and that included charity work. I wanted to help in my spare time, with a youth community group but was told I would need a work permit to do so.

    Now it seems that the Territory requires work-permit holders to contribute in this way (which is fine) but how is this defined? How many hours over what period is required? Are certain organisations “approved” and others not? What about people who have set up businesses, employed others? Will they get points (if so, how many, and will it vary if you employ 1 person, 10 people, 100 people?). What if you bought a home here? Will you get credit for that? What if your children were born here, educated here, will you get points for that? What if you have a special skill (e.g. doctor) will you get credit for this? As long as the pathway to citizenship is defined and the process is fair then most of us migrant workers wont object.

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  3. son of the soil says:

    The big question is how do we prevent them from getting the 20 years?

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    • NB says:

      ‘Son of the Soil’ how bout you put your self 12 feet in the soil….since you love this soil so much. You are always vomiting on these blogs…ain’t no doubt you nasty as you sound, inside out

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  4. son of the soil says:

    I say let them stay for 10 years maximum, leave and then re-apply. They will only be allowed back if we cant find a local to do the job.

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    • Woman of the soil says:

      Damn a**! I bet you have yourself properly set up else where but rather ppl not given what they earn selfish set of bvislanders and a pure disappointment!

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    • Expat says:

      @Son of the soil. U really don’t understand yourself. Which very qualified lawyer, teacher, electrician, doctor is going to have u treating him/her like some piece of machine?
      I work for 10 years. I have to pack up, give up my apartment and then go home to sit and wait for u to call me back. U musi damn mad. It’s not my intention to dis the BVI or or some of the kind, caring BVIlanders that I have met but brother,BVI is not the only country where opportunity abounds for well trained, qualified hard working people.
      Don’t forget also, that many BVIlanders make a decent living from the building and renting of apartments to expats.

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      • Bnb says:

        Some of these apartments may turn into short term rentals. Bed and bath and beyond.

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        • Jane says:

          And who will clean those apartments for the tourists? Who will launder the sheets? Who will cut the bush and plants and sweep the yards? I dont see many BVIslanders lining up to do these low-skill, minimum wage jobs…

    • Caribbean man. says:

      @Son of the soil. Who is them? Your language is so xenophobic and offensive it’s not funny. And I can bet u r one of those who get offended when Donald Trump talks about S..t hole countries and stopping birthright citizenship.

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    • @ son of the soil says:

      After 10 years then, like they do in Bermuda, you leave, end of story. No granting of any more permits after you complete your 10 years. If we don’t protect our small country we will end up just like St Thomas. Overrun with projects and crime.

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      • @@son of the soil says:

        “if we don’t protect our small country we will end up just like St Thomas. Overrun with projects and crime.”

        But not those, the entire territory will be overran with the rejects of Europe,America Asia and every where else.

        A few islands so small, who just happen to be using the USD as its currency, will attract the worst of the worst, and a few of the best,but will be a minority.

        Hence, BVI elected officials must look way over yonder and into the future and think very deeply about what the long term effects will be on an already local population.

        They should also read and not take lightly the venemous hatred that is blogged/vlogged everyday about BVislanders, though it is the BVI they chose to come to seek a better, life.

        Just imagine what they will do to the BVIslander if they were to achieve bases of power.

        Fahie’s, Wheatley’s Frett’s, Vanterpool’s, Geordes and everyone else would be their objects of oppression.

        Hence, this nation is to small to be creating allowances for others at the expense of us, period! It is from this basis that any reform of any sort should begin and conclude.

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    • Sam says:

      If it involves reading and writing then a local can’t do it

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      • Youth says:

        My dear brothers and sister.

        Wake up and smell the cup of coffee.

        Things are not going to get better.

        This is the end time.

        Pastor, Bishops and Apostles. Please I beg the get your house in order.

        I told you during the election don’t get involved in politics because you are leaving room for the devil. Just pray.

        People please read Deuteronomy 28 and see how you stand with god

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      • @Sam says:

        You are donkey, a jackass and a evil lunatic combined. Please leave the BVI immediately!

