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‘God has to come from heaven and tell me VIP not behind attack on my wife’

Myron Walwyn

Despite Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Andrew Fahie’s quick denunciation of a social media attack on the wife of the National Democratic Party leader Myron Walwyn, it appears that Walwyn is not buying into it.

Addressing the issue in Road Town Saturday night, Walwyn said he believes the VIP is behind the attack.

“The Lord will have to come down from heaven to tell me that it was not the VIP and their operatives who initiated that attack on my wife. That has been the nature of their campaign from day one,” Walwyn said.

“In the Christian spirit, I will forgive. But, I also know that this coming week will be a desperate week for many and we should all be watchful. I am a man who is not afraid to say that I would be nothing without my wife, Judith. While I made a decision to serve my country, she has been keeping our businesses afloat, and she has been keeping our home in order, and I thank her every day for what she does.”


Walwyn said while there are some apologies coming out of the VIP camp that he believes to be sincere, he said some VIP supporters are now expressing concerns “over the changing face of H Lavity Stoutt’s party (the VIP) under its current leadership”.

“Some people realised that they went a bit too far, showing their xenophobic hand given the dislike for hospitality workers and women, and now we see denunciations springing up left, right, and centre.”

Walwyn said the VIP’s campaign reached an all-time ‘low’. He further said they crossed the ‘boundary of decency’.

“My wife is not involved in any way in politics, and there is absolutely no reason to target her in this disgraceful campaign of filth. There is a cardinal rule in politics which we in the Virgin Islands have always respected. It is that while a politician may criticise an opponent, their spouses and children are off limits.”

He added: “Those that have been sending out those nasty memes cannot hold a candle to Judith.”

Following the malicious meme, Fahie denounced the attack saying that he is personally aware of how one’s family members can suffer from such attacks.

Judith Walwyn

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  1. GOD says:

    Its not the VIP.
    Ephesians 4:31-32

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    • Don't Test God says:

      To add to @God’s comment:

      Ephesians 4:31-32

      Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

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      • WorldWarZ says:

        Is this the same man that was on the political podium last elections calling the President H—- incompetent and a whole lot of other nasty things.

        He is now offended because someone says his wife is borderline i——-?

        Walwyn, you started this n——–.

        If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Next!!!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. The Almighty speaks direct to Walwyn. What a lucky man. I guess the Alnighty told him how to get k——– from 70 contractors on the $1’mil high school wall. Now going at it again on the high school itself. The Almighty works in strange ways.

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      • Gandalf says:

        Man, you can’t read. He said “The Lord will have to come down from heaven to tell me that it was not the VIP and their operatives……..” Nowhere did he say he spoke to God. You twist anything to what you hope to hear! Read properly and grow the heck up!

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  2. Sam the man says:

    No justification for any attack on an individual but don’t milk the sympathy vote so hard

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  3. STOP USING GOD says:

    Young man, it is un-Christlike to bear false witness against your neighbour.

    Only those who are ignorant of God’s Word would not the blatant disgregard for His Word in your statement.

    From this week onwards, each and every single politician please refrain from USING God for your own vain desires.

    I am not affiliated with any party and I am watching the conduct and antics of each and every one of you prior to and during election.

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  4. Biggie says:

    Wait to Ask for His help until the Police complete their investigation or until after the BVI Airline audit is released.

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  5. Island woman says:

    Well I know some of the VIP them don’t like island people as them say which I don’t see nothing wrong if she becomes first lady. I hope people out there know a lot of people who is not from here can vote. I wish every island people voting don’t vote for VIP because because talk is circling I sure not voting for them for sure.

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    • nonsense says:


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    • Vincy to the Bone! says:

      Hush, your ain’t no d**n island woman. You are an NDP trying to pull desperation votes. It will not work because this is one
      Proud Vincy island girl who is going to vote VIP all the way to Colonarie!

  6. Vincie says:

    More Power to AlLL hardworking Vincentian Women! We have class;; we are beautiful inside and out and he who is blessed to have one of us in his life is a lucky man indeed.