        Funny how not more than a one line sentence blog has ever been seen from your end.

        Go back to your dashine field dude.

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  5. ??? says:

    Ridiculous. Some of us got tired if waiting. 18 yes was enough.

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    • @??? says:

      Then leave if you are tired of waiting.

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    • Lookwuk says:

      Somebody told Mr or Ms. Question mark, he or she was entitled to something here no? Some people look as if their country not good enough for them. Well, we got to protect this country so its people can live comfortably in it.
      After all, it was our ancestors who took licks for it. “Never forget the story of Prosper & Arthur Hodge.” He was one of us who died for the BVI. We have to respect his sacrifice for what was given to us — this country.

  6. Great says:

    For Cayman, Singapore et al. Their measured and business friendly approach will help secure the best talent and therefore the clients while we wallow in division, slaves to the few wealthy families who have taken all of our national wealth, and be left with limited opportunities for our people.

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  7. Ausar says:

    Thank you Premier for listening to the relevant concerns of the people, and revising the laws neccessary to dissuade the fears.

    I was not neccessarily in favor of the newly minted 15 year requirement, but whatever your government feels is neccessary for the continuity of the economy,that I will accept.

    Again, revisement of the laws is key to disuade the relevant fears of regularisation, and I’m confident that your administration is on the right track.

    Continue to impress us, Premier Fahie!

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    • East lady says:

      Point taking…Caymans Islands and Barbados has that years.
      Its necessary for a small country to have tighter rules and regulation.

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      • correction says:

        Its not Barbados…u mean Bermuda….and look what the protectionism has done to the Bermuda economy..They now struggling to survive with companies moving top Cayman and elsewhere. You should always be careful what you wish for. What has also been evident from their rollover policies, is that when the expats roll over, so do the jobs. With all the technology around work can be done remotely from anywhere. I lived and worked in the BVI before and as I read sometimes I’m surprised by the level of crime that persists now. BVI is a beatiful place, I would visit, but I would not live there again due to that.

    • Revisement? says:

      Is that a word invented by belongers?

  8. So what says:

    I get tired of waiting for things and just decide to move on, so whats the problem. No one should be allowed an indefinite work permit. The only place this happens is in the BVI. Work permits should be for a period and there should be succession planning in especially smaller countries.

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  9. BS says:

    This is BS. Most of Tola locals go states and have their kids. If the states. They live abroad and don’t pay ? to their beloved country. This is corruption at its best. Fahie is starting to become a joke. O’Neal would be sadden n turning in his grave knowing this is happening to his country. It’s sad that since O’Neal passed no one have come close to filling his shoes. What a disgrace with this government.

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    • Correction says:

      You mean Stoutt. O’Neal is alive.

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    • Local says:

      Your blog is inappropriate it is still their homeland. Im sure the locals in your country is voicing/voiced their matters of simularities loud and clear!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Which O’Neal are you talking about????????

    • Facts says:

      Many persons wanting to come back to work US and school ..but the former admimistrations has made top positions pernament and pentionable for others…Thats unfair to the people of the BVI.
      Only this can happen in the BVI

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    • @BS says:

      This is why we have reservations with Fahie’s initiative. Individuals live in the BVI for years and knows little about the BVI. I could only assume you meant Stoutt.

      Further, does it matter where we have our children? At the end of the day, this our land and we have a right to have a right to voice our concerns.

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    • O'neal Dead?? says:

      This is a perfect example why some should not be given residence, much more Belonger. Mr or Ms. ‘BS’ on here does not know nothing about the BVI…. Know the country, its people, its customs, become a part of it before you are granted any rights to it.

    • IVY says:

      You don’t deserve any status in the BVI. You have no clue of the BVI’s history. When you take your BVI born children home, what are your expectations?

    • Gin says:

      Stop envy the opportunities of the BVI Belongers. When BVI belongers go to school in Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados etc, they cannot stay and work though. They had better leave when the time permitted to stay is up.