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  7. Haha says:

    Myron, stop playing politics with this situation. You are smarter than this. You know exactly well that there is a difference between political parties, their supporters, people that are just against you and people that are against your party. There are memes that are favorable for all parties except PU from what I have seen so far and at no time did I stop and think that NDP, VIP or PVIM party is behind these memes. You would have to be shallow or naïve to think that Fahie, Ronnie, Carvin, Mitch or even Marlon and yourself because there are pro NDP memes as well etc are creating these memes and videos. These comments by Myron is following a familiar narrative that he has always tried to make this election a VIP vs NDP election. He has said a few times that people are telling him the fight is between both parties now he is conveniently singling out VIP even though there is no evidence to suggest that the meme is a pro VIP meme. The meme even praised Ronnie and Fraser’s wife as well but somehow the meme is a VIP meme. If this is the only way to discredit who you think is your main opposition it is despicable. Myron is smarter than this that’s why I know this is all strategic on his part to draw outrage from his supporters and people that do not support the message being sent in the meme. This is no better than people that blame NDP for the destruction caused by Irma and every time a murder is committed.

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    • The man says:

      Too decisive. He going after An——- with all he got but I hope he knows the lice in you head bites hardest. He trying to gain sympathy. Stay woke people and put the x in the right place.

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  8. Antics says:

    Well God has to come from Heaven to tell me you didn’t do it yourself to get people to sympathize with you. When will all these games and ploys stop… You are really a piece of work. No integrity, no dignity, no honesty and absolutely no humility. I hope people of the VIs see through your antics, tactics and guile. You are truly pathetic.

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  9. I am so done says:

    This week is going to be a very stressful week. The drama, the backstabbing, you name it. Get ready folks. Can’t wait for all of this to be over with.

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  10. Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    We need constitutional reform in this territory. For too many expats has gain Belonger’s status. We need to only allow indigenous Virgin Islanders to vote and ban anyone who got belongers through marriage, residency or non indigenous born-heres from voting. They should be giving a form of limited citizenship (restrict them to residency status that expires any one month stay outside the country or something). We must not give them full status if they are not indigenous.

    Members of parliament should also be ban if their hold any other nationality but Virgin Islander (and be indigenous, not just be a Virgin Islander but can trace their ancestry all the way back to the slave ships that landed here).

    Walwyn may have been born in the BVI, but he is not indigenous nor is his wife or children. Non of them should be giving the right to be in our house of assembly nor be allowed to vote.

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    • Get lost says:

      You indigenous a**

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    • Anonymous says:

      You have been miss-educated along with others to believe that you are an indigenous Virgin Islander.

      Understand what that word means.

      Black people are not indigenous to these islands. It’s a lie from the pit of hell and is being used by those whose goal it is to sow seeds of division among the populace.

      It’s also widely referenced on one news website which show their level of ignorance that is unfortunately being bought by some gullible people hook, line, and sinker.

      A lot of you have been fed this lie, and you need to understand your history as black people. If you do not know where you came from, you will not know where you are going.

      February being Black History month, is a fitting time to understand your history.

      Start educating yourself on what indigenous people means. Once you do, you may have a different view on things:

      I don’t know what they are teaching in BVI schools whereby people can walk around saying this nonsense.

      Educate yourself. The internet is more than Face Book, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Is wonderful tool for learning. Enrich your mind, and stop repeating silly and categorically false things.

      Now, I expect that many of you who have been miss-educated on this issue will defend this lie, but let me say in advance, they are just fooling themselves.

      What you should be saying is that you are either a BVI Islander, BVI Belonger, or local, but only if you were the very first set of people originating from these islands can you claim this indigenous title.

      ….and if there is one indigenous BVI Islander living today, I will like to meet him/her. If there is one dead and buried somewhere, I will like to visit their grave. And if you are indeed an indigenous Virgin Islander, I will like to meet you personally.

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      • Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

        I is a Indigenous Virgin Islander,

        The constitution defines who we are. But in my opinion it should not be just tracing back ones ancestry to one grandparent who was born in the BVI. It should read who trace their ancestry right back to the slave ships.

        The meaning of words may shift, be added upon, minus upon or completely disappear in any giving language with the passage of time. The ‘offcialness’* would be added to a phrase or word more especially when it is endorse in an official document, such as the BVI constitution.

        The term Indigenous Virgin Islander is use to more easily categorize people. The word indigenous is use/burrowed/manipulated/reinvented to define a certain category of Virgin Islanders. These things happen in any given language.

        So there we have it, the term Indigenous Virgin Islander officially exist. Amerindians no, but mostly Africans with ancestors through connection here, a relatively new term.