      Can you not go to the “states and have your kids” too.

  10. bvislander says:

    mayson we dont owe these people nothing

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  11. Just Curious says:

    So the Premier has crumbled under the political power which is understandable and as such he has in my opinion has done nothing different from the previous government. Let us now analyse the situation. First the twenty years remains the same. This means that persons who were eligible for twenty years can still apply as per usual and go through the process. The only different is that the provess will be expedited. What else is new? Nothing if you asked me. What suggested is making the system stiffer which personally I have no problem with. Let us as expatriates don’t forget that we are not from here. We came here to work and make our lives better whether here or back in our respective countries ans at the end of the day we must try to be comfortable. If you didn’t throw stones behind you when you leave your countey then don’t be afraid to go back home when your time comes. I love the BVI but guess what if we are not wanted here then let us work invest our monies in our own country where we have some rights and leave on good terms when we believe we no longer need to stay here.

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    • Strupz says:

      What’s new. You pay the bare minimum needed to live here. Your investments are slim at best. Continue to send your monies home….All of it. It’s what you do best.

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  12. Great says:

    Glad to hear that the locals’ cries were heard and a change to the proposed legislation is to take place.
    We need to go one step further to make recommendations for an updated constitution which protects the rights of locals. We have to be extremely careful that our voters rights are not compromised, causing us to become overpowered in our own country.
    It is unfortunate that this whole exercised left a sour taste in so many mouths, but everyone has to remember that the BVI must be protected for generations to come. We have nowhere to run to, and people must remember that those who come to live among us are given privileges, not rights, as many were implying.
    And while we are at it, we must tighten up on the rampant lawlessness. It is unfortunate to hear that anything goes in the BVI. Time for us to clean up our act.

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  13. Wow says:

    Wait so this is an increase form 15 years? Wow no offense but 20 years is a long time to wait for status. This whole idea around character vetting etc is problematic. It is too susceptible to bias!!!!

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  14. SMH says:

    they need to take back all of those given a month before election. how you could put in something January and get approved February. SMH pervious premier … did some s**t. they need to reverse those applications like yesterday.

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  15. Logic says:

    For sure, if you been here 15 years now chances are you’ll stay another 5 anyway so really doesn’t solve the issue….just kicks the can down the road again. Oh well.
    At least the banks and police have made a pretty penny from all the pointless paperwork…

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  16. expats comm says:

    We expats have some of the best lawyers in the bvi
    thompson,stevens,rowe etc,what legal action we can take on the government to get back a refund on police record fee and bank statement fee.since we was inform that 15 years and u can get police record ,other docs for this program ,not the goal post shift to 20 years in a matter of weeks .

    Lawyers please give us poor pple a answer asap.

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  17. Teacher says:

    I am an expat teacher. I have been teaching, training, mentoring, counseling… the young people of the BVI for the past 20 years. I am not boasting but my success with the children is unmatched. No matter how problematic they were, they don’t pass on me the road because they know I love and care for them. Many of my past students are teachers themselves, lawyers, doctors, drivers and the list goes on.
    I continue to give of my best each day to ensure that our children can stand shoulder to shoulder with their compatriots from the Caribbean and the wider world.
    Just reading some of these comments just make me sick and make me wonder about the choice I made 20 years ago. All we are asking is that our contribution be recognised and I think one of the best ways to do that is to give us a little stability. Who wants to live and work somewhere for 20 + years and can’t even call it home?
    Again I am going to call on people such as “son of the soil” to put the shoe on the other foot. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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    • @Teacher says:

      Submit your application… you have been here 20+ years.

      But do understand too, where the people on the other side were coming from. Some were so angry about the way the whole thing was being done that they didn’t express themselves properly. Humans aren’t perfect.

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    • Teacher says:

      Just a correction to my statement above. I meant counterparts and not compatriots.

    • SORRY says:


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    • Joyce says:

      Your contribution was recognized Madam Teacher, you got exactly what you initially came to the BVI for. Thank you for your contribution. God bless you, but you are comfortable or you would have left.

  18. hey says:

    do you really want to pay $500.00 to get back your $40.00?

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  19. Child of the Soil says:

    Premier, the people did not ask you for status. You offered to provide them with it . Therefore I think an apology is needed for the people who went beyond preparing to get the necessary documents to apply .
    No respect for our brothers and sisters.

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    • God's creation says:

      People wake up I don’t understand why expatriates will want to go and sit in those fake churches with their fake pastors giving all their money to make them and their family richer the antichrist is already roaming the earth fire

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    • God's creation says:

      So many wickedness and ignorance and some of our men and women will come here and make them feel like humans and still treat us so wicked

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  20. Well Sa! says:

    VIP is the Flip Flopper Government!!!! Unconventional my elbow!!!!!

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  21. Karma Coming says:

    Child of the Soil you’re right, not even an apology. But that good, some exposed themselves for who and what they really are…
    Coming down the pipe:
    Reciprocal immigration policies.
    UK enforced independence.
    No UK passport.
    US dollar gone.
    No financial industry.
    No going US to give birth.
    Economic degradation 60 percent plus.

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  22. Ex Cop says:

    Have you realised that some of these pastors who are local themselves have not uttered a single word as it relates to this topic? It amazes me they would wrote articles about other issues of “interest” but on this topic they are very silent. My opinion is that they have the same views as the other locals but their churches are fill with expatriates so they rather keep their opinions to themselves as it would probably see an empty church on a sunday. I need to hear from Pastor I Cline of the NLBC and Pastor Turnbull from the CGBBC and the other local pastors who havemt loan their voices to this topic which has divided the BVI and cause more hatred and segregation than ever before.

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    • Oh la la says:

      Back to zero, nought, nada bing nada bing. Sweet short victory. For some this was like seeing the neighbor wallow in tears and give him/her sand paper to wipe it. I recall the white nationalist March. Seeing those one call friend express their deep hatred was quite refreshing really. Being referred to as nasty, stink, waste, worst of the worst was a candid reminder of how many feel those of the people who’s here working hard. work on Bros and sis. Continue to save as much you can for that day. Shop where it suits you best is my advice, don’t invest in cars and the like, more you save is more you’ll have to spend when you leave be it after 5, 10, 50 yrs. Expect nor seek any freebies nor give any. You’re owed nothing so expect nothing. After all wer’re here to do a job, get paid for the work and Leave when we’re done.

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  23. Facts says:

    I am reading and listening to all the blogs and discussion on the issue of immigration and realize how the premier has flip flop.Is this a leader that can lead this country for four yrs and beyond?? Not a bit of planning went into this and by right i think the expatriates should be refunded every penny because he is the one that told the people to get the documents ready and wait.What you are doing now is what should have been done in the first should have gone to the generational people of the bvi first and then move forward. You announce in grenada and other caribbean islands what you were going to do. You now making a 360 turn . Nothing you are doing now is any different from the policies that has already been laid down.Are you so excited that you become premier with seven new commers that dont know they head from their foot when it comes to politics. Take it step by step .look at the anxiety and confusion that you have cause in three months.look at the hatred you bring out in people that i never kmow existed in the bvi.God speaks to you so often and tells you what to do right. Well the God i prayed to never flip flops never changes. I for one dont really care what you want to do but its what you have cause among your generational people. They are not indeginious neither do you premier. Cromwell said generational which should have been the word used a long time ago. Try to do what you have to do and try and get it right. You cant be over excited when dealing with matters of such great importance.

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    • Chosen says:

      Because some of the pastors are are the ones firing up all the wickedness antichrist is already walking into this place expatriates don’t beg for nothing just look for God and do it right

  24. Change says:

    Immigration need to stop giving conditional time for people to look another job. They came here to work in a position that the employer claim they couldn’t find a BVIslander or belonger to fill. When that job has ended let the people leave. They have no rights to stay seeking another job. All this is the problem why people are here forever and demanding rights.