        Thank You.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Again, I respectfully disagree with you. Please research the meaning of indigenous peoples for your own knowledge. Start with that Wikipedia link I posted.

          There is no way you can feel this way if you truly understand what the word indigenous peoples mean.

          If you are a black person as I assume you are, there is no way you are indigenous to these islands.

          There are a bunch of obese people walking around stating they are “big boned” as much as there are black women walking around with blond wigs thinking they are not black, but the truth is otherwise.

          And by the way, not to be a syntax police as we all make mistakes when writing:

          That line should be: I AM an Indigenous Virgin Islander, as oppose to “I is a Indigenous Virgin Islander”

          At any rate, I could not find anywhere in the constitution you referenced about indigenous BVI Islander.

          If I missed something, please cite exactly where you found that entry.

          • Comment says:

            Africans that entered the territory by way of slavery are Indigenous to these lands. They have acquired this status after the removal of the original indigenous settlers of these lands by European settlers.

        • Ok says:

          Go siddung already. We all troll on the slave ships. You are not helping. Stop the hate.

        • @ Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

          u a real a**… you really listen to yourself…the africans were brought here..they are not indigenous….please keep quiet and go drink some guavaberry.

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          • ? says:

            It is sooo interesting that many people come to the VI to exploit the nation for the love of the American $$ and these very people have the audacity to get on these blogs proclaiming what we Virgin Islanders are and are not in our own nation. Why?? Because they can’t get what they want in another man’s country? ‘What a great wickedness!

            What is your status in your country? How many wars did your people have to fight and how many persons did their ancestors kill to make them a permanent resident in the land that you refuse to return home too? We Virgin Islanders are indigenous to these lands, and have been as the European settlers killed out the first settlers, ‘like it or not that is how it is!!!’ Don’t be jealous of your neighbors and their children’s blessings people. Our ancestors were blessed by God because of the evils that was done to them and that blessing was passed on to us, their children.

            I know a lot of persons that are residing in the territory do not believe in God, but don’t test Him! You’ll better remember and remember well that who God blesses no one curses!!!’

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    • Oops says:

      Clearly this is coming from deep in your bosom, no maybe deep in your heart, no from deep in your thought, no from what you sitting on. You need to be psychologically examined cause something about you just ain’t straight.

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    • Biggie says:

      Sounds like Donald Trump?

    • What a statement! says:

      You sound so stupid you dont even know. You also sound bitter.If you go back to your ancestors, you would find you are indigenous from some place in Africa and your fore parents were dumped here to work as slaves. So hehe! go back where you came from.

      Individuals like you would die from badmindness. And you must be well be in church swinging your hands in the air and praising the Almighty. OH lah!lah! People with mind set like your need help

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    • Whooo Hoooo!!! says:

      What kind of ignorance you talking? Shut you mouth if you have no sense. Trace your ancestry…you might be surprised at the results…

    • Ass hole says:

      You is a jacka**

    • we know u r a ndp supporter says:

      Come on… We know u r with ndp trying to create division and outrage among the people of our beloved territory. All is welcome here, we date each other, marry and start families with each other ao quit trying to create tension and unnecessary conflict and division. Get thee behind me satan

  11. Felix says:

    People can see through you Myron. Your politics is the same. You use scare tactic on Fraser now you trying to fool the people again. This m– is a divisive angry politician. Trying to ruin and divide the country just to achieve power by any cost.

    You paint the town red for a show but you lack love and unity. You must go!

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  12. A Concerned Young 1st Time Voter says:

    I pray earnestly going into this final week of campaigning that only the issues that are affecting our country and the solutions will be part of these political rallies. I ask God to take the dirty personal bashing out this final week so we the voters can cement our thoughts about who is best for our country. Personal attacks will not bring us better, together or move us forward. Prove to us that when elected you can do the job we hired you for.

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  13. Hmmn says:

    He need leave God out his muck

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  14. shaggy says:

    “it wasn’t me”

  15. waylox says:

    He did that to himself just to garnish sympathy votes? MY GOD!

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  16. Prophet says:

    Stop using God as part of your circus Myron, the VIP did not do that and you know it. Also your team struck at Andrew & Claude first, what goes around comes around have some respect & stick to the issues.