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    • No says:

      Oh, maybe because some of them have homes, families, friends, children, lives, etc. here the same way you do, and to boot them out through no fault of their own would be cruel?

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  25. Chosen says:

    Because some of the pastors are are the ones firing up all the wickedness antichrist is already walking into this place expatriates don’t beg for nothing just look for God and do it right

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  26. Shame says:

    Son of the soil. You sound bitter. If you love the soil so much, go 12 feet down

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  27. SMH says:

    This is not what he was saying initially. Even listening to him today in the HOA, if he had made this clear from the jet go and stop acting like dictator. Secondly why is there no longer an immigration board but basically all the powers best in the minister. He like to put a spin on things like people stupid and playing with their intelligence

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  28. Exception says:

    Did i miss it? was there any discussion on Exception for other. The period to qualify to apply to my knowledge is 20 years and another three years the least to be approved if one is deemed qualified. any information would be appreciated. It would help some decent,struggling, loyal expat who love this island and regardless of noise continue to call here home.

  29. pray says:

    all we should remember this land is not ours we just passing.when we die we not even getting six foot in the earth again.and we not leaving the place with anything.onces we have Jesus that all matters.let we all just pray for the BVI.

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  30. @@@@ says:

    Note:is not everone wants to be a bvi lander.they are here working very hard to make a living and contribute to this country.landers purchase even toilet paper in st thomsa etc…

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  31. @@@@ says:

    What bothers me,it is most church goers bitter not showing any example.the end time is here.look up

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  32. @@@@ says:

    Every expat comes from some where.they should all leave,then we will see what happen.they waited untill we made their place looking good ,then …… businesses are owned by expats,highly educated people are expats.almost everyone that is trying to block the expats are connected to expats.

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    • PLEASE!!! says:

      Does that make sense you would go live in a country worse than your own? How is that educated? Wouldn’t it make more sense to build your own country?

  33. Sailor says:

    @ Son of the soil. I don’t want status in your corrupt and increasingly polluted country. You talk so proud of your country yet you throw trash out of your car windows, dump raw sewage in the ocean, can’t keep the power on. You have squandered the heyday. Once the full impact of the financial reform is felt you will be kissing the butts of the only other income you will have – tourism. Good luck when the next recession hits the first world countries you rely on for everything but love to hate on blogs. You will be begging the World Bank for food aid. I will be sailing somewhere else in my yacht.

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  34. Hanna says:

    With all the hatred, if every expat took two sick days at the same time (you’re entitled to it).I wonder what would happen to the banks, restaurants,schools, bars etc… hmmmm

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    • Sailor says:

      Well Son of the Soil would not be able to help since his high achievement in life is driving a taxi. He did not graduate middle school based on his grammar and spelling.

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      • Time Must Tell says:

        Love cannot be found where it does not exist.

        Ask yourselves why and for how much Necker Island was sold. Who was the seller trying to stop?

        Physics boast that an object is strongest at it’s weakest link, so you guys can stop your black brothers and sisters but you cannot stop the UK.

        I have seen it, a lot of you haters will eat your own words one day in the future.

  35. son of the soil says:

    Ayo expat want to come here and get a free ride? Wha ayo think this is?

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    • Curious says:

      Please explain what “free ride” expats are getting?

      When answering this question please be reminded that the Hon. Premier presented an opportunity to expats. They did not ask the Premier for it. Who wouldn’t accept such an offer? Expats are people not things. Please stop talking like they are things.

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  36. Hmm says:

    Andrew’s ur a w****d man ,u want to run the country like ur dealing with ppl in ur household ,how could u do a thing like this all U did was start a bag of confusion.may god have mercy on us all.

  37. Me says:

    I listened to Vincent today commending Fahie about speaking about immigration issues even though it’s his ministry.People beware pick -::$^€ out of nonsense not one of those ministers can make a final decision without Andrew having the first/last say.Now Andrew said NDP gave over 2000 residences today Vicent said NDP gave nearly 1000 people tell me who is who.Watch out people U’ll hear more cause it’s our business.NON FUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT..

  38. Again says:

    Why this Govt.want to combine these.two procedures at once.It used to be residence,12 months later belongers, then naturalisation to acquire any u have to earn the other because u can become criminal material within the space of any application.Last but not least Andrew always proclaiming Christianity what about all the pop up gambling dens (Palai)pls get a handle on the cause I’m sure no trade licenses were issued and who operates them are all expatriates with illegal employees.

  39. Real side says:

    I don’t understand why most expats feel that BVIslanders who are against this rush to give status don’t like expats. The people have a right to be concerned about policies that will have impact in their country. I don’t even understand why most Caribbean expats want status in the BVI, they refuse to assimilate. They all have their national clubs, wear, hang and wave their country flag all over. You will never find an expat with a BVI flag in their vehicle. They all hold one head with their countrymen. If they have a business they hire their country people. All I can see is they just don’t want to pay for no more work permit, because they don’t show signs of love for the BVI.

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    • Chosen says:

      My people destiny can only be delayed no deny.

    • Jane says:

      maybe because BVI continually tells us expats that we dont belong here. Maybe that’s why people dont assimilate…because its made very clear that this is NOT our country and we are NOT welcome here and if we dont like there are boats and planes leaving every day and we should go back to our HOMES

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  40. IDK says:

    A lot of people in the BVI were born of expats, so when he say “we listened to you, the people”, who exactly he talking about. What child or relative of an expat would agree to this?

  41. Ms wize says:


  42. CW says:


    nice knowing you BVI, your days as a quality tourism destination are now officially OVER. Please, show me all these jobs taken from QUALIFIED LOCALS. Qualified at what? Got a financial services degree? Law degree? Or maybe you’re chef and have your food handlers certificate? Tourism management degree? NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, AND NOPE.

    Go ahead and kick out those people that been making the territory money these past nearly 20 years by CREATING OTHER JOBS. The BVI is typically shortsighted- you should PARTNER WITH THEM TO EDUCATE THE LOCAL POPULATION IF YOU WANT GROWTH AND TO TRAIN A CAPABLE WORKFORCE.

  43. Omg says:

    After all the things I’m here from this confusion started ,I see that bvi ppl really don’t like nobody but ppl them own ,ppl need to stop eat from u guys because boy u ppl will poison some of us ,i have to watch where I eat and what I eat.

  44. God world says:

    To all my expat brother’s and sister’s let stop attending the churches , parties restaurant ect that is own and operated by locals , let’s not participate in there up coming festival ! those who are in agreement comment , justice for expat

  45. Lilly says:


  46. Really says:

    So back up to 20 years for applications so absolutely nothing has changed. Just stiring the pot and the fire and getting everyone against each other.
    If expats have to take a test about BVI history and other aspects of the BVI maybe it would be good to start at home. Let’s see if belongers can do the same test and what they know about their own country. I have been here over 20 years I have taken many people out on the ocean and ask them about the islands in the BVI and I hasten to add, and I was shocked how little they knew about the BVI, history, didn’t even know the Island that we were passing etc. Not that I am saying that I know all of it but I did a lot more than they did. Before pointing fingers at all the expats maybe a time to look inward and see what really is happening.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi I was your farther best friend I am form St Vincent an when anyone touch u they touching we you know know body can’t move u there a lesser people from here then what come here if that 15 years that u was going to give us all of us will have make u go right back there even the Jamaica an the other island we will have turned out because u will remember the last bread we eat we all love u I will like to vote to but I can’t u know when u meet me in rtw I tell you is because of one man u didn’t win u see he tin skin God will keep blessed u we all love u an I love here because know body do me anything I sleep with my house open all the time so keep up your good work let the rest of them put the country in the box an go with. It most people did only want to come off a work permit that all they have the house back home already the bill long time before even coming here because I do my own at ega 20 so some people don’t know what the hell they taking my. Cuz do there own risk there life so what they looking at people thing for

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