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  17. Well says:

    Check out who the campaign director is. She don’t know better and some will anything

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  18. Eagle says:

    Always remember a circle is round.

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  19. Hummmm says:

    Could be anyone, could even be a NDP supporter trying to drum up sympathy votes. Either way it’s definitely sad to see the lows to which our politics has sunk.

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  20. Political Observer (PO) says:

    It is an unwritten rule, a gentlemen and ladies and agreement, in the universe of politics that families are off limit when a close family member enters the world of politics. For the most part that agreement is adhered to. Nonetheless, when a close family member enters the world of politics, the whole family enters the world of politics. This is an expectation that a politician should be aware of when he/she enters politics.

    For example, former First Lady of US Michelle Obama came under withering fire from the opposition, ie, an ape in heels……….etc; the children were left alone. If the family structure cannot withstand the scrunity, perhaps one should sit on the sideline. If a family member is active behind the scene or is active in the public domain, he/she is fair game for scrunity.

    Moreover, in most campaigns, there will be supporters who will go rogue and off the rails doing things that are not consistent with the party leader, party or individual members platform/position. In this instance, the Hon Andrew Fahie, D-1 Rep and Leader of VIP, demonstrated priniciple and strong leadership in denouncing any negative focus on the Hon Walwyn (At Large) spouse. Nonetheless, instead of supporting Hon Fahie’s call for putting families off limit, the Hon Walwyn is overdramatizing and exploiting the issue for political gain. The Hon Walwyn seems to want to fan the flames. It is Trumpish to all always want a fight whether or not one can win the discussion. This despicable behavior is dog whistling to the hilt. God go answers prayer so he may indeed answer this prayer. But he is without sin cast the first stone.

    Moreover, this is one of the most critical times and challenging periods for the territory since perhaps Emancipation on 01 August 1834. This is a critical election to address the myriad of issues from the economy to infrastructure to health to education to public safety to the environment and on and on.

    Furthermore, candidates should be focusing on substantive issues that will improved the lives of residents and advanced the status/state of the territory, not fan the flame of divisiveness, hatred and distractions from the issues that are important to people. There are no Pilates here. Everyone needs to grow up and act like mature adults who are vying to lead this territory for the next four years. Can we just for the most part disqualify the whole guava crop and start over. Ok that is wishful thinking.

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  21. SMDH says:

    I don’t know who your wife is but We still don’t want you.

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  22. SMH says:

    Poor Boo! He knows how to cry wolf, but he should stop passing blame without proof! The bigger man give an apology for something he didn’t do and denounced such Acts. What the smaller man did? He contradicted himself and cast false blame. He crying to the wrong Choir! Blah!Blah!Blah! When one wiggle in quick sand,they tend to sink deeper!

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  23. XRAY VISION says:

    He and whoever else is using God’s name for their own selfish desires STOP IT!!

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

    You don’t want to feel God’s wrath for testing him or breaking His laws.

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  24. Miss says:

    We need to stop bashing each other,on focus and our country everyone have the right to vote for who they think can run this country better,this is the worst election I ever everybody fighting for power

  25. Learn says:

    It is amazing that we hAve a. Issue with island people however the same VIP having a Vincentian at there gospel.campaigning trying to get island people votes.

    It amazed me. It is not sympathy votes he is looking it is the principal you all forgot that one of their candidates is an IT but and he can track where the whatsapp originated. Trust me those guys know who is circulating the whatsapp and posting them.

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    • Please says:

      The majority of BVI people don’t have problems with people from other islands. It’s actually the other way around for all kinds of crazy reasons and misconceptions. BVI has been good to people from other islands hence the reason why they stay and more keep coming. A few bloggers don’t speak for the entire BVI and it’s unfortunate that some politicians are capitalizing on this for votes. Ain’t nothing that going on here that foreigners in other Caribbean countries don’t have to deal with. Actually it’s worst in some countries in terms of ensuring their locals are protected.

  26. #@@ says:

    U just as bad now. Since u don’t have any proof, u should never made that statement. To top it off, u add God in it. Just acknowledge that supporters are doing this and ask them nicely to stop. Proof..Find the
    proof and then come back to us.

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  27. Elderly Club says:

    Some of the Elders is saying if he was married to a local,he would have been in a better position.

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    • Wow says:

      @ elders club…please dont contribute any more muck to this pot of mess. People can still marry who they please. Stop adding to fuel to the bonfire of insecurity and malice. If you truly love the Virginia islands you will be a peacemaker, for Jesus say only those will inherit the land.

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  28. VIP says:

    VIP ALL The WAy Virgin Islands lets go forward!

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  29. zone 6 says:

    Let’s go John Samuel all the way!

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    • Heekup says:

      Them doing and saying all at lot of ting to blame it on vip , them not looking at the pvim , and pu gaining strenght while them tring to point finger on another,pvim is the eay to go.

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  30. Oh please says:

    Oh please. Here we go with the sympathy votes. I won’t put it past you if your own darn party initiated its own attack on your wife so you can come with this speech and get the sympathy vote… Then put God name in this to add insult to injury.

    Your god is your consultants. Struupes

  31. Antichrist says:

    If Myron really wanted to be Honourable he would have asked his wife to com on stage and tell her he loved her then as he loves her now and apologize for her being targeted as a casualty of the campaign season and reassure the audience that they are stronger together. But that would not align with his agenda to demonize the VIP.

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  32. Too funny says:

    I don’t know why some people stop put God in their nonsense. You caused all this on yourself. Only now you know you have a wife???? I have NEVER seen you with any til now…. Stuuups IM NO VIP, NDP NOR PVIM but an CONCERN PERSON LIVING HERE AND TIRED OF WHAT I AM SEEING.

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  33. Well well says:

    Tis myron abd his coney sent this out

  34. Dee says:

    Well thank God for the comment. You finally acknowledge you have a wife.

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    • SMH says:

      Yup! I didn’t even know the man was married. Don’t she attend any Social Functions with him! Hmmm To each his own.

      • @SMH says:

        Didn’t read the what the man said? His wife is taking care of their business and home.she’s too busy to be up in things like some women who want to be in the spotlight. I agree with her. Stay out of aryuh way.

    • Well sah says:

      He has so many side p——– and outside c———n I didn’t know he had a wife.

  35. Little Black boy says:

    Ur in trouble this trip

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  36. Heekup says:

    Them doing and saying all at lot of ting to blame it on vip , them not looking at the pvim , and pu gaining strenght while them tring to point finger on another,pvim is way to go.

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  37. East lady says:

    God no respecter
    of person!

  38. Supposing says:

    Is something wrong with expressing who we would or would not like to see as our first lady .?

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  39. Interested says:

    I am an indigenous Virgin Islander.

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  40. @ANONYING says:

    Who the hell do you think you are, and who has given you the ownership of word meaning and their shiftings over time to decide who is or is not an “indigenous person?

    And, even if there is an intellectual disagreement, why can’t it be done respectfully?

    Further, were it not for the the green piece of paper we use as currency, your kind would probably not even be here with full bellies debating who is or is not indigenous to these islands.

    Yet, there are other mortals who would be, because they were always here, even before any money was around.

    So go on and clap your insignificant jaws and leave the scholarly work to minds most capable.

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    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot handle the truth huh? You are now ready to fight after getting all in your feelings.

      You have been sucking that indigenous pacifer for so long now that understandibly its hard for you to give it up now because I have called you out on your ignorance, and you dont have that argument to make now as the root of your obvious hate filled mind.

      You keep on referencing shifting definition of the word indigenous. The definition of indigenous has never changed. Its just shifted as you would say in your own hate filled mind.

      As for who the hell I am? I am someone who understands what is meant by indigenous people, something that you apparently dont get. All you have to say is the definition is shifting. Rediculous.

      Look, I have wasted enough time with you on this. Call yourself whatever you want even if its ridiculous to any knowlegeable person. You are a lost cause.

      You have a wonderful day.

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  41. TCG says:

    A disappointing response Myron. I expected better of you. As an aspiring leading of this great island nation, lean more to what smart folk like Michelle Obama said “when they go low, you go high’. Nuff said!

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  42. Nonsense says:

    I am from Guyana.come here at age 29.I am now 62
    I am voting for VIP
    Are you going to reject my vote.because I am not indegeous.

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  43. BVISLANDER says:


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  44. Interesting says:

    Myron been e————– his wife for years.

  45. :-)thrurh says:

    The Taino were the indigenous first people’s of the caribbean and the kalinago.Then the whites come then the blacks.Its fact whats the problem?

